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> Who is Ember?

A cutie from australia that used to be friends with bianca.
> How old is she?

> What is she like?

Autistic (retard)
> What does she like?

weed, BWC (big white cock), making bread, her mum and her brother.
> Any achivements?

Used to prey underage men with bianca, nuked the server and got groomed by sam hyde.
> woah she is so cool, bet she doesn't have a song

wrong https://youtube.com/shorts/80WorSPgVbE?feature=share
> ok is she active?

yes, you can dm her on instagram or any other social media she's in. i promise you she wont ignore you, unless you are really shit.
> links

dont have her discord anymore since i nuked my acc to stop being a degen
> thanks for this thread op can i give you something?

yes, i never bothered to save all her pics. if you have that one where she is using a red dress showing her big breasts post it. also every old pic of her (before fully dying her hair) is welcomed, in my opinion that was her prime (im an architect).
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thumbnail of ember1.PNG
ember1 PNG
(247.55 KB, 251x466)
Its in the fucking op. im retarded, they included fatter pics but this is what she looks like post weight loss, she's really good at editing
It’s obvious that you’ve found random 10 year old images and are posting them to the internet. Not everyone looks good in photos like that all the time, get a life we can see that you’re jealous your thread putting down a nice girl didn’t go as planned
That’s not her post weight loss, pics above are her and she’s even more skinny now. I follow her and she got sick and almost died because of people like you , also retard - she experienced a loss and people’s bodies change a lot depending on financial positions and stresses in life. At least she isn’t hyper focused on putting others down on the internet out of insecurity and jealousy. Just because no one wants your used up haggard bone sack doesn’t mean you can make fun of someone who is sweet and gets more positive attention
Hi Ember. You’ve never been deathly thin, no need to lie, people don’t really care that much at the end of the day. You’re late to respond and failed at replying properly btw.

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thumbnail of fatjak.jpg
fatjak jpg
(90.58 KB, 2048x1448)
let's hear your stories, bros. here's mine

> be NEET
> start orbiting e-girls when I was 15
> I'm now 30
> still NEET
> completely alone

boring I know but I wonder if anyone relates
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thumbnail of 1622589618749.jpg
1622589618749 jpg
(646.05 KB, 720x819)
is summer the worst season for people like us? 
everywhere i go there are couples and people looking happy. i want to die
> be me
> no skills, no money, living in mom's basement
> looked everywhere for a job
> nobody will hire a person with no ambition or skills
> no money to take girls out on dates or buy soap for a shower
> foreveralone.jpg
I like to tell myself that the men and women I see together could just be siblings and it makes me feel better for a second.
I've literally given my entire tugboat to e-girls before. I'm sick of being treated like trash after giving everything to a girl

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thumbnail of 1648843113848[1].jpg
1648843113848[1] jpg
(175.1 KB, 1024x1280)
LETS VOTE ON OUR FAVORITE R9K EBOY! Ladies, what say you? which of these fine young gentlemen would you let breed you?
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doom png
(512.54 KB, 574x559)
What do YOU dislike about the orbiting community, anon? It may be on its last legs, but let's gather round the fire and reflect on mistakes, complaints, and everything that annoys us. 

For me, I get annoyed at the amount of people (usually of a certain region of the world...) who make it harder to keep up with cute girls. It's fun to post about them but interfering with their lives just ruins EVERYBODY's fun. I also hate the superiority complexes people in the same threads will wield against each other as if we're not all in this pile of shit together for a reason.
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thumbnail of j.jpg
j jpg
(63.78 KB, 640x480)
Cute jew is an oxymoron.
E-harem isn't even orbiting since half the time the girls are just in the server and not being fawned over from a distance, it's more of a FWB group that consists of fucked up people.
When oribters attack other orbiters for being from India or whatever. We're all pathetic gossiping and debating about girls who we've never met and don't know we exist.

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thumbnail of commieboo.png
commieboo png
(598.84 KB, 496x807)
Vamp/commieboo the new r9k girl
https://www.tiktok.com/@commieboo [Embed]
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yunocum jpg
(1.09 MB, 1280x2482)
new /r9k/ ewhore that's being pimped out by her husband online
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I was in her server when she was starting to get more attention. Akk the /r9k/ bros didn't care about her as much as the other girls in her server. All the orbiters were from /soc/ and ruined her server.

