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Anything posted here are autistic works of fiction, only a fool would take them seriously.

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> This is your President.

Should be, we wouldn't have had all the wars, price inflation and illegals flooding into the country had we had a fair election without those ballot stuffers.

I'm not saying you are the spammer... or are you? Are you the one that keeps bumping the same damn annoying threads every single day? If not I wasn't talking to you. I was bumping back other threads like this one while calling out the one-lined NPC spammer, simple as. I'll continue to do so if needed.

Hilarious, classic Terry RIP.

One of my older SSDs just crashed, it was a Samsung 870 EVO. I don't exactly know how or why yet, maybe I left the laptop running a little too long too often?

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How do i get a cute girl like pic related to pet me and cuddle me to sleep? 
Sex ain't really necessary, but if i can also fuck her all the better.
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If you rape someone you'll only be getting sex, but the whole thing misses the love and affection part. You can't get that by raping a girl, but pursuing a relationship in exchange for $$$ will do it.

I am a selfish asshole who cannot stop obnoxiously bumping the same dumb lame threads. Everyone must love me.

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