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Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin (FULL)

MIRROR 1: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1755734526678925682
MIRROR 2: https://tuckercarlson.com/the-vladimir-putin-interview/
MIRROR 3: https://rumble.com/v4c9a1i-exclusive-tucker-carlson-interviews-vladimir-putin.html
MIRROR 4: https://www.brighteon.com/c8a4db52-43df-4c03-ae5d-a2b0049c575b
MIRROR 5: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Baf1zyvT3WcR/ [Embed]

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:00 Putin gives a history lesson of Russia & Ukraine relations
00:25:04 NATO Expansion
00:30:40 NATO & Bill Clinton
00:41:10 Ukraine
00:48:30 What triggered this conflict?
01:02:37 A peaceful solution?
01:11:33 Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
01:24:13 Re-establishing communication with the US government
01:36:33 How powerful is Zelensky?
01:48:36 Elon Musk & AI
01:51:07 Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich
I don't think adults are watching cartoons, but if there are male adults still watching cartoons then they are manchilds. Some adult women might but women are known to enjoy goofy mindless entertainment anyway.
> Why do normalniggers like dragon ball cartoons so much? They’re all talk little action and look like fan animations.
I've seen more blacks into the Legends game but it could be nostalgic for most.

thumbnail of 86108773.jpg
thumbnail of 86108773.jpg
86108773 jpg
(124.58 KB, 541x582)
Why all Americans do is Eat McDonalds and Drink Coke? It's Hilarious. I've been to Germany many times and everything is so orderly. America needs to shape up.
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ah yes germany. Where they tried so hard to make up for being nazis.... that they again have become nazis. Say the wrong words, jail. Visit the wrong site, like this one, Jail. Have the wrong political opinion, Jail.
Europe has become extremely oppressive, even more so than the USSA has become. All of our governments are corrupt to the core today. It's even worse in Europe but at least they protest more often. I just hope if these corrupt bastardy governments get us into another world war fellow citizens are not stupid enough to fight their wars and become cannon fodder. That's the goal with all the illegal immigration btw, illegals are being sent into our nations to replace us as we become cannon fodder in another major world war/daft. Fuck that shit, not going to fight, not sending any of my family to be cannon fodder either. Western world better wake up before it's too late.

> inb4 gay glowing JTRIG faggot posts more CP here
> thinks we don't know exactly why he posts that shit
> thinks we won't global report it for removal
And OP is not a fact. Not all Americans eat junk food or pound diet soda. America actually has a huge market for organic food, health supplements and vitamins. You won't see that in any stupid image board memes, would you? Of-course not! The memes are biased slander Divide & Conquer shilling, mostly likely glowing from federal plantations with dozens of computer screens in every floor unit. The 'Murrica meme is akin to calling every German a Nazi during WWII yet not all Germans agreed with Nazism. It's all demoralization tactics, the real problem is, and always will be, systemic corruption gone unpunished.
> Why all Americans do is Eat McDonalds and Drink Coke?
It's probably really cheap to buy

> I've been to Germany
Hamburgers like mcdonald ones are from Germany soooo

thumbnail of BZIPMD4CIAARnzD-3200893068.jpg
thumbnail of BZIPMD4CIAARnzD-3200893068.jpg
BZIPMD4CIAARnzD-32008... jpg
(375.18 KB, 2048x1536)
thumbnail of 170606-porn-star-arrested-feature.jpg
thumbnail of 170606-porn-star-arrested-feature.jpg
170606-porn-star-arre... jpg
(78.88 KB, 664x441)
has there ever been any news articles or stories back up with actual evidence of it, of female pornstars who go to prison and before long end up having sex with the prison guards and some of who end up getting pregnant from it and also even better if any of them were filmed.
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Pretty damn sure that was not the case 40 or 50 years ago. Today? Nothing would really shock me anymore, hell, after all children are getting their genitalia mutilated by sickos and it's promoted in all the major "educational" institutions. What's the point of making more horror films anymore when we get to witness the real thing here and now?



thumbnail of Assar.jpg
thumbnail of Assar.jpg
Assar jpg
(19.82 KB, 472x560)
Assar Nilsson – maktmissbrukande kommuntjänsteman, djurplågare, furryhatare, lögnare och

Du utnyttjar små barn för ditt sjuka begär!
Du struntar i de men som dem får av det här!
Deras tårar och rop på mamma dem skiter du i!
Det bara eggar dig mer i din sjuka fantasi!

Du tvingar dem att vidgöra och leka med ditt kön!
Ingen hjälp finns att får för Gud hör ej bön!
I timmar fortsätter du denna sadistiska lek!
Kameran filmar allt, ännu en film i ditt kartotek!

Ref: Pedofil - ditt sjuka svin!
Du gömmer dig bakom demokratin!
För ditt brott finns ingen nåd att få!
Mitt hat till dig kan du aldrig förstå!

Än så länge så skyddas du av en ynkedom till lag!
Men var så säker ditt kräk - Det kommer en dag!
När timmen den slagen så ges det ingen nåd!
Då skall du straffas för ditt vidriga dåd!

