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I still need to know more about the whole suicide pact DMs and the bloody pics, and even the foot pics. God dammit. There is so much more dirt on her than what I had previously thought that it's only now coming out.
you are retarded, we are talking about the latest leaked dms, and the old thread hit the bump limit, ergo there is a new one. You need to go back to twitter turbo-simp.
Those dm's and pictures are old and posted by a spiteful child porn poster Audrey blocked recently, it was all already talked about last thread. This guy is going to milk it and drag you along for his own game of getting back at Audrey by scaring her. There is nothing left to be desperate for
That just raises more questions, retard. Who is that guy? Block  him from what? And most importantly how do you know this? All of that was asked last thread but never clarified
Yeah let's take the word of the guy who takes the words of a druggie whore to heart. We're really working shopping at the bits here aren't we, damn.
How can a girl this cute end up being such a degenerate? It breaks my heart in a way because the other girls here and whores like twitch thots and tiktok stars and stuff have this slutty look to them and they behave as such. Audrey isn't like that, but knowing she is as or even more depraved than them just fucks up my brain circuits. Makes me lose the hope that any good woman exists in this faggot world.
Yeah let's take the word of the guy who takes the words of a druggie whore to heart. We're really working shopping at the bits here aren't we, damn.
You guys have been going in circles for four threads now, there isn't going to be anything new or interesting and at this point you are not enabling Audrey but just leading yourself on at this point. I would love for anything to happen but it's not going to and you guys are wasting yours and everyone else's by dragging this out based entirely on sensationalism, just give her the silent treatment I swear to god it's going to work. I want new content too but right now she is riding the wave you guys created for her
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> there isn't going to be anything new or interesting
The last 3 and a half threads have been filled with new and interesting things. Starting with her ex stepping forward and exposing her (after her thread had been dead for a year), which in turn led to a wave of new never before seen content being "released", like her twitter, new photos, new videos, new information and new everything. Up to a few das ago she was literally the only girl of the ones posted to this board who delivered fresh new content every single day along with the whole myriad of revelations that her ex and others leaked. If that's not "anything new or interesting" to you then I don't know what is.

> based entirely on sensationalism
Her reaction to this situation + the detailed account of everything she did and how she is confirmed all of it to be true, at least to a large extent.  Pic related was very telling in just how shook she was after her ex exposed her. She didn't deny anything and instead just try to victimize herself for the validation her twitter simps would give her instead of being critical of the situation.
while I agree on the silent treatment thing, I still don't understand who the fuck is this CP poster yt guy that she blocked recently and how do you even know that
Not the guy you responded to, but that screenshot (within your screenshot) still puzzles me the fuck out. I wonder who she was talking to to have even considered a suicide pact, and also how many other people she's gotten that close to and what fucked up proposals and conversations she's had with them.
they obviously can't talk here and don't really want to because they are having their own fun, but she has done this a lot, she claims to be depressed and lies about how sad she is and the things she does about it all for pity. None of it really is that deep but even this guy is trying to make it seem more important than it is to fuck with her
> she claims to be depressed and lies about how sad she is
So she's actually happy then? I know that she isn't actually happy, but actually more like oblivious and uncaring/heartless
She hates Stacies, her opening line to her ex was I would have 5 white babies with you, and does judge other women for the same behavior she does, but she never dyed her hair blonde
I think it's way too mean to make fun of her cat or her mom not being around anymore. Over the line. Maybe that's exactly why you do it, to hit her where it'll hurt.

> her opening line to her ex was I would have 5 white babies with you, and does judge other women for the same behavior
This is just spot on. I'd love to hear her justifying having said this and even being on fucking /soc/ in the first place looking for cock. But I'd like to hear and laugh at her explanation to why she thought it was a good idea to say such a whorish thing and meaning it .

> but she never dyed her hair blonde

I swear I saw a pic of her from twitter where she seemed to have a much fairier hair color so maybe she did bleach/dye it
Listen guys we're not going to get any info for a while. She's too om guard now. Let's let the threads die out and come back when more info gets dropped. With how she acts it shouldn't take long, she'll find some new guy they'll talk and fuck we have guys on the inside that can get to him after she Inevitably dumps him and acuses him of being an abuser pedophile etc.
After these whores get exposed here, they usually get way more cautious and selective with the guys they prey on. It's  very unlikely that she will pick one from 4chan again. She will prolly use twitter or instagram to avoid to be recognized. 
I don't think that we will ever get other leaks tbh. But I do agree that we should ignore her for a while.
The funny thing is that those other girls start getting more cautious after being discovered by the 4chan crowd. They like the attention at first and then either go full e-thot mode or shy away into oblivion.

