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does anyone know who this chick is?, seen people posted her before and then others going on about these certain videos of her were made and I'd like to know exactly just who she is and what those vids were
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Specially created as a copy from old and outdated hidden wikis, and serves as a resource to provide real and original onion url.

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There are so many alt wikis out there on the open net, and most people still use open net that's why. That day will only change when governments totally ban and upend free open net.

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I'm thinking of getting some extra memory for all of my games on my PC and I'm not entirely sure which one would be the better one to go for, the conventional hard drive or the more recent Internal SSD

which one would you say would be more suited for storing and running the games off?
Not a gamer but this is my own experience as a media hoarder. External harddrives and computers are great today but the newer operating systems today SUCK ASS and bog down the CPU & GPU with third party bloatware/spyware crap. Therefore I don't use newer operating systems. If you want something for large storage, go with something like Western Digital or Seagate. I've had no problems using either of those for personal storage (at least not yet but I do take precautions and have extra mirrored backup drives just encase the originals were to crash).
If they're modern titles, I'd go with the SSD, I dont think there are many current games that need the SSD, but there are some and there will be more in the future, if its just for older titles, or just a place to have them locally that you can move between HDD and SSD, then the extra storage of a HDD may be handy.
If you go HDD, avoid SMR (shingled) drives (most of the barracudas) - you'll do better with CMR drives for faster writes. Western Digital Black drives are targeted specifically to gamers if you want the discount (HDDs are cheaper per TB of storage of course).
Go with what lasts longer and have a couple extra backup copies of your files. Its safe to expect most drives won't last you forever. I just had a harddrive crash on my music laptop and ironically it was completely offline 24/7 after the initial install, had linux as an OS, was never moved around much because of the setup aside the mixer and amplifier/speaker system. Well, it crashed anyway, somehow, so I would recommend having some spare backups for a rainy day.

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What's the deal with all these Western faggots that travel to Japan from all places at the whole world with the main purpose of lecturing, mocking and harassing Japanese people about how they live?
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Because Japan is SUCCESSFUL and Western loser faggots hate seeing that because it reminds them of how they're failures at everything.
>  >Also, nice dubs
I would have to agree with that, but now Japan is also facing a major debt insolvency crisis right now, just like the US has been for a while. Japan is now seeing massive increased costs to their standard of living too. It's not just the West, the world is now facing a global financial reset, possibly a global debt default which is going to shake up the global economy and financial system significantly causing a lot more instability and possibly more bigger wars too.

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merry xmas
happy hannukah to you ✡♿✡♿✡♿✡♿ boys
how ya'll gettin comfy this holiday season
supposed to be some cataclysmic storm this weekend
kinda killin any traditional holiday plans for me traditionally but I don't mind hunkering down and NEETing it up for a couple of days.

ya'll drankan tea or cocoa or coffee to get comfy?
happy holidays /b/
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Pedophilia is kinda bad in the same way doing drugs is bad. It is especially bad in large doses; in small doses it is basically harmless. I find it odd and I don't understand why so many Twitter/YouTube/normie people get so upset or up-in-arms over stuff that's even slightly pedophilic or pedophile-adjacent. Like someone jerking off to drawings, they get mad. Or someone trying to get with a 16 or 17-year-old girl, they say he's a weirdo. Or if you bring up the point that age of consent is different in various jurisdictions across the world, they say "cringe".

It is like they are NPCs or bootlickers in regards to the law. Human sexuality is not "bad" or "good" OR "on" or "off" just based on whether or not the person or depiction of a person is above or under the age of 18 and judging the reaction someone has.

This is maybe anti-family or like prudes being jealous that some guy gets with an older teenage girl. What's the point of money if you can't get rich or enjoy it? What's the point of sex if you can't have it with beautiful sexy young women? I say anti-family because allowing 16-or-17-year-olds to get married and have kids is pro-family; a man who wants to do that with a young woman of that age is not a weirdo, just some guy who may have to put up with the bitch's immaturity.

Maybe some of this is normalfags need something to cast their sins upon and hate, like how centuries ago people did human/animal sacrifices. They would put their negativity upon the animal, like a scapegoat, then kill it. In Christianity, for example, people routinely ask God to take their sins away to be free of them. People need this type of outlet, so I can see pedo hate/dislike partly filling this need. Witch-hunts and such.

If girls below the age of 16 or 17 get pregnant they or their child could die, so that's really a no-no. Even getting pregnant at 16 or 17 might be bad, but I think that is more up to individual choice. Relations with 16 or 17 year olds seems OK, but any younger than that I am basically against. Perhaps if they got explicit permission from both families (and probably also gotta follow the law) <16-year-olds could get married or whatever with whoever. I am partly thinking about countries where age of consent law allows for <16.

Other than that, the human ability to reason should not be understated. If you think people cannot make good or good-enough choices, then you are kinda babying them. Anyone with half a brain can consent, but legally speaking, consent does not matter ("can't consent") in some cases because the law is a force for positive socialization. (Or at least the law is supposed to be a force to avoid negative social affairs.)

I posted this because I think it is a somewhat interesting topic. Image: if you do a DuckDuckGo image search for "pedobear" you will get no results.
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Was researching that hitman concept and saw this video which is not related to that specific idea, but still of interest
The Hunt for the King of the Dark Web

Thoughts: Alex used an iPhone=dumb. Why was "hit and run" not allowed on Alphabay? Relaunched Alphabay by Desnake is still alive today. What is the biggest darkweb marketplace today?
> Islamic sources of the classical era list Aisha's age at the time of her marriage as six or seven and nine or ten at its consummation.

< We can marry four 6yo girls and fuck four 9yo girls.

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This is a thread about the possibility of Texas seceding from the Union due to the crisis at the southern border.

This thread is NOT for local hookups or porn. This is a political thread fagtard. Go fuck off elsewhere with your coomer shit.
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Texas was a part of Mexico and bow there are many Hispanics and they soeak Spanish.

Texas should be independent from the USA.

Texas is the home of many Mexican drug gangs.
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Radical leftists actually do want to replace average Americans anon, that is the plan for open borders: replace the white working middle class with a poor slave labor class (reduce corporate/govt expenses), foreigners won't know or care about Constitutional rights (abolish Constitutional protections for citizens without much dissent (impose fascism/communism/tyranny), get rid of consumer rights and bring back feudalism and total centralized control over the 'economy' (or whatever illusion is left of an economy).
If our government can't secure it's own borders why the hell should we take their constant bickering about Russia and China being a threat to our nation seriously? That's completely insane.

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