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The Natashas 2003.
The Natashas book: One if not the best and most informative books I have ever read. On page 145-146 it talks about a Russian woman who after being arrested for prostitution by an Israeli cop was sold to another pimp for a fistful of dollars. If you are an American your taxes pay his salary.

Semion Mogilevich Organization-Eurasian Organized Crime 1996.
Semion Mogilevich. His Bratva are guilty of almost everything and many of his lieutenants have Israel passports and very likely have ties to the Israeli government as mentioned on page 44.

Contraband Women (NYT admits the problem but blames the victims) 1998.
Even the NYT once talked openly about these crimes. Notice they call these women naive, they actually blame them for the crimes of Israeli gangsters.

Women as Commodities-Trafficking in Women in Israel 2003.
From a Israeli women’s group this document talks about Israeli courts siding with Jewish pimps rather than their Slavic victims. Slavic girls are thrown into prisons and treated like criminals while those who raped, tortured, and enslaved them go free Some of these trafficked girls were as young as 11 with girls as young as 16 languishing in Israeli prisons.  On page 18 it is mentioned that these brothels would often give discounts to soldier and in act of bizarre depravity a 13 year old was “given” a Ukrainian woman for his Bar Mitzvah.

DOJ Trafficking in Women From Ukraine 2002.
Dept of Justice Report on trafficking of women in the Ukraine. Openly talks about the proceeds of these criminals being stored in Israel as mentioned on page 21.

Red Mafiya 2000.
Another out of print book. Discusses the Jewish nature of the Russian Mob and mentions on page 49 how Jewish interest shut down the investigation into Russian organized crime in NYC, so as not to generate antisemitism. The author may have been murdered.

My analysis of these documents is incomplete. I can’t read anymore, I cried for the last  half hour and want to puke, to scream, to rip my hair out. All I can do is give these documents to you hoping that people will wake up to what they pay taxes and fight wars for. The cruelty, the malice, it is so horrific, they just want to torture people, even to torture children, forever. This is a prime evil.
Mirror download link:  https://anonfiles.com/A7kfG8k8z3/Red_Mafiya_zip
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isint the CEO now this shabbos goyim who has a special ties to wojciki?
and whom is also married to NGO had which was doing her part in trannymaniac agenda?
Interesting. I have noticed that trend. Kikes are withdrawing as CEOs more often. They're scurrying back in their holes like the rats they are, probably because they've been noticed. They don't need to head orgs anymore as long as BlackRock plus it's parent company Vanguard buys enough shares in everything. Not a smart move on their part. Now their central power is all one org. Be a shame if something happened to it.
> Not a smart move on their part. Now their central power is all one org.
Csn be for sure a dumb move if aladdin will fail and as old teddy unabomber said when tech advances dependance on it does too
However considering the at least from aryan perspective and the survival for collapse backdoor one would negate that by while yet they still have an power they can simply drown that into bunkers and other doomsday scenario measures to prevail and recolonize 
In stupid words as its pararell to what i mean tje enclave, or BOS in old fallout RPGs but with down syndrome and asperger at the same time

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I do not fucking give a shit about faglet/troonlet/copterlet sprogs. They were already retarded and gullible to begin with. They deserve to be fucking beaten to death with mallets.

By the way, trannies and attack helicopters are neutered retards that were never male or femoidal to begin with. They're too fucking retarded to bone retarded sprogs or kill themselves, and the only "pronouns" you should refer to them as are "it/its".
I'll refer to them as male when they're biologically born male and female when they're biologically born female. Those stupid spoiled cunts like to recite the phrase "gender isn't real". I like to respond with, "No, tricking yourself into believing you're a different gender than your born genitals is not real. It's make believe. You're fucking pretending."

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6336 png
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Operation Popeye: How The US Government Turned The Weather Into A Weapon Of War

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. was up against the ropes. Anti-war protests were growing louder, and our military was taking heavy losses. It was crunch time, and that’s when the U.S. government rolled out one of their wildest cards: “Operation Popeye.” What was it? A secret plan to turn the weather into a weapon to make it rain and flood out the Ho Chi Minh Trail — the Viet Cong’s main thoroughfare.