Audrey is different, because although she did enjoy the influx of attention once she got famous on /r9k/ and then did try to leave that place behind, she never really stopped actively looking for people who lurk those places and associating with them either through 4chan itself, discord, instagram, or twitter. Hell, not even a week ago she was still catering to the whole "based tomboy appreciator" crowd on twitter, and a mere few months ago she was taking cumshots to the mouth, pegging and getting fucked in the ass by a guy she met on /soc/. So even if she didn't publicize her twitter or was a tripfag on 4chan, she never really ever stopped associating with that crowd and would rather actively seek them out by reaching out to them herself. To put things into perspective, she got famous in 2018; by 2023 she was still calling an edgy poltard her soulmate and making up all sorts of excuses for her behavior and choices, when the truth is she's simply turned on and attracted to borderline incel fuckups whom she "can fix" and when you realize the pattern of the people she befriends and dates and fucks ever since she was like 15 you'd start to understand why this is so ingrained into her nature. This is who she is, and maybe she should accept that already instead of fighting so hard to try and appear (deceive) others she's something else.
Of course I like seeing new photos of her like the ones that have been popping out the past few threads, but I think what I really like even more than that is screencaps of conversations she's had with these other people. Idk. I think it helps me know how she is much better than seeing a pic of her and it also gives me an idea of how she actually communicates with others personally rather than in general posts like on twitter. So please post more if anybody's got some you could share.
I'm keeping up with where this goes but I can't be the only anon who doesn't think she's abusive and reading over the exs posts and other posts in the last threads, something is really off.
I would agree that she doesn't seem abusive if I didn't know her better. She certainly seems approachable and kind, but she is very unsympathetic and cold, and, well, there's also the thing about her sexual preferences and perversions.

She's not cold or abusive in a "mean" way, like she won't be unkind without reason and just insult you or whatever, but wbat she WILL do is not care about you, be annoyed at your emotional or personal problems and never discuss them, choose other people over you, and be aggressive when you try and let her see the dangers of some of her choices and behaviors. But her worst trait is discarding people like they're nothing, and I don't think she's just that mean, I think she literally just doesn't register other people as living human beings, so it's lol whatever to her to hurt and abandon others and this is why you'll see her "move on" so quickly, which really is just her supressing any feeling of remorse in order to not go crazy for how many times she's done it.
Maybe she really abusive when she knows she can get away with it, when she knows the other person will put up with it 

This is either Audrey or a mega simp(retard)
The only thing I fantasize about now is shoving a dagger through her belly, not even killing her but rendering her unable to bear kids.
I'm not unhappy, nor am I reaching for happiness. That's such a low bar in life, what I want is joy, pure joy in what I can take.
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Imagine all those times Audrey did this to some guy she met on /soc/. And who knows how many other guys too. Imagine her cute face just lost in lust while she pleasures an incel, the type she gets wetter than a bitch in heat for. Just try and picture her cute outdoorsy tomboy face while she was performing this like she's actually done so many times before.

How does that make you feel? Do you think her mom is proud of her?
You are insane and making everyone here look worse. You should stop.
Audrey will tell to her new orbiters "Look how schizo are my stalkers, they are obviously making everything up. How can you take people like that seriously" and SHE WILL BE RIGHT. So everything posted here will be dismissed as schizo rants, even the posts from her ex-bf or correct insights on her misbehaviours posted by ex-friends.
Ok, looking back at this, it is kinda funny in a deranged way. 

Q1A: nothing. 
Q2A: her mother was a freaky whore as well, probably on some level, proud too.
Why are some of you guys being so mean to her mom? Audrey might turned out to be an abusive cunt and a whore but just attacking her family, especially deceased, is just absolutely cruel.
Daddy issues
Why can't I literally get enough of her? Even with all that's happened recently I'm just so infatuated and obsessed with her
No? Audrey threads have been very active lately in any case. What I HAVE seen is one or two posters desperately trying to keep her threads inactive by saying nobody should post in her threads, like these ones:

They literally gave the reason why, it is directly benefiting you unless you have less foresight than someone with an intellectual disability, plus everyone who cared left because it has been a shitshow since
You guys should just stop posting about Audrey. if you let this thread die for a little while it will come back way better in the future. Sincerely,Not Audrey
Wouldn't that be the exact same case with any other girl here then? Even if it's "directly benefitting", what if there is legitimate interest of discussing her and her life/life events? 
The only reason anyone would be opposed to that is that you simply want to take any attention or criticism off of her but not because you think it might benefit you or us in the long run.
yeah her existence would be pointless if she couldn't have kids, her own words. But that is not going to happen so that most anyone can do is insult her which she likes so the best thing is to ignore her
Why wouldn't it matter? Where and when did she say that about her existence being meaningless if she couldn't shit out some kids?
Because I want to know the context of that conversation, I want to know when, I want to know where she's still active, I want to know who she told it to. For this and more it matters to me
No girl says she wonders what any guy's armpits smell like out loud. I can 200% guarantee she's a pit and sweat whore. (unsurprisingly common "kink" for self professed tomboys)
I've been thinking about the whole situation and re read the thread where her ex posted, and I'd like to know you guys opinions on pegging. Is he a faggot for having been pegged? To me that's an obvious yes.

But more importantly: what does it say about her? Pegging isn't a normal thing to do in sex at all, and even if you take into consideration that the guy initiated or that they were both under the influence or anything that could diminish the blame on her, it's still something only uber sluts, prostitutes and porn stars ever do. I literally cannot think of any other kind of woman who would perform such an act. So I'd like to know what you guys think of it.
Yes if she pegged him he is a faggot and she is a megawhore that likes feeling in control and rooting around in men's assholes. probably molested or something to cause such behavior.
You are still ruminating on how much her ex liked being pegged. You are either a faggot or a shitstirrer. Mentally unwell in both cases.
Catch a break from this site anon.
I don't care whether that guy liked it or not, you thick faggot. What I do care about tho is knowing what being a girl who's pegged a guy says about her.
> Are you a better person because you didn't have kinky sex?
Yes? Good people do not engage in degenerate whore activites. "Kinky sex" my ass. She knows damn well she didn't just have "kinky sex" even when that alone warrants the hate and getting rightfully called a street whore.
> incel
You literally fuck (and peg and abuse and get fucked, used as a cum rag, and ultimately abused by) those tho, Audrey lmao
Pegging this, pegging that, but none of you fags has mentioned the Nekopara cosplay in OP. I think Audrey not just knowing about it and the characters but cosplaying them and more likely than not being into it is more telling than anything, so her having pegged that guy and who knows what other fucked up shit she's done to him and others fall naturally in line when you notice how degenerate she's always been
I literally denounced all the pegging mentions in the opening sentence of my post. Like the other guy said, you really are a thick dumb faggot.
Yeah if you knew her from way back then she always let some of her sluttiness leak through the cracks of her fake shy girl persona and she'd make lewd ass comments that you just know were true and not just edgy banter
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Can anyone tell me what's actually going on?
This girl's gotten what like 4 threads in a month.
From what I can get is she's a manipulator and an abuser.
Is that really it? All E-whores are just the same, this is no damn special occasion here.
Marky's got like 17 threads already but I get what you mean. The appeal of Audrey is her likeability unlike most of the other whores on this site (at least her superficial vibe about her before you dig in too deep). Unlike the rest of the pack, she doesn't do nudes, doesn't has a discord e-harem, isn't a bully... yet she might be the most fucked up both mentally, sexually and even literally. A Greek tragedy.
She does, but frankly her literal degeneracy and perversion offsets whatever physical cuteness she might have. Plus she's fat
I'm not being hyperbolic when I say I would literally eat Audrey. I am so obsessed with her I'd literally eat her flesh, eat her eyeballs, her skin, her hair, her fingers, her snot, her heart, her womb.
I genuinely believe the couple of fags who sage their every post and seethe at anyone bumping the thread is either Audrey herself or a dedicated simp, probably from twitter
What is there to understand? I can list a number of reasons as to why I feel this way about her and you will call them all bullshit because you don't feel it yourself so it's impossible for you to understand. Obsession needs no explanation.
That was mine! It's funny because it wasn't my intention to break anything by it. I still kinda like her and would still have sex with her. Criticism just always hits harder when it's grounded.