Det finns ingen bot för sjuka svin som dig!
Så dina ynkliga rop på nåd dem bekommer mig ej!
Nu skall de drabbats äntligen få sin hämnd!
Smärtan känns inte lika svår när de ser dig hängd!

ef: Pedofil - ditt sjuka svin!
Du gömmer dig bakom demokratin!
För ditt brott finns ingen nåd att få!
Mitt hat till dig kan du aldrig förstå!

thumbnail of Alf_Svensson_2003-08-25_001.jpg
thumbnail of Alf_Svensson_2003-08-25_001.jpg
Alf_Svensson_2003-08-... jpg
(736.31 KB, 1046x885)
Beklädd i svart med vit krage
Inviterar du barn till ditt smutsiga liv!

Du förmedlar din vidskeplighet till dem svaga!

Och tar dom i ditt våld!
Med löften om trohet och lycka!

Förpestar du sinne och kropp!
Ditt sjuka begär!
Ditt inre äckliga behag!
Inför församlingens barn!
Lägger du din hand på oskyldiga!

Du utnyttjar den makt du besitter
Knäböjer vid ditt altare
Och ber om nåd!

Du skall plågas inför din församling!
Inför deras ögon ska du stympas!
Vigas i ditt eget blod vid dopfunten!
På korset spikas du fast!
Du är en lärjunge av pesten!
Ett evigt slaveri under mörkret!
Har nu blivit din verklighet!

Ditt hår ska slitas från din skalle!
I såren skall avföringen frånförsamlingen gnidas in!

Smärtan du åsamkat!
Skall bli din kallelse till herrens bakgård!

Hänger du på korset!
Din vita krage har färgats
Av blodets röda stänk!
Andetag för andetag!
Skall du lida!
Blod kramas ut
Ur din äckliga kropp!
Andetag för andetag!
Ur din äckliga kropp!

Du knäböjer vid ditt altare
Och ber om nåd! 
Din tid är kommen!
thumbnail of Pedofil.jpg
thumbnail of Pedofil.jpg
Pedofil jpg
(25.57 KB, 409x520)
Ditt sjuka svin!
Du gömmer dig bakom demokratin!

Din kuk ska skäras av och stoppas i din mun!
En taggtrådssnara om din hals och du ska i lyktstolpen dingla till folkets hån och spott!

Stöd NMR!
För våra barns framtid!

thumbnail of tripleexceleste-butt.jpg
thumbnail of tripleexceleste-butt.jpg
tripleexceles... jpg
(83.54 KB, 675x900)
Post your OnionShare links, and see what people send you, or send me some files through my onion link:
She's not all that good looking now with all those tats, so imagine what she looks like as a fast food pounding stoner by the year 2032. I've seen these types before, they end up single mother fat wales serving you burgers and beer at a local sports bar.

thumbnail of barrel gourd.jpg
thumbnail of barrel gourd.jpg
barrel gourd jpg
(16.81 KB, 310x300)
this man comes to you
you see his gourd, cradled between his arms
he stares deeply into your eyes
what do you do, /b/?
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thumbnail of Great-Meme-War.jpg
thumbnail of Great-Meme-War.jpg
Great-Meme-War jpg
(371.33 KB, 1920x1080)
Spread the word and start trolling! Post to other boards and platforms and spread it like wildfire! we must make a reappearance as we anons havent done much since 2016 when we pretty much carried the entire Trump campaign. Now it's time to bring the NFL DOWN!
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thumbnail of MOOT-2024.jpg
thumbnail of MOOT-2024.jpg
MOOT-2024 jpg
(23.73 KB, 474x316)
yea honestly ive been so dissapointed in 4chan recently as now its just retarded fag shit and not the notorious internet trolls i remember from the good ol days. the whole Kelce-Swift and NFL is scripted theory just blew over their fucking heads? like yea they talked about it but it just isn't like 4chan to not try to fuck everything up with a trolling crusade. If this happened in like 2008-2012 4chan wouldve been all over it in trolling and memes in a way that 4chan is known for. now its just mentally retarded sissy faggots roaming the /b/ boards over on 4chan. it just makes you think what the hell. 4chan as we know it died when moot sold to hiro. its last breath was the meme war campaigns in like 2016-17 and now it's just gay shit.

Imagine watching NFL today LOL. Have not watched a sports game since the Red Socks won the world series and even before then I wasn't watching much.

thumbnail of IMG_9886.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_9886.jpeg
IMG_9886 jpeg
(1004.74 KB, 2048x2048)
thumbnail of IMG_9887.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_9887.jpeg
IMG_9887 jpeg
(443.02 KB, 1440x1800)
thumbnail of IMG_9885.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_9885.jpeg
IMG_9885 jpeg
(172.4 KB, 960x958)
thumbnail of IMG_9888.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_9888.jpeg
IMG_9888 jpeg
(322.17 KB, 1279x1279)
thumbnail of IMG_9891.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_9891.jpeg
IMG_9891 jpeg
(61.96 KB, 398x512)
My cute MILF doctor that I am having hot dreams about. One was jumping in bed with her and making out with her naked body, and another was walking in on her in the bathroom and kissing her lips and licking her pussy as she was on the toilet. It’s gotten to where I’m excited to go to bed so I can do sexual shit with her in my dreams.
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You should probably just tell her you really desire her, how you want to fuck her so badly and how crazy she is driving you. See what she says and how she responds. If you are persistent and honest about it with no worries she might actually consider fucking you. You won't ever know unless you give it a try. Women love to get fucked too after all.

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