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Our Cursed Unholy Maiden, Tsarina of Rhode Island, Queen of Judea, Grand Duchess of Newport Marky Jane Thompson
In previous episodes:  >>/30707/


Old picture collections
 >>/25646/ Marky.rar
 >>/25615/ Album pa2i7 - Imgur.zip
 >>/30878/ Marky-secret-stash.7z

 >>/27484/ haiselnet

Twitch clips
 >>/29337/ mirmeat
 >>/29342/ haisel

Youtube channels
 >>/29654/ mir / mirrr +  >>/30101/ +  >>/29432/

May 2023 Youtube streams
 >>/29663/ [2023-05-06] mir_read description.mp4
 >>/28090/ [2023-05-06] i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i [CMhVZ-aoq6s].mkv +  >>/28092/ chat log

 >>/29334/ Mitomo7/Dropofcandy

Oldest channel — mj (not archived)
 >>/24626/ [2015-05-27] autobio vid [HTyreb3_RUA]

Not archived:
14GB of November 2021 streams with Alice( >>/7552/)
/alice mir streams/ folder from
[deleted] https://mega.nz/folder/cyZHzJKI#YYqjZD6A1jNziJWPO_vbvg

Some videos and streams from above Mega were uploaded to youtube
nekoshelf, richtr8, seymour and topper I will never forgive you for the harm you've done to our girl with your leaks and other schemes
this. Don't come back until you've read all 15 threads including the last one with 1000 posts. Pay your dues like the rest of the markybros
kek no saying you're leaving the internet, not leaving and expecting orbiters to throw a couple gs at you is ridiculous entitled behavior
She did the right thing. She doesn't need new e-bfs or e-friends, but real help IRL.
Anyone who claims the opposite is a selfish orbiter who wants her to self destruct to entertain us.
You're right anon but I don't believe for a second she will get help or find a boyfriend that isn't some creep pedator she met on the internet just because she's not posting for a bit. I do hope I am wrong.
She's not getting any help from anyone. She's likely smocking weed all day, playing old ass videogames and drinking herself to sleep every night, thinking to be the victim of the world.
nobody bought her worthless channel and the entire thing was a giant bpd production to pull people's strings
like I'm genuinely glad she didn't khs and all but does anyone really think she posted that suicide poll here because she wanted help or friendship from anyone here or anything like that?
As of last month or whenever that was she was last.fm scrobbling nekoshelf yes and it was probably her reporting links posted here. I also think she made the post seething and lecturing people saying they wanted to follow Roberto on twitch
why she still watching his stuff when hes telling ppl he fucked her in a shed on acid and how crazy she is must be like a sam hyde thing where she doesnt care what he did
I didn't think of that when it was posted but she does appear to have a habit of simping for men that treat her like garbage. Do you think she secretly watches cuckberto's streams too?
Somebody please buy her yt channel and share here her private videos and all that in good quality
I have $2200 good to go right now but I know she is trying to disappear from the net and would never accept the money out of principle so I didn't even waste my time contacting her.
> She doesn't need new e-bfs or e-friends, but real help IRL.
We all know that and she does too.

But she's too weak and/or fucked up to get help and just lives with whatever she's drifting through.
She wants everything to be alright with the snip of a finger, which most do, but doesn't have the dedication to work long enough.

She clearly is a sort of victim.

People like her don't know what they want.
They're just chasing fantasies.