So to undo some damage I'll also say the following: Dabbling isn't necessarily a bad thing. Especially not for an engineer. The more systems you explore now the more models you'll have in your head for solving problems later. Keep doing what makes you happy and chances are you'll find this was always God's plan. Inshallah.
I seriously don't. The other stuff he mentioned about Audrey being a dabbler on other things she's been known to have had an interest in are easy to understand since anyone who knows her knows about those things, but prostitution? What was that about?
Like prostitutes who exchange sex for money she exchanges sex for things like attention, the right for her to abuse, and even just money. Prostitutes are typically amoral women who give up their self respect for immediate pleasure and gain and are not capable of seeing what is so wrong with themselves. She uses the Internet to fuel her massive ego and need for attention, she treats the men around her including her father as if she was a Russian prostitute who just spends every dollar like they grow on trees while not having any real taste or class. They capitalize on men's vulnerability and if she was poorer she would just be a drug adled whore which apparently she is already on her way to become. At least real prostitutes are more honest but she's going to realize soon how far pretending to be something will get you.
I love and hate posts like this one because it hits the nail right on the head, but it also makes me feel bad because I was also at some point in denial about the whole thing but this sounds exactly like Audrey. Like so on point it's scary. Why is she like this :/
If you've ever seen that movie Casino, Audrey is just like the prostitute character played by Sharon Stone. It's also funny seeing how as much as these kind of people are cold pieces of shit to others they always have a soft spot for some random faggot who manipulates them just as much as the other people who have manipulated her that she's denounced.
Lmao I think that's why that other anon kept bringing the whole pegging thing up. Like how can she have the nerve to larp as a wholesome girl who looks down on degenerates and porn or whatever she used to say on twitter when behind closed doors she was doing... what she did.
What's the tea about her dad? I'm curious about her financial situation too cause she seems to be loaded from everything that I've gathered  (her hobbies, travels, gear, own place where she ever had her ex move into, and so on)
Yeah she is just a freak and habitual liar, her most valued thing is this internet persona but it's not based behind any solid facts so she thinks she can keep lying while expecting everyone to eat up her horseshit. At this point she is just more of a nuisance to everyone around her while giving nothing back, soon it might lead  to people forcing a way to use her for their entertainment, she really doesn't think there are are repercussions for her actions, like a lifetime of baiting  weirdos online and using people isn't going to destroy and permanently isolate her. her irl personality already pushes away any normal people and she won't settle for the weirdos she baits and eventually there will be some new girl or people will just get bored of her which is probably very soon, it seems like she already figured that out with the psycho things she has been doing
Yo I wonder how they met. If she was German and the dude's a jarhead then it's obvious he must have been stationed in Germany so maybe one night out with the boys in Fuckenhosenhaffen he ran into this german lady eager to gtfo out of Yurop.
I think she has probably always been the one to initiate the relationship, she never respected anyone who came to her first and she just leads them on while telling them she doesn't love them. She likes people with confidence and self respect but only because she wants to break them down and take it from them, the people who fight back tend to be abusive and the normal people get abused by her eventually.
> I think she has probably always been the one to initiate the relationship, she never respected anyone who came to her first

lol her ex is testament to precisely this. imagine posting some photo of yourself only to have her comment how she wants to get bred. fast forward a few weeks and you're drilling her every whore and also getting your ass fucked while she posts her silly little cute doodles on twitter for clueless simps to eat up.
She's said she literally gets wet for dudes who look like school shooters.I won't reveal where she said it but it'd be funny if she had the balls to deny it lmao
> her irl personality already pushes away any normal people and she won't settle for the weirdos she baits
not only does her irl personality pushes them away but she also actively shits on normal people for being normal, so obviously the only people she caters to are either uber simps like we saw on twitter or literal incels she sometimes fucks

> it seems like she already figured that out with the psycho things she has been doing
Such as what?
After hearing her talk in her old videos and those voice posts on twitter I feel like shit imagining her moaning in pleasure like a whore while having sex. I don't know why. Please explain to me this strange feel.
You must be on meth, buddy. The sole reason this all sucks is that she was exposed to be a gigawhore. If she wasn't then she'd be the toppest egirl but with the recent news unfolding absolutely no man would ever want to be anywhere near her knowing the things she's done. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a cute face and voice. It's just that she's a mentally ill slut.
My apologies your majesty but it appears that her ex backed up knowing her by posting never before seen pictures and it also seems that everyone else belives the story through other people's corresponding experiences with her. If your eminence requires additional proof I can recommend reading old threads
Sire everyone knows she is a wench and the harlot hasn't provided any conflicting proof, as the addage goes, silence is admittance. