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Are you playing Electronic Arts games? Are you aware of Electronic Arts's racist & bug problems of The Sims 4?

Electronic Arts (EA) never listen / The list of bugs and problems
If they were more racist, I might actually buy their games.
Sims 4 feels like a downgrade from SIms 3 tbh. Sims 3 was the peak of the series
No EA is shit. Don't ever buy their games
Nope, EA sucks
Hating crackers is also racist

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So the new age people who collect healing stones (just rocks and gems).....do they think they're playing a RPG? I mean they seem to think certain stones will protect them from debuffs like cancer, poison, or bad energies that would power down their attack points. 

Sounds like a great idea for a video game...picture yourself walking around Portland, Oregon fighting antifa, angry heavy metal fans, anarchist punks, Wiccans, and methheads on skateboards. Later you must collect the special rings from conservative  sororities to unlock the seal on the dean's heart and free Evergreen University from liberal tyranny. 

There could even be a level where you have to escort RICHARD DAWKINS past crazy liberals and Muslims into the heart of irrational America: Berkley. In his radiant presence all of the magical rings lose their effect.
> There could even be a level where you have to escort RICHARD DAWKINS past crazy liberals and Muslims into the heart of irrational America: Berkeley.

berkeley isn't actually that crazy ngl
t. resident

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I was about to die then boom

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Touhou 16 hidden star in four seasons 

never played a touhou before. It's pretty fun but easy mode is pretty deceptive. It's funny, I've seen fan art for touhous forever and it's almost always been really high quality, great drawings, then I'm playing this and the girls pictures pop up and they're retarded looking in comparison.
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not kidding aside:  >>/11176/  >>/11190/
My opinion for Sonic Mania is that's it's too easy, live friendly and beautiful. Cooplay best.

AM2R, haven't gotten to NG+ yet, will tell what's good or not. The game is amazing regardless, true homage to series. Must play inho.
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baldur's gate, Pokemon X, alpha saphire
The review said this interface is 90% of the game.

That convinced me to buy it.
It'd be cool to compare my initial reactions to some other people's, and to the more refined answers out there.
You have pictures turned off? Is this how you want your dead board to finish dying?

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GTAV Online, level 38, max strength, super heavy armor
explode in one shot, wasted
never see where it comes from
no idea if they were in the air or on the ground or what it even was
happens every time i log into a public session
huge pain in the ass to try anything that requires public
wtf am I doing wrong?
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wtf is you faggot's problem? it's the best driving game ever.
GTA5 is allright, but online is hot garbage, I just don't get why would anyone want to queue 5-10 minutes for that experience, let alone pay for it. All the servers are filled with screaming kids and hackers, and even if you manage to get the required amount of people to do an activity someone just quits for whatever reason, then back in the queue you go for another 8-10 minutes. It's a waste of time.
you region is hot garbage anon, GTAO is kind of a interesting game but how it is applied is utter garbage R* can't online for anything and burgerfags has plenty of cheaters just like in winnieland, especially winnieland, always report these cheatfags with the Other function because they can't block it, enough reports draw admin attention to the bitch.
> GTA5 is allright, 
Compared to GTA4, it feels like a downgrade

> but online is hot garbage,
It is beyond bad and cancerous.
LOL kys OP and don't ever start a thread here again.

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I'm making a Beat 'em Up game from scratch in JavaScript. It's still kinda bare-bones and buggy, but already playable: 

The game: 

The source code: 
It needs a lot of polish OP
Like, at least some of it looks nice, but gameplay doesn't feel very natural and normal

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Calamitymc DOT org
I am fond of Minecraft. I played this game few years. I play usually on hypixel servers but yesterday could not get access to my minecraft account so used vpn https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-firefox/

Is P2P multiplayer still a thing in PC gaming? I remember in the old days if you had your friend's IP you could connect to eachother and get some online games going between 2 or multiple people.
No gamespy or any server login.
Everyone uses steam now, but do any newer games have a P2P multiplayer option?

name some old games too if any come to mind that are good multiplayer games with a P2P option. It used to be a given that a multiplayer game would have this, but like couch coop, its becoming harder to find. I would like to gather a collection of games that i could still play mutltiplayer with friends, even if servers close.
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yea, i can set up a local server using a 3rd party application then have friends link to it, if the game has an option for it. which is the point of the thread.
I was looking for a nice list of newer/good games that let you do this.

I said list good old ones too if you want, but this is more about newer games.

I know you can do this in quake, starcraft, AoE, minecraft, and call of duty games like MW2 and earlier, but i wanted to get a more complete list with a focus on newer games being released with this feature.
Afraid I can't help you too much with newer games as I'm not playing many. If a game is steam exclusive but has a normal dedicated server system it's possible to use a steam emulator like SSE to play with pirated copies which means they're still playable if the main servers go down I know that much.
im aware of hamachi and i could also use logmein or any screenshare app to accomplish the same thing with local coop games. or use VMs to do this.
but that completely misses the point of the thread.

> Afraid I can't help you too much
did i accidentally post this on the amazon.com q&a section?

seriously though, if all you know is older games, just list some good ones that you know for a fact have easy P2P/directconnect/local server/lan setup. i plan on using the info to make an infograph and possibly a torrent of all the games.

there currently is no list and i think it would be a great way for anons to continue playing games online even if something happens.
> seriously though, if all you know is older games, just list some good ones that you know for a fact have easy P2P/directconnect/local server/lan setup. i plan on using the info to make an infograph and possibly a torrent of all the games.
Honestly almost any game before 2010 would fit but whatever. Have some tactical FPSes I know for a fact work because that's what I played most recently:

Ghost Recon
Early Rainbow Six games
ive been playing monster hunter freedon unite with some friends on PPSSPP using zero-tier to connect.


its kinda easy to use you just have to config some stuf and it runs in almost any computer.

Zenimax: Heyyy Guise! Come play Elder Scrolls Online for free! Save big in our April sale!

Everybody in unison: NO! FIX YOUR FUCKING BUGS!

Seriously, it's the buggiest MMO out there and they add new bugs with every fresh load of DLC goo they pump out. It's really a shame that their code - especially their network code - sucks as badly as it does because their creative side like their writing and artwork and animation and audio and entire game world is so good.
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Microsoft bought Zenimax. There will never be another Elder Scrolls or Fallout on anything but Xbox or Windows 10.

Goodbye Bethesda. Thanks for all the cool games.
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Someone did that to quickly reduce online player counts, probably related to the negotiations and sale in some way.
haha they have effectively gone pay-to-win now with the best armor sets only available to those who buy new microsoft dlc

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