Popular Science:
Though it cycled through several names in its history, “Operation Popeye” stuck. Its stated objective—to ensure Americans won the Vietnam War—was never realized, but the revelation that the U.S. government played God with weather-altering warfare changed history. The Nixon administration distracted, denied, and, it seems, outright lied to Congress, but enterprising reporters published damning stories about rain being used as a weapon, and the Pentagon papers dripped classified details like artificial rain. Eventually, the federal government would declassify its Popeye documents and international laws aimed at preventing similar projects would be on the books.

But the public would, more or less, forget it ever happened. Given the rise of geo-engineering projects, both from municipal governments and private companies, some experts believe Popeye is newly relevant.

Operation Popeye relied on a technique called “cloud seeding,” where crystals are dropped into clouds to induce rainfall.

The Popular Science article continues:
At first, no one seemed to consider the wartime applications of cloud seeding, but on March 20, 1967, the “operational phase” of Popeye began. Pilots and their crew would soar over select regions of Vietnam with a canister of silver or lead iodide, which were, by the 1960s, considered two of the primary sources of water condensation nuclei. The plane crew would ignite the canisters and release particle-rich smoke into an existing storm. If all went well, the jolt of artificial nuclei would reverberate through the system, forcibly spurring additional precipitation.

Despite 80 years of cloud seeding efforts, rigorous research aimed at proving (or disproving) its efficacy is still underway. During their top secret briefing on Popeye, Senators Pell and Case were told that though U.S. taxpayers paid, without their knowledge, some $3.6 million a year for such operations over Vietnam (or about $23 million a year in today’s dollars), Popeye’s success was “certainly limited” and also fundamentally “unverifiable.”

As he digested these facts—processed the full extent of the secret wartime weather manipulation project—Senator Pell seemed increasingly indignant, as documented in the official meeting report. Why, he asked, was it kept secret? And what other secrets were there? “The thing that concerns me,” Pell said, “is not rainmaking per se, but when you open Pandora’s box, what comes out with it?” When the details of Operation Popeye were made public a two months later, on May 19, 1974, many Americans—as well as our allies and enemies abroad—were left pondering the same question.

Here’s an even deeper dive into Operation Popeye: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9mJqFxArpy0
When news about Operation Popeye broke, public outrage came fast and furious. Leaders responded by quickly throwing together a treaty that supposedly banned the use of weather as a weapon. However, much like other instances where the U.S. government self-regulates, this move was symbolic and lacked teeth. The Popular Science article continues:

Environmental Modification Convention, the international treaty bars any action undertaken by military or otherwise hostile forces that could result in “earthquakes, tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones of various types and tornadic storms); changes in climate patterns; changes in ocean currents; changes in the state of the ozone layer; and changes in the state of the ionosphere.” The convention is, in effect, so comprehensive it bans many forms of weather modification that, at least according to publicly-available knowledge, do not yet exist. While there’s an elaborate 12-step WikiHow for a tornado in a bottle, storms don’t appear to be that easy to create—or, for that matter, stop—in the real world. Cloud seeding, if and when it works, is successful only because it piggybacks on existing weather, rather than creating new storm fronts from scratch.

But Deborah Gordon, director of the energy and climate program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says the convention is ultimately toothless. “You don’t even know where to look,” she says of current weather manipulation efforts. “There’s a lack of transparency in the research. We don’t even know what people are working on. You can’t govern something you can’t see. And that’s for peaceful applications.” Without the ability to measure these modifications, the Environmental Modification Convention or any other weather-related treaty is nearly impossible to enforce. “How will we know that there aren’t Operation Popeyes… going on or not?” she asks.

Given our inability to monitor these activities, there’s reason to be concerned that the United States or other nations could quietly violate the terms of the convention. But, Gordon says, the more pressing question is whether thousands of small-scale environmental modification projects already underway will eventually add up to global impact. “It didn’t matter [that there was no transparency], because there were so few projects,” Gordon says of the 20th century. But “in the last decade,” she says, “the uptick in experimentation in terms of climate engineering has not only picked up from the government’s point of view… it’s now picked up in the private space.”

In recent years, Gordon says, we’ve also seen the move beyond privately-led weather-altering schemes to climate-altering ones. Big corporations like Shell, as well as dozens of smaller startups like Carbon Engineering, have developed and begun to implement carbon capture technology. While these peacetime projects are all intended only to benefit the local community, they’ve become so widespread they could have an affect at a planetary scale. “If there’s enough local weather modification,” she asks, “at what point does that add up to more than the sum of its parts?”
Do we really trust globalist governments, who are relentlessly promoting their climate change agendas, to hold the power to control the weather? Can we be confident they won’t engineer extreme weather disasters just to validate their doomsday climate predictions?

Additionally, can we really trust our leaders not to introduce strange chemicals into artificially produced rain, which could potentially affect our food, water supply, and even our own bodies?

Harnessing the power to control the weather is essentially taking charge of crops, animals, and the entire human population. Such authority should be reserved for God, not handed over to maniacal weirdos like Bill Gates who could potentially treat us all like lab rats to further their own ghoulish agendas. With this in mind, we can’t help but wonder how much of the crazy weather we’re experiencing is actually Mother Nature’s doing, and how much could be orchestrated by Uncle Sam?


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Applicatio... jpg
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Elon Musk, the iconic entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla, is widely hailed as a genius, a disruptor, and sometimes, a misfit. However, since his takeover of Twitter in 2022, several of his promises to uphold Twitter (now X) as a “free speech” platform have fallen through. Popular YouTube personality Jeremy Hambly, AKA “The Quartering,” highlighted that most of the missteps began with the appointment of Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. She entered the scene with a questionable track record, marked by apparent censorial tendencies and alleged affiliations with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Such a background was, for many, a red flag. Elon’s choice was, at the outset, a bid to salvage Twitter’s dwindling profitability through an aggressive advertising focus. And true, in the short term, advertising is the lifeline Twitter needs, especially as it continues to bleed cash.

However, Musk had promised a renewed emphasis on ‘freedom of speech, not freedom of reach’ for Twitter. The intention behind this was to differentiate between the right to voice an opinion and the reach that opinion gets on the platform. But the implementation seems to have missed the mark. The reality is that while Twitter, under Musk, was vocal about being a ‘free speech’ platform, there was an alarming increase in account bans and content deboosting. Such actions made one question the transparency and authenticity of Musk’s commitment. It’s evident that any content deemed ‘spicy’ or potentially contentious faced an 81% deboost, a statistic unsettling to many, especially when such determinations rely heavily on automated systems known for inaccuracies. Musk’s assurances were further undermined by policies rolled out, which eerily resembled the old ‘Twitter 1.0’ rules - stringent content guidelines against incitement, threats, or what they ambiguously termed ‘abusive content.’ It felt like a rerun, only under a different leadership banner.

Yet, it wasn’t just about speech. Musk’s takeover promised no permanent bans unless there was a breach of the law. This pledge, however, remained unfulfilled as numerous accounts faced unwarranted permanent bans, highlighting a glaring discrepancy between promises and actions. For example, popular Twitter personality @dom_lucre was banned shortly after questioning the drowning of former President Barack Obama’s personal chef. It wasn’t until a massive public outcry over the suspension that @dom_lucre’s account was reinstated. The same goes for former pharma executive Sasha Latypova. Her account was banned for reported “hate speech,” a far cry from being unlawful speech and a vague term that can be weaponized to silence speech one doesn’t like. Latypova’s account was also reinstated, but it wasn’t until criticism of the suspension that “X” decided to reverse its decision.