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thumbnail of 1684820031720941-1.jpg
1684820031720941-1 jpg
(26.93 KB, 750x550)
Pukara met up with a 32 year old fat guy over the summer. They "pretended to wrestle" but obviously she was sexually molested. Probably fucked who knows. Goes by fatpal in her server. Sam Hyde cultists memehead too.

Pukaka schizo internet defense force will say it's not true but they lie about everything. You faggots can stop simping for this used up 14 year old whore now. Her innocent act she puts on is delusional.
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thumbnail of pukar2.jpg
pukar2 jpg
(91.17 KB, 958x960)
thumbnail of family2.jpg
thumbnail of family2.jpg
family2 jpg
(335.1 KB, 1125x1118)
Rip pukarabros
The thing pukara haters forget is that you can tell she's actually attractive. She just makes these retarded facial expressions because her mom is always screaming at her to smile and she hates it. Also these photos are years old, if they are even her
Her step dad looks almost identical to my mate Woodsy they even dressed the same it’s really strange. But cmon guys wtf are you posting photos of her family ffs or ones when she was probably 10, wtf is wrong with you mate? Just stop posting pictures of a young child who is trying to escape from everything that is happening here, will you retards ever grow up honestly? Just stop being pedos and let go so she can live her best life without you freaks always stalking her, just leave her alone and find a new girl who is 18 can you retards manage that? Or the only girls who will acknowledge is broken groomed children who dont know any better or understand what is really happening??  Fucken hell you people are disgusting still doing this shit after everything that has happened just leave her alone, but yeah you all hoping if we just remain friends for a while longer then it will be legal to fuck her. Yeah nah thats the definition of grooming you pedo cunt.

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thumbnail of 345345.jpg
345345 jpg
(961.02 KB, 3264x2448)
Thread Dedicated to Monkey Rat Angel Kasper
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I have sincerely never seen an attractive feminist, but to answer your question, I imagine it'd be some kind of parental trauma.
For example, when a woman's parents tell her as kid/teen that she'll need to learn to cook to make food for her husband, so then she becomes a 25yo who purposefully has zero idea how to cook, just to spite her parents.
On a side note, I have never seen a feminist bring up any legitimate issues women face. All they do is obsess over made up victim status bullshit. They don't actually give a shit about women's wellbeing, they just want their ego stroked. They get off on being victims and having this huge but vague enemy, the "Patriarchy". Ask a woman to list her complaints with men, and watch her blank, or say some premade NPC line like "rape". Kinda like when people asked anti-Trump protesters in 2016 how exactly he was racist. They just ran away instead of answering
Feminists are also kinda like Leftists actually, they don't really give a shit about any cause they claim to support, they just want to exercise Tribalism and attack the "bad guys". But not actually do anything or take any risks.

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2 jpg
(127.6 KB, 388x250)
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thumbnail of 3.jpg
3 jpg
(210.02 KB, 453x250)
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1 png
(708.24 KB, 1052x952)
Thread for ip2 streamer and e-girl-befriender Alice. 

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She's genuinely retarded and ASPD. She wore the same clothes covered in vomit and socks full of puke for weeks. She's disgusting.
I found about the song U96 - Club Bizzare thanks to her and her mates driving around America in their van.

So thank you Alice.

thumbnail of CznwtXhh_400x400.jpg
thumbnail of CznwtXhh_400x400.jpg
CznwtXhh_400x400 jpg
(24.35 KB, 400x400)
Real Japanese girl. Sam Hyde's babymama.

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61BAD868-055B-4772-83... png
(14.11 KB, 415x364)
thumbnail of 61BAD868-055B-4772-835D-57AE9EF13B03.png
thumbnail of 61BAD868-055B-4772-835D-57AE9EF13B03.png
61BAD868-055B-4772-83... png
(14.11 KB, 415x364)
could be 3 depending on who you ask and who you believe
thumbnail of 26CE1C90-1D8E-4B64-B0E7-F3A1C41175A0.jpeg
thumbnail of 26CE1C90-1D8E-4B64-B0E7-F3A1C41175A0.jpeg
26CE1C90-1D8E-4B64-B0... jpeg
(96.61 KB, 750x261)
new rumor that sam got her pregnant twice. benleaks post source if you are in here.
nvm found it the stupid ass fishtank fag general that needs to get out of /bant/.. fishtank normies don't belong there

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