She's emotionally unstable and people who are that tend to do things that are unlogical.
sorry but this shit is so cringe. its lame when a teen girl does it, but a 26 yr old woman posting her cuts and nosebleeds online for attention? sheesh. beyond sad.
she has been a victim in some situations even if she has put herself in them but I think anon is referring the the perpetual state of victimhood that bpds exist in where their personality disorder actually prevents them from processing reality if it causes them to have to feel guilty or shame or take responsibility. It makes them kind of just mean, untrustworthy fickle people to everyone.
yes it's cringe, something a teenager would think is cool and she even smeared it on her face. for someone that supposedly wants to escape her sam hyde past she sure does like doing callbacks to it
But I guess she is sort of a child in a lot of ways mentally. It can be jarring when someone can present themselves somewhat intelligently but then do the stupidest things imaginable on repeat and have so little insight
Does this mean as a 24 year old woman I can do stupid actions and cry victim and be forgiven? This is ground breaking.
don't sow amongst pedos trannies paypig orbiters and other freaks and you won't reap the fruit. does she understand after a decade or will it take another 10 years of mainlining digital satan before she wakes up to what she's done to herself
If he is still in marky's good graces after telling everyone he fucked her and inseminated her 3 times and that she's a lunatic I don't see how she can hate us. she gave him shed sex and got betrayal I know none of the markybros here would do her like that.
If me and marky made love you know I wouldn't go running off to brag and shit talk marky to some weeb on the other side of planet and god knows who else. why was this little faggot even talking to dudes on discord instead of spending time with marky and taking marky to pound town? in another life marky's mind wasn't poisoned by the internet and anime and she was lucky enough to be made my wife.
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thumbnail of 1574658237515.png
1574658237... png
(862.28 KB, 587x1038)
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thumbnail of 1686000267744.jpg
1686000267744 jpg
(2.5 MB, 3096x4128)
people only forgive / care about Marky because she was super beautiful but her looks are fading so is her fanbase. 
Many people in this threads have saviour complex and imagine themselfs marrying Marky and having children with her. The reality is that she is a mentally ill promiscuous whore and would be a terrible mother, but we know agatha2 users wish Marky had a daughter.
That's true. There is a lot of hypocrisy in here. 
Her personality is NOT nice. She sees people as objects to use and then discard when she gets bored of them.
I still can't get over the fact that she ghosted me for no reason and never apologized for that.
you were a novelty, entertainment, probably listened to all her problems as she told you her entire life story and eventually she got sick if you and the novelty wore off and she moved on to the next person to do the same thing
This. Due to the nature of her mental illness, she can't see people otherwise and she can't nurture a friendship or a relationship in a normal way. You don't have to take that personally. She's fundamentally defective. She can't help herself.
It is the opposite of defective to cut people out of her life who are low enough to post and whine on this site. It is a healthy action taken for once.
Yes it's hard not to take personally and it does not excuse her abhorrent behavior but she is someone to be pitied she's kind of an npc can't learn and can't see people as people and form meaningful bonds she's just stuck as she is without monumental effort and willpower and good influences but she doesn't have any of that.
if you knew marky at all you'd know she cuts everyone out of her life eventually it doesn't matter who they are now stop acting like such an antagonist faggot
Anyone who speaks against the incessant whining has to be Marky. Marky is the boogieman around every corner and the sole reason you are a genetic dead end failure. Gotcha.
Why does marky always think she can get away with it when she posts here? It's like when she went on that rant recently about Roberto trying to convince her she was a pedo
Post any part of your body that compared with Marky's pics could prove that you aren't her. If you can't do this single task, you are Marky. Simple as.
I'm not exposing myself just because I don't feel like perpetuating your hugbox. You can think I am Marky for all I care, if anything it adds to the hilarity.
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thumbnail of 1686037947310.jpg
1686037947310 jpg
(1.05 MB, 1980x2640)
> hugbox
you wish this was Marky's hugbox but unfortunally people get tired of her bullshit actions grow up bitch you are almost 30 and you are mature enough to get a job you just don't wanna do it because you are a parasite and a leech
thumbnail of 1682239087162.jpg
thumbnail of 1682239087162.jpg
1682239087162 jpg
(1.77 MB, 2556x3408)
fat pig jewish woman get a job and stop being mean to everyone online and making excuses for your shitty personality you aren't a teen anymore there are zero excuses for being a bitch and larping as other person ITT
that was me and you are mad and still her bumping the thread and causing more activity than there would be if you didn't post. If you're not baiting for that purpose you're dumb, wasting your time and you definitely don't find any of it hilarious.
Marky bros win either way. More activity in the thread and damage control for marky is a fruitless endeavour.
Excuse me, this is a support thread for SURVIVORS. Your voice is not welcome here. Bpd forums exist. You have your own hugbox stop trying to make this yours too.
The first markybro created this place for us and after all of his toiling with his last dying breath declared
looking at this made me think isn't it kind of weird that richtr8 is still orbiting his friend's ex(?) girlfriend? Does he think it's his turn?
Y'all are pathetic. If you make even a single post on this board you are a sad genetic dead end unless you're me in which case it's fine.
I cant wait till someday in the near future, when marky is my wife,and we are laying in bed and laughing as we look back at all these threads.
Anyone who posts in this website has more dignity than Marky.
> do you expect she needs to give every loser out of the hundreds who reached out to her a formal goodbye?
YES, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WELL ADJUSTED PEOPLE DO. She is a loser like any of us btw.
More likely you'd both be crying and aggressively trying to do damage control here as marky screams and yells at you for the things other people are saying about her and you just whimper and apologize because you've grown so accustomed to it
its alright, if she needs to chase me with a kitchen knife every now and then, or throw a plate at my head, i will put up with it. she cant help it.
Not dct, nor marky, nor a markybro, just a non-partisan spectator of this shitshow, but I ask you all a serious question. What would you do if the next suipoll is not bait and marky an heroes for real? Regardless of her past mistakes, I'm sure most of you want to see her thrive and not dead with her brain splattered on the ceiling, so why not giving her a chance to rebuild her life outside of the internet? 
There are better lolcows on the farms anyway, if that's the part you enjoy the most about this gangstalking activity.
the idea that marky has been a victim of stalking all her life because she posted pictures as a teen is a joke. She has encouraged her deranged following every step of the way into adulthood, associated with the worst types of people, accepted gifts and donations from the same people she claims stalk her, streams for them, etc. Clearly she has mistreated people over the years and has people that aren't fond of her. I would never want her to an hero but does she get a free pass under threat of suicide where no one can talk about what she's done? Should we not talk about Sam Hyde in case he kills himself? I get where you're coming from but all she can do is ignore it and be a better person. if she expects people to just pretend none of it happened because she recently decided she doesn't want an internet presence... well that will take some time she was at it for a decade.
It's a tough situation because she is mentally ill and unstable but the ire she has drawn from people is legitimate too
Your efforts are admirable but they're falling on deaf ears. The most crucial points to understand here is that most anons posting itt have an intense love-hate parasocial relationship with Marky, for many of which goes back a decade. Many here have spoken to her briefly, had delusions that they were closer than they were because of her seeming so open, then being shocked when she doesn't have the time, effort, patience, energy, attention-span, or interest to actually keep talking. The most obsessive, bitter orbiters are always the ones that think they actually had a chance and she ruined it. 

This is very different from lolcow.farm, even if both sites revolve around gossip. Lolcow consists mostly of bored femcels who want to gossip on their iPhones during lunchbreak. Moderation is strict, with sperging, blog/essayposting, samefagging, and alogging being against the rules and resulting in bans. Here, it's basically a schizo free for all clinging to the worst parts of r9k. It is also pretty obvious that each thread has the same handful of the most dedicated anons posting the worst shit imaginable, and these are just misanthropes who think their view of life is some holy truth. 

I'd like to believe that most people lurking don't actually want to see Marky, or any of these people, suffer forever and ever as punishment for either having had sex before or for not being the perfect angel deity or for being unstable. But I think a problem with this "culture" here of ours (of being social rejects on image boards) is that we resent people who we see as ungrateful, making all kinds of assumptions, etc. The angriest anons here always see the women in question as having lived perfect lives and chosen misery for fun. Yes, Marky is unstable and hates herself at her core and finds a sense of control in destroying her life now, but anons are delusional if they think she's thinking coherently and that this doesn't stem from being broken by trauma. Obviously it's our responsibility to not lash out at everyone when traumatized, but it's not like many of us are living much better lives than Marky.
Same anon here, I want to add that someone being a "bad person" doesn't justify a lot of what is being done here. Obviously I post here regularly, but it's something I'm not proud of and I have been working on this with a therapist. In life, you are going to meet a lot of people who are destroying themselves. You're going to meet a lot of people you think are ungrateful sons of bitches who only make themselves and everyone else miserable. You're going to hate people. So what? You have to learn to just avoid these people and not spend every waking hour obsessing over how much you despise them. Complaining about how bad of a person you think Marky is only comes off as painfully ironic with the shit many people say here. If you're going to post these things, you should be honest with yourself in how harmful and sadistic it actually is without deluding yourself that you're somehow helping her or being moral by repeating "I hate this bitch, why is she like this, she's ugly now anyway" ad infinitum. 

Some here will remember how the most dedicated Chris-Chan trolls were fellow basement dwelling autists who had similar upbringings and shortcomings as CWC, and what they hated most of all about him were the parts they saw in themselves, or the parts that reminded them of their own problems. It's not the same exact situation with Marky, but I don't think anyone here would give a flying fuck if Marky were a man. Her being a woman is the center of everything going on here. You find her sexually desirable (or did), you idealize her, you daydream about her, and the illusions being shattered results in nothing more than rage and resentment.
Marky has barely been off the internet and recently gave orbiters a ton of fuel to keep talking about her. If she took responsibility and got her shit together or even just stopped exposing herself most people would forget about her. Would she be ok with being forgotten though? It would be nice if it could just all go away but it will take time, she has done a lot of damage to herself.
its weird cuz i feel like shes been gone for a long time now, and has disappeared for as long as she ever has, but these threads are more active and frenzied than ever...
One more thing. The sense of community among orbiters is the reason this place even exists and why people still talk about Marky. It's a way of feeling like you're a part of something. Gossip provides a sense of involvement in the world. If this board stopped existing, the orbiting community surrounding these women would die out hard and fast. It's the last place anyone actually cares at all. It's already been dead on r9k for several years now. Most discussion here surrounds events from 4 or more years ago. It's just an echochamber with no real relevance, it keeps itself alive by devouring itself in a circle. The very existence of this board encourages people to continue obsessing so they can get that rush of "happening" again.
the fresh batch of selfies, the streams, the suipoll all brought a ton of renewed interest to the thread. It's hard to say whether the other developments like the shed guy stuff and the modelling photos would have happened otherwise. before she came back this thread was pretty dead other than some random bursts of activity here and there.
The best thing marky could do is just not look at this thread. It must be hard to read these things about yourself but there's no controlling it. She could be stronger than people give her credit for and be doing that already. Coming here to argue would be the worst possible move she could make
my final thought: 1000 posts being made about you is probably very overwhelming but if all those posts are made by like 3 people and no one will ever see them how much does it matter?
Most of these posts are just circlejerking and orbiters arguing using marky as a proxy or whatever. No one contacted hoverhand, nobody is contacting marky or her family or anyone else being brought up ITT. I doubt there is any actual stalking taking place it is just gossip and shit posting.
You people are so bizarre, why are you writing novels about some girl from the internet you have never met and never will meet
I'm sorry I don't want to sound like an incel but marky is 26 years old and if she was a male making suipolls about wanting to commit suicide everyone would call him a faggot and tell him to grow up.
You're not an incel you're just correct. If you posted here you were going to kys most people would tell you to do a flip because youre not a pretty girl with lots of "potential" that deserves to be saved. That's not her fault but that's the way of things.
thumbnail of 7.jpg
thumbnail of 7.jpg
7 jpg
(89.29 KB, 1080x1080)
What is Marky's potential right now? I know she could be a famous model or an actress but she is too mentally ill for that. Most of the anons here want Marky to have a daughter with them or a white man so in 18 years they have another new Marky to orbit. I might sound like a schizo but I think if Marky killed herself or got bianca'd Agatha2 would freak out and break the internet.
Anyway I wish she apologized for her bad actions instead of acting like a baby / entitled queen because people like that are normalfags. ( I think Marky is a failed normie even if she is /was  into lolicon, kennedi is less normie than marky because she is more cultured and more interesting too) 
what if she was a man would you still pity her? I know marky suffered but many many abuse victims don't end up mean and bitter like her. 
If Marky changes her bitchy bratty ways then it will be better for everyone and even for her.
she doesn't need to be a famous actress or model or anything grand. She could work a boring job, go to therapy, meet a normal guy and make normal friends so she's not surrounded by other mentally ill immoral people and can maybe learn a thing or two about how normies that aren't internet/anime addicts function and treat eachother. You can't go swimming at the sewage treatment plant and then complain you smell of shit.
thumbnail of marky and a normie.png
thumbnail of marky and a normie.png
marky and... png
(1.57 MB, 750x1334)
the thing is : marky can not handle a normal job and she already has meet up with a normal guy (correct me if this take is incorrect and he was a weirdo). Anyway, she is a pretty woman and if she talked to random people on the streets they would befriends with her. If she used her internet fame for something productive like a podcaster / youtuber (talking about interesting topics she likes) / had a new deviantart  page / patreon  to sell her drawings she would be giga rich by now. 
I think if she becomes a full normie she will fail because her mind is destroyed by the internet.
Maybe we could fix Marky by murdering all her exes, Scott Pilgrim style? Let's make a list, lads.
she'll never be a full normie but most normie shit is easy if you're not gunning for social butterfly. If she doesn't expose herself to better people and want to be a different kind of person she's doomed to the life she's been living. Her choice there but it doesn't seem to have worked out for her too well so far.
Why is she sitting in her basement still watching content from the guy who abused her when she was 16 and the guy who leaked her personal info including the details of fucking her in a shed? Is she hate watching or does she have a fatal attraction to abuse and exploitation?
thumbnail of tomoko.jpg
thumbnail of tomoko.jpg
tomoko jpg
(46.4 KB, 828x828)
no, her skin looks horrific and her face is enlongated you only like how she looks in  >>/32921/ because you like stinky neet girls with mental problems or you are one of her hardcore simps. 
I think if Marky took care of herself she could be a stacy at least 8.5/10 even in her late 20's, we shall see how marky becomes as time goes in she might look prettier and hotter or uglier and hit the wall.
> If she doesn't expose herself to better people and want to be a different kind of person
if she exposes herself as she is now to normies they are going to either hate her and gossip or she is going to abuse them and take advantage of them since she is a sociopath.

Marky either gets abused or abuses
the fk you doing?

has no one just asked him? 
a lot of these art photographers dont even keep their shit on the cloud or online, they have HDD for that shit
> its weird cuz i feel like shes been gone for a long time now

A lot of the egirls from that era are gone.
Erica is gone from the internet mostly(still has a twitter)
Tahlia is gone from the internet
Sunny is gone from the internet
marky is now gone from the internet
Ciara died
Justin IS some tranny from 4chan. He's obsessed with Brian Wilson and that's why his hair looks like that in the pic. It's from like 8 years ago, his old friends leaked it and it made him lose his mind bc he's a privacy freak. So there's good reason to believe he's ITT at all times too.
give it up justin we know that's you now apologize for telling the world you fucked marky in a shed
I browse Crystal.cafe and lolcow.farm with a vibrator in my ass while GOONING. I enter threads about any topic at all - crocheting, husbandos, hornyposting, advice, horoscopes, I GOON to it. The topic doesn't matter. What matter is the real HUMAN connection, to a real life WOMAN, behind the screen. I find a certain glee in knowing that with every stroke of my greasy pungent cock the foid on the other end is enjoying her little feminist board, blissfully unaware that I'm shaking in wretched pleasure to her. I wonder how she'd feel? If she could see me like this, if I could force a vision of myself in my current state into her brain, her watching me GOON my aching prostate and spew my seed onto an innocuous photo she posted of the Percy Jackson book she just bought which just happened to contain her oh-so-delectable supple hands. In terms of cum tributes, my favorite subject would have to be the drawings from the 'draw yourself' threads. For each one of those threads, I print out a handful of about 8 of the cutes 'fe sweetheart' self-portraits and make it my mission every day to cum at least once on each. It's those little goals that you set for yourself daily that make life really enjoyable. I consider it a sort of magic, a la voodoo or Law of Attraction.. I like to think that at some point after I've done my deed, the girl will feel a faint sinking disgust, a stifling cold sweat that she can't explain, and think of me. I make my own messages in these boards, too. They're quickly deleted, of course: They reply "Moid!" "Creep!" "Incel!" "Loser!". Every one of these insults only serve to make my erection harder. This passionate attention from my lovely 'fe goddesses simply makes my dick diamond. Every time I'm banned, I punish myself by ratcheting my ass-vibrator to the highest setting for the rest of the day. I curl up into a ball, moaning and crying, imagining that my lovely GODDESSES are above me clad in leather, whipping me for being such a naughty boy, and for being a filthy MOID PIG. I want to savor every last bit of their impotent rage, knowing that I've violated them and there's nothing they can do about it. Knowing that my very loathsome corrupting presence has completely RUINED their beloved TERF board. Even if one of my precious cafe babes gets a boyfriend, as many of them have, they will always feel a knot in their stomach when they realize that I'm GOONING to their posts every day, and their poor boyfriend is getting metaphysically cucked by a fat sweaty loser. And I do mean every day - I don't forget a single one of my goddesses. I have detailed files which i have written one-handed about the posting habits and defining features of over 30 women, and I track their new posts regularly. I make sure I at least cum to one of their posts every week. It's a tough thing to keep up, but I wouldn't want any one of them to get jealous of the other. My darlings loathe and fear me, but they will learn to love me one day. I love you, Crystal.cafe babes! I LOVE YOU!
- Seymour , 63°13'18"N 154°46'53"W
why don't you have your friend richieboy post another selfie to try to cover your ass and lie? can't believe you guys were so autistic you didn't realize you fucked yourself with your shitty damage control.
The fanfictioners have arrived.

I know justin and trust me he is a straight male with blonde hair. He is a cool guy and not a tranny or a pedo or any other fantasies you've read about here.
The name shed guy is a misnomer anyway. That incident never happened. it is just misinterpretation mixed with wild speculation by rabid drama hounds
Proof right here  >>/32790/
the source of the leak himself said it was pure fanfiction. Unless marky or Justin come out and contradict this account you have absolutely no leg to stand on.
in a previous thread it was pointed out tim reeby is an irl friend of Justin's and an anon found tim and marky were also connected on twitter
Marky must have not known about this stuff. She HATES pedophiles and would never date someone so closely tied with a proven pedophile after all she has been through with the types.
thumbnail of 9d25f175c4aee93a6e11f511d60a8c9e610713afdf440a1a8c6be4407ec71528.jpg
thumbnail of 9d25f175c4aee93a6e11f511d60a8c9e610713afdf440a1a8c6be4407ec71528.jpg
9d25f175c4aee93a6e11f... jpg
(463.71 KB, 1680x1200)
Literally in all pics, and a fucking professional photoshoot her face is wide and round, but you specifically nitpick on a laptop webcam with a focal length of a butt hole to prove what exactly? She's still cute and hot like her mom, adjusted for age and so forth. Marky needs to stop drinking vodka and wine though, it's goyim poison.
> He genuinely seemed like a cool guy
> wholesome
This doesn't fit with somebody being into military paraphernalia.
Those people are ALWAYS mentally ill sociopaths that are hiding something.
Yeah sure, being a pedo and groomer is totally not the reason.

You are equally mentally ill as him, get help before you hurt somebody.
thumbnail of recent marky pic.png
thumbnail of recent marky pic.png
recent marky pic png
(218.12 KB, 419x377)
> Literally in all pics, and a fucking professional photoshoot her face is wide and round
*proceeds to post a pic when she was a literal little kid*
your face looks more boxy , longer and your skin is fucked up marky you don't look like that anymore you retarded loli self inserter
does it bother you people know what that pedophile Lucas looks like or something? Dude is a literal meme https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/lucas-bedroom
> Many here have spoken to her briefly, had delusions that they were closer than they were because of her seeming so open
Showing themselves extremely open, trauma dumping, mirroring and making you feel like there is a special connection are all manipulative techniques that these demons use to lure you in a false sense of security and to get from you the attention that they need.
It's funny how oblivious to the truth you are.
the whole narrative about him being some evil sociopathic puppeteer is so overblown and obvious female seething because these egirls got beat at their own game and got played for once when they're accustomed to doing the playing.
thumbnail of American girl with a smartphone and doing V sign like she's Japanese.jpg
thumbnail of American girl with a smartphone and doing V sign like she's Japanese.jpg
American girl with a... jpg
(3.1 MB, 4000x3000)
Show a better looking female of same age without two inches of plaster obscuring topology of her face to fool your adolescent coomer brain. Come on, there's like ton of pics of attractive 25 year old women not wearing makeup on the web, just pull one.

Looks amerikanski to me. Too swarthy for a Russian.
he definitely looks south russian or ukrainian, they don't all have the straw colored hair and milk colored caveman features like other russians. also lol at him looking exactly as i imagined

t. estonian
thumbnail of spurdo famous latvians.png
thumbnail of spurdo famous latvians.png
spurdo famous latvians png
(60.61 KB, 964x557)
Original post was attacking her skin condition and skull shape, and so forth. Power-wash any woman of that age and she's suddenly looking no better. My point stands: she has a round face, and it's visible on regular 35mm lens shots - same as her mother. In some selfies she tries to narrow her face with hair, it sorta works. She won't hit wall harder than her mother, if she cuts alcohol and eats something more nutritious than rice with ketchup.
Are we getting an Eastern Euro bingo here? I've seen a latvian above (the only latin script language that uses borrowed Russian swearwords IIRC).
thumbnail of alice hacks into the mainframe.webm
thumbnail of alice hacks into the mainframe.webm
alice hacks into the... webm
(7.66 MB, 854x480 vp9)
What the fuck did you just fucking say about our Gracious Queen's sweet kissable farm girl hands, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Eternal Marky Thread, and I’ve been involved in numerous scraping raids on Desuarchive, and I have over 300 confirmed rares. I am trained in memetic warfare and I’m the top archivist in the entire Marky's Orbit forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of hackers in Brazil and Eastern Europe and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my keyboard. Not only am I extensively trained in hand-to-hand combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Marky Internet Defense Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
thumbnail of neko.jpg
thumbnail of neko.jpg
neko jpg
(1021 KB, 3765x3671)
marky in shed guy's bed playing with his pussy
when she was crying on Twitter after this about being dumped and back in the basement she told that simp her basement was missing a neko.
left pic was from one of Justin's youtube shorts from years ago. Cat looks the same, we know him and marky dated, he would own an N64 and a synthesizer. it might not be him marky was living with but it's a reasonable assumption.
she seemed particularly crushed by the russian guy. i think she  was depressed an bedridden for like a year afterward. i wonder why that breakup hit her particularly hard. maybe she thought he was 'the one'
thumbnail of markys food.jpg
thumbnail of markys food.jpg
markys food jpg
(144.81 KB, 900x1200)
> She won't hit wall harder than her mother, if she cuts alcohol and eats something more nutritious than rice with ketchup.
I think picrel speaks for itself about her cooking skills.
has marky ever been interested in nintendo games I thought she only played crappy old pc games? shed guy on the other hand is a big nintendofag like most of the people with his predilections