Substack is a blogging platform primarily intended for independent writers, who depend on user subscriptions to support themselves. Ever since a controversy after the launching of “notes,” an added Substack feature similar to “X,” Substack articles no longer receive an image preview on “X,” making someone far less likely to click the shared link. In addition, the deboosting of the external link is far more severe than that of other news outlets — even if someone manually includes an image. In my own experience [the author of this article], sharing a post with a Substack link could receive as high as an 80% to 90% reduction in engagement compared to a post with no external link with an image or video. usk has repeatedly said, “Unless people that you don’t like can say things that you don’t like, it’s not free speech.” 

[OP note: Are you surprised the Hebejew name Elon from the jewish University of Pretoria whom partnered Tesla with Israeli Cortica and is a member of the WEF isn't trustworthy? Because I'm not surprised.]

[OP note: Are you surprised the Hebejew name Elon from the jewish University of Pretoria whom partnered Tesla with Israeli Cortica and is a member of the WEF isn't trustworthy? Because I'm not surprised.

jsut wait when you start digging stuff on his mother and her favourite posing on magazines or his tuxedo suit on his wedding which he had there

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Hey so I got a few questions just to clear up a couple things that some people say about national socialism as well as my general thoughts on things in general.

So I guess I start from the beginning the way I view a nation as it should be is as a garden where the government acts to grow a strong and powerful people. In that garden anything can grow which represents the myriad of talents with the strongest being allowed to propagate themselves and the weaker allowed to attempt but inevitably fail. In the propagation of the strongest both the people and nation benefit however there must be a recognition of the weak and the strong and that there are different weaknesses and strengths. I have talked to some people who say that if they were to ever get power they would institute universal basic income which I think just incentivizes laziness. 

I guess what I'm trying to clear up do the people here believe in a hierarchy or do they believe everyone is equal?
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> Reeee laizeres free economics is way corporates know what to do
Meanwhile margaret thatcher fucked up britain irreversibly with regan the US...
We already live in world where corporate jew has free hand you see it everywhere the exploitation had become a third name
Laizres free economics is meme you are a meme and it will stay that way

> Implying that soviet union had regulated economy
Ty si teda iny kokot judeobolsheviks had only one thing in econojy goal THE PRODUCTION AT ANY COST 
Had you heared on 5 year plan? No? The famous quota of we will give a crazy high quota on how many of stuff should be made or how many harvest should be made and unfurfiling is counted as death sentence so go figure and we will rise it after period of time anyway?
The same quota plan for which you produced all of the goods but still got empty shelf and table in your home?
No? Then fuck off aidskike
The doublespeak by Amazon. Jesus Christ. "While employees have the right to organize, we have a right and responsibility to share our position that a direct working relationship is better for the customer, the company and the associate." It's not sharing their position. It's enforcing. Proposing snitching to management about phrases like 'living wage', 'grievance', 'contract' and 'representation'. It all brings me back to when I used to work under such shit jew retail orgs. Of course they reject Unions. Amazon is infamous for telling their employees they can't even go urinate.
If you said that the government was wiretapping your phone in 1999, everybody would have called you a nutjob.

Now if you say that the government is wiretapping your phone, no one cares.

How can Americans sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling disgusted and ashamed?

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thumbnail of Monero  and a jew.jpg
Monero and a jew jpg
(130.05 KB, 930x500)
Jews are upset that when Whites are using Gold Silver Bullets and Monero that they cannot impose income tax to steal white labor.  The Jews Bailed out Banks purpose is to spy on white transactions so that Jews can impose income tax which is White Labor Theft.  White Labor Theft is how the Jews afford to terrorize white communities by importing endless Niggers.   I make it my business to only support small white business owners. Never spending a dollar at a jews business EVER!  Grow the White Economy Not the Nigger-Jew Bailout Economy! Fuck Jews Fuck Nigger White Power! Heil Hitler!
> Never spending a dollar at a jews business EVER!
That's pretty complicated, m8. Unless you grow your own vegetables and fruits plus hunt your own food, every major grocery chain is going to have Blackrock shareholders demanding their ESG obedience. Every retail chain as well. So either you're living innawoods and self reliantly secure in your own nudity because you won't have clothes, or you buy from kikes ran soul-less corporations that ruin average peoples' lives without a fucking care in the world. That's the trade-off for living in a ZOG infested shithole society.
How is OP not a shill or spambot? There is no explanation or anything unique and an overzealous attempt to fellow kids.

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553333 png
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12 Undeniable Signs Despotic "kikes" Are Engineering the End of Humanity

It's no longer taboo to publicly talk about depopulation. Even many who once dismissed the concept as a conspiracy theory are now publicly acknowledging the reality that global efforts are under way to drastically reduce the human population on planet Earth.

Mainstream media now frequently talks about "climate lockdowns" as a good thing -- to cease human activity on planet Earth in order to "save the planet" from so-called climate change, a wholesale fabrication and fake science fraud rooted in the lie that carbon dioxide is somehow bad for life on the planet. (Without it, there would be no photosynthesis, no plants, no animals and no humans.)

Now, corporate media is openly calling for climate blackouts and lockdowns, the rationing of air conditioning and possibly even banning the use of electricity to cool homes and buildings during hot weather days. This is all being positioned as necessary to save the planet, of course. The Los Angeles Times, for example, recently published a story asking whether an "occasional blackout" might "help solve climate change."

Green agenda alarmists in the corporate media are now calling for widespread electrical grid blackouts for “the greater good” of “solving the climate crisis.” In an article from the Los Angeles Times, the establishment media outlet argues that it would be “easier and less expensive to fight climate change” if the public would “be willing to live with” blackouts.

We are past the point, in other words, of the controlled corporate media saying that engineered blackouts and climate lockdowns are just a conspiracy theory -- even though NPR still claims that the push to get people to eat bugs is a conspiracy theory, not long after NPR promoted insects as the next great food source. Now, the controlled media is openly claiming that the functioning of human society will destroy the planet. Therefore, they imply, the only way to save the planet is to take down the food and energy infrastructure that keeps humanity alive.

MY COMMENT: They are gearing up to take America offline and off-grid after they crush Europe the same way, so you best be prepared and have contingencies planned! Never ever trust this government to do anything good for you or to protect you, remember they want us all enslaved or dead!

The current population of human beings on planet Earth, of course, is a function of affordable food powered by affordable, abundant energy (mostly in the form of fossil fuels). Ending this -- which is now the admitted goal of climate cultists, Democrats and the same "science" community that told us COVID vaccines were safe and effective -- will inevitably result in global depopulation of the human race. No fuel = no farms. No farms = no food. No food = no people. This is the openly admitted goal.

Here, I list twelve undeniable signs that kikes are actively seeking the extermination of the human race from this planet.


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I wasn't confused and didn't think you said bulletproof. It's just the factor of our own mortality I'm acknowledging. While there are far more Aryans than jews when it comes to the world population, the amount of people aware of the jewish problem is way too small. The lack of awareness among our caucasian people is outright disgraceful.
> Cops or the FBI harass people who live innawoods and don't "participate" ie - bend the knee to ZOG. When you try to escape Zionist controlled society, you get Ruby Ridged.

