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Or when do you gave up?
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aka "monster face".
This is literally how it always fucking goes. It's a tale as old as time that ignorance is the downfall.
Everyone grows up thinking they are invincible, and for some it never wears off. Some are too stupid to realise you are literally a dime a dozen, and you're just as susceptible to making bad life choices as anyone else. Like as if no one's heard that famous saying about learning from history.
It fucking pisses me off, man. They are such GLARING pitfalls, and so many young people's lives are irreparably ruined because of them

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Kennedi's socmeds:

Her youtube channel:


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> unless he's gay
no straight guy likes perfume
ken's perfume arc kinda sucks ngl
4chan /fa/ is obsessed with fragrances and it’s full of straight men
Terrible point. The board being obsessed with fragrances does not mean that most of its straight male users are as well.

Furthermore, /fa/ is not at all representative of the average straight man. You're responding to an obvious generalization with an even shittier generalization. Witless.
Make more please.

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Sunny/Psyduqq/Psyduqqq/Psaiduqq/Ducky/Kaya Taylor


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IDK what boyfriend you're talking about
Read the fucking threads before asking questions
Nazi forever as long as Sunny is my Mistress
alguien que sepa esplicar la dinamica de este tipo de foros, please
así que hay estas chicas, la gente aquí está interesada en estas chicas, y publicamos sobre ellas.

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52 mp4 (1.03 MB, 320x184)
BO if you were from the orignal /agatha/ you should know how fun posting pretty much made that board
It wasn't creepy and overly serious, reading your rules about please be civil and not to engender and negativity on the board is real faggot shit
Take it from the original board /agatha/ on how to run it properly, shit was fun and was a power house of content and memes, even going as far as going up against /asmr/, even that time Franz hacked Sunny's board /orbg/ and directed it traffic to /agatha/ and taunted her
It had a real sense of community unlike so many other boards on 8ch and I implore you to aspire to similar heights for the communities sake so it doesn't breed this cut off musky atmosphere that all the later iteration of the /agatha/ board had
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It's always been like this. Mantras posts here now though if anyone has noticed his obvious greentext followed by a paragraph posting style in the Bianca thread
hard not to notice him posting his pedo propaganda in every thread here
is he the guy writing that 12 year olds can consent and that girls are whores if they kissed a guy on the cheek in highschool?
> is he the guy writing that 12 year olds can consent
yes that one is definitely him. he's always posting about how these underage girls are themselves entirely responsible for any sexual interactions they have with adult men because they 'wanted to do it' and how it isn't harmful to them at all and the only real victims in it are the pedos
hes such a fucking dumbass

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post and discuss kennedi
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if you think shes a genius and gifted writer you probably already do have autism tbf
No you all just want to fuck her and view her as an object so you’d never truly appreciate how perfect and based she is. Unlike you all, I want to be her. brb gonna buy all the perfumes she likes and read all the books she likes, watch all the films she posts. She’s the reason I got into Andrea Dworkin, Anais Nin, Mark Fisher, John Maus, Tiqqun, Alain Badiou, etc. You all don’t realize how inspiring she is as an intellectual. Read her posts on fragrantica and tell me she’s not revolutionary and based. Btw im not autistic I’m a normie and want to be cool like her so bad. Ken if you’re reading this please write a book
i feel like most of her interests and the things she posts are just her trying to cultivate a certain aesthetic. feels very performative.
I am in love.

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thumbnail of 62523644.png
62523644 png (574.24 KB, 565x690)
post/discuss audrey
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No one cares about you anymore
No one cares. Stop self posting you fucking bore, no one gives a fuck about you
What is she up to nowadays

Hope she's doing well
Probably doing what Erica does and living with some beta bf.

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thumbnail of psyduqq.png
psyduqq png (168.07 KB, 483x365)
Sunny/Psyduqq/Psyduqqq/Psaiduqq/Ducky/Kaya Taylor


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> Cope faggot, no one can resist BBC, even pretty white boys.
ok Chang, jerking your ricedick to BBC porn won't make your micropenis bigger
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thumbnail of 1618906103345.png
1618906103... png (160.33 KB, 575x620)
she's not even fully white, and the "white" part is jewish too, seethe harded chinkoid insect
kayas first cringe wasnt with me? 
sorry im not sober
i meant to say: "kayas first kiss wasnt with me? cringe"
I'm her slave i shall do anything for her, blowing her BF too

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thumbnail of 1583884353212.jpg
1583884353... jpg (84.42 KB, 960x960)
post/discuss Sunny
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confirmed LARPer
Can you post this in a https:/mega.nz file ? if so reply with the link thx
post what? what are you talking about?
for anyone wondering.

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