didn't she get a bunch of money from him and cheat on him with the tranny what's there to be depressed over?
I bet things happened like the leak said too... has shed guy over, complains about the russian being jealous but no funny business (wink wink). They take acid, she cheats, and then after she starts justifying it in her mind and to everyone else because Andrei is jealous, a genius manipulator and the rest is history. She set the stage to cheat on him before it even happened.
doesn't look like the plush to me looks like a real cat with fur. Even if it was the plush we know that's not Marky's room at her mom's and that she was living somewhere else before her heart was broken last summer.
I think it could be her plush (the shape looks right even if the ears are stiffer looking) and that's her painting on the wall. But there is something sus about the room and her tweets did imply she was living elsewhere before she wound up back at her mom's.
If you have them with original twitter filenames, that would be great. I found a way to convert base64 gibberish into readable dates.
thumbnail of FEJ89hbWUAEWdxM.jpg
thumbnail of FEJ89hbWUAEWdxM.jpg
FEJ89hbWUAEWdxM jpg
(319.14 KB, 1200x900)
E.g this filename FEJ89hbWUAEWdxM binary representation is:
00010100 01000010 01111100 11110110 00010110 11010110 01010000 00000001 00010110 01110111 00010011
First 42 bits are 000101000100001001111100111101100001011011
Which is 348059326555 in decimal
+ 1288834974657, starting time in Unix epoch milliseconds [1]
= 1636894301212
translates into
2021-11-14 12:51:41 UTC

Now tell me whether I'm right or not, I've had this image in my possession for few days, since it was posted in previous thread.

[1] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowflake_ID
that's clearly not her room and based on her tweets last summer she was living somewhere else. you don't think she'd take her monitor and painting if she moved elsewhere?
That's her bedroom at home we have seen a ton of pics of. The other could be a room in the same house but the question still remains where was marky and who was she with before her heartbreak and return to the basement last summer?
in richtr8's convo with ken he was talking as if katelynn and marky were already together for months at that point so I doubt she never left the basement
before Richter posted that selfie here in his piss poor damage control attempt he tried to blame everything on the Russian's manipulation and pretend Justin wasn't even a real person.  >>/26994/
Andrei really is just a scapegoat for things these trannies do isn't he?
ya obvious that's what's going on and i'll tell you something else you might not know. that dirty weeb has been doing the retarded damage control posts AND making posts dishing out more info about katelynn and marky. so he might not be quite as dumb as you'd think because really it's all just been a game to him.
even if you don't know him look at the kind of things he was saying to ken about his "friend" Justin back then for an idea of how this faggot thinks
Oh and he's a bonafide obsessed marky orbiter and has been here all along which is why he was in her stream that night
Do you know him or something? His posts are kind of trolly like he finds the whole thing amusing so this isn't surprising to hear.
i know most of you dont care, but i love seeing the progression of an artists work like this. you can look at each year and see her improving. she made dramatic improvement after 2017, then every year after , kept improving by leaps and bounds. its s shame she gave it up.
the russian won't leak anything unfortunately, last i know (2020) he was still very affectionate of her and hurt by her tranny cheating. i doubt he's even still around, and it seems people take advantage of his absence to gossip and cover for themselves
he must be waiting for the perfect calculated moment to drop all of the pictures and crazy stories he has from dating marky. he could have done it over the past few years as they've lied about him and blamed him for own their mistakes and trannygressions but he knows the optimal time to achieve his ends has not yet arrived.
She is very talented but it seems like it's wasted mostly drawing anime girls she's attracted to. The art that doesn't revolve aeound these anime perversions shows her true potential to be an artist and not just a coomer commissioner.
These girls had nothing substantial to say. He lied about details of his identity and supposedly pitted them against each other. Kennedi is just dumb and a lot of the "lies" he told her about marky were cleared up because marky lied to her about it once they started talking and the Russian was out of the picture. Marky is a proven liar and never takes responsibility for what she does to people, always blaming others. In ken's defense she had no reason not to believe marky since the Russian did tell some (minor) lies about himself. Finding common ground and being victims of a person neither liked was the more desirable outcome than continuing to hate each other and have ongoing drama. I think since then Ken has been made aware that things didn't happen quite as she was led to believe.

Look at how katelynn's friend came in here blaming his entire leak on the Russian. Maybe that anon is right and he's playing both sides to mess with katelynn and marky for some reason but idk...
Damage control is turning your ex boyfriend into a meme-tier supervillain because you can't admit you're a catty jealous person that did mean things to another girl of your own agency.
Again, Kennedy is the one who compiled that list and spoke up against him. Beyond that you just don't know, but keep up the fanfictioning.
I am saying something very specific that would not apply to the shed guy. My point still stands, your conjectures are nothing more than assumptions.
You are taking one egirl's biased account as word of God and not applying any critical thinking to what you've been told about this guy. Not only is kennedi biased but everything she thought she actually knew about the Russian was told to her by marky who, once again, is a proven compulsive liar that villianizes everyone she burns bridges with. She cheated on him and this is the result.

You can lie on marky's behalf all you want but you guys really overplayed your hand trying to pretend Andrei had mind control powers when
..it's really just marky covering up her bad behavior and having buyers remorse over her paypig 4chan mod boyfriend. How many red flags did she ignore for dollar signs?
Unless you are a participant yourself, we can only go by the testimonials of the people directly involved. I don't understand why this is so difficult for you to grasp.
I've always wondered if she has some weird autopedophilia self insert thing going on. It would explain a lot about her art and dating preferences.
Congrats on being an NPC retard that believes everything he is told I guess?
According to you Kennedy was played by Marky amd the Russian is an innocent. If you are going to tell stories at least keep it consistent lol.
Marky herself said her mom was blocking this site. You do no know marky and her mom personally so any assumption that marky's mom did not block this site and that marky is still posting here is just that, an assumption.
If you want to go around saying Marky is still posting here and her mom did not block this site I expect you to come with an official source such as a statement from Marky or Mrs. Thompson.
this all just speculation, but what if those professional pics were taken as a gift to the russian mod bf or whatever? and then it was him who was selling them, to get revenge on her for cheating. or is that too far fetched?
It makes sense and I wouldn't be surprised if she sent them to other guys too because she is known to have poor judgement. That seems more likely than some third party orbiter bought them from the artist
Why would a multi-millionarie waste time selling nude sets for a few hundred dollars?
It's a 3rd worlder russian. Seymour and topper both said so.
I was friendly with Andrei for a time before he up and disappeared. He was a smart guy, kind of mentored me when I was beginning my IT career and asked for nothing in return. I know he helped other anons in this arena too he was very knowledgeable. I think he has problems just like everyone else involved and everyone here but he's not what he's portrayed to be, at least in my experience with him.
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 AyXHtYU8mH_QA52Zm5bobw] ashleyj.png imgur_v9IaGjX.png
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 AyXHtYU8mH_QA52Zm5bobw] ashleyj.png imgur_v9IaGjX.png
[4archive] [md5... png
(346.28 KB, 1043x875)
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 h-ALjF6zneoFuhdyHS9qjA] 1466547870641.png  imgur_jeP8DAS.png
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 h-ALjF6zneoFuhdyHS9qjA] 1466547870641.png  imgur_jeP8DAS.png
[4archive]... png
(43.48 KB, 589x823)
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 jNekg4Xv9qEAFmAX7BcITw] 3.png imgur_oRjzObx.png
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 jNekg4Xv9qEAFmAX7BcITw] 3.png imgur_oRjzObx.png
[4archive] [md5... png
(58.4 KB, 604x467)
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 kKu1ObmLNVln5o3cxZo8kw] mio head.png imgur_bYVEsuM.png
thumbnail of [4archive] [md5 kKu1ObmLNVln5o3cxZo8kw] mio head.png imgur_bYVEsuM.png
[4archive] [md5... png
(15.92 KB, 467x369)
I hope this collage an OC. Post everything as archive, please. I scavenged few 2015 pieces here and there, but it seems like drop in the ocean, and I have no idea why they weren't included in the early archives. Also, someone mentioned earlier that people commissioned art from her, was any of those posted publicly?
> someone might need to help marky's mom block this site i don't think she did it right
Alright, I'll message Veronica a detailed guide on how to block all the 4 endchan domains through router.
it's likely not even him arguing with her, which makes it even funnier. anons can finally roleplay as her exes and she will seethe regardless
I think that reflects a lot worse on marky than him. Why should he feel bad about himself that marky is a cheater and tranny fucker?