That's never happened to me. I think it's more or less likely to happen if you make a name for yourself or are influential to some extent, especially if you group together or form a family-oriented militia that is publicly known.
Am I the only one who understands? You can't stop Jew plans
Unless you don't kill low level Shlomos.
Pop the top! Hit the rats right in their nose
Are you forgetting when Jews flee in history?
Turn Jews against each other. Stop Jews at last
Make Jews fear their sister and brother
A bloody crime. Paint the Star of David for a good time
Minecraft high level Jews. Cause a scandal in the news
Don't get caught or shot. Jews will own your ass
That's probably the closest solution I've seen, but there's still one problem. Nobody's willing to risk taking out "high level" kikes. There's always more freedom to lose. The people stupid enough to throw their entire lives away only shoot low level non jews for some reason, including caucasians, and then the media claims they're a "white supremacist" (even when the shooter is a jew). Violence is the eternal victims favorite subject. Always has been. They're the ones with minds that dream up depraved, invented atrocities.
thumbnail of Larry Fink forces diversity.mp4
thumbnail of Larry Fink forces diversity.mp4
Larry Fink forces... mp4
(3.17 MB, 640x344 h264)
I thought I'd add this and then pretend it has no relation to the subject we've been discussing. Gone are the days kikes even need to be CEOs, chairmen, producers and directors. Blackrock and it's parent company Vanguard own shares in everything, forcing this ESG bullshit. You would be hard pressed to find a company that matters without this filthy turtle-faced jew's grubby fingers in it.

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thumbnail of 1244421.png
1244421 png
(890.06 KB, 1095x807)
LOL! Lizard DNA Sent-in To "23 and Me" For Analysis, Results Claimed It Human Blood!

A man and his wife own a Lizard as a pet, and they got the idea to send the Lizard DNA in to the Company 23 and Me for DNA Analysis; ancestry.  The results came 3 months later... 51% Ashkenazi Jewish, 48% West Asian, North African.

Remember: "Trust the science!"

https://www.bitchute.com/video/UgLUdssYJ0P8/ [Embed]


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thumbnail of 8.jpg
8 jpg
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thumbnail of 1sign.jpg
thumbnail of 1sign.jpg
1sign jpg
(254.86 KB, 787x1200)
thumbnail of 13.png
thumbnail of 13.png
13 png
(801.47 KB, 729x920)
thumbnail of 14.jpg
thumbnail of 14.jpg
14 jpg
(172.1 KB, 786x914)
thumbnail of 2.jpg
thumbnail of 2.jpg
2 jpg
(155.44 KB, 735x1200)
so ridiculors. Paraguay a colony of spain can also cost taiwan so much. then how about others????
4,800,000 USD!!! Fuck!

thumbnail of 214421.png
thumbnail of 214421.png
214421 png
(471.94 KB, 625x1314)
Journalist Goes Undercover To Expose The ADL's Nefarious Social Media Censorship Regime

The ADL’s once-respected reputation now stands alongside the likes of the ACLU, Mafia, and those evil bastards creating gas station sushi – in other words, it’s in shambles. This is just another example of a “mask” being ripped off like a three-week old bandaid, exposing the ADL as  another flunky for the progressive left. And their mission is clear: To censor and “cancel” anyone who dissents from their political views, deploying tactics like labeling individuals as “racists,” “bigots,” and “anti-semites,” among other things. Now, a recent investigative series has unearthed another card up the ADL’s sleeve: social media censorship, focusing on Elon Musk’s X. This revelation is serious; as the ADL’s latest actions go way beyond name-calling and silencing. In fact, many months back, Revolver published an exposé uncovering a troubling alliance between the disgraced ADL and PayPal, shedding light on a sinister and deeply concerning collaboration that catapulted the ADL into people’s finances.

For years, the debate over Big Tech and its threat to freedom has centered most prominently on free speech. At stake is whether or not conservatives, populists, or any free-thinking or independent-minded individual who objects to our Regime’s corrupt ruling class will be allowed to share their views on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and even whether they will be allowed to create alternatives without being hounded out of business.

This battle is extremely important. But an arguably even more important fight concerns the financial ecosystem of the Internet, and on that front the situation is no less dire. Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users:

PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), in partnership with ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), today announced a new partnership initiative to fight extremism and hate through the financial industry and across at-risk communities. This is the latest effort by PayPal in combating racism, hate and extremism across its platforms and the industry.

Through this collaboration, PayPal and ADL have launched a research effort to address the urgent need to understand how extremist and hate movements throughout the U.S. are attempting to leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity. The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.

This arrangement ought to arouse enormous concern, not just from conservatives, but anybody who cares about the danger totalitarian woke capital poses to the basic liberties of Americans. At a minimum, simple prudence requires that conservative groups do everything they can to decouple their financial well-being from PayPal’s services. But more generally, rank and file users should look elsewhere as well, and Republican lawmakers should take interest in what is unfolding.

As will soon become clear, PayPal’s deal with the disgraced ADL ought to be treated as seriously as a massive data breach or hack of its users’ information. Earlier this year a hacker going by the moniker “God User” posted information on over over 700 million LinkedIn profiles on the DarkWeb; in 2019 Facebook experienced a devastating data breach concerning over 500 million users, whose information appeared online. Paypal sharing its user data with a radical political organization with a possible history of illegal activity must be treated with no less seriousness. In fact, the situation is far worse, as PayPal is intentionally inflicting this vulnerability on its users; unlike the data breaches described above, PayPal seems to have no intention of fixing the situation.

Both PayPal and the ADL have been remarkably cagey about the exact details of their collaboration. In particular, PayPal has done nothing to reassure consumers that it won’t be turning over enormous amounts of sensitive information to the ADL.

The ADL has their hands in a lot of pots, and this latest censorship venture, which was captured on camera by a citizen journalist who goes by the name Kyle is Based on X, is huge. In these first two clips, Kyle exposes the ADL’s alarmingly casual attitude towards censorship and banning people, totally disregarding the First Amendment rights of Americans as if it were an everyday occurrence—which it likely is. The ADL has even attempted to sway Elon Musk into banishing the top people on their private “hit list.”

"Went UNDERCOVER to expose the @ADL for their attempts to control social media platforms like @X.

Notice how casually they talk about censoring & banning YOU when they don't know they're on camera.

I edited our discussion into 5 IMPORTANT clips to showcase their power.

1/5 pic.twitter.com/fqTsyIv4eb

In this second hidden camera clip, I CAUGHT the @ADL discussing how they attempt to influence @ElonMusk to pick and chose who they want to be banned from HIS platform.

We must stop these unamerican organizations from trying to influence our platforms.

2/5 pic.twitter.com/uTBgMcBUML

— Kyle – Undercover (@kyleisbased) August 10, 2023

The following two clips are deeply concerning, as Kyle reveals the ADL’s use of secret software to scour through social media posts in search of what they label as “extremism.” Many Americans might argue that the ADL’s current actions could be considered “extremism” and possibly even mentally ill. And just like Revolver reported many months back, the ADL still has their hands in finances through crowd funding, Stripe and GoFundme.

In this third clip I CAUGHT the @ADL admitting to using secret AI tech software to comb through gaming streams and podcasts for extremism.

Who are they targetting?

Who are they to decide what and who is “extreme”?

3/5 pic.twitter.com/apASgMrPbi

— Kyle – Undercover (@kyleisbased) August 10, 2023
In this 4th hidden camera clip I EXPOSED the @ADL admitting to the manipulation and control of crowdfunding platforms like @stripe and @gofundme.

They have the ability to stop payment processing to anyone that spreads a message that they deem “hateful”.

4/5 pic.twitter.com/w49BU8pwdj

— Kyle – Undercover (@kyleisbased) August 10, 2023

Lastly, the final explosive clip reveals one of the most unsettling aspects of Kyle’s investigation; as the ADL openly acknowledges their efforts to influence local law enforcement and the FBI, essentially grooming them into their censorship forces.

In this final clip I CAUGHT the @ADL admitting to grooming local & federal law enforcement agencies like the @FBI into identifying “hate”.

This has already been used against conservative Americans and will only get worse. This sets a VERY dangerous precedent for our future.

5/5 pic.twitter.com/Q5lLdm9zri

— Kyle – Undercover (@kyleisbased) August 10, 2023

ADL Exposed: https://twitter.com/kyleisbased/status/1689627730600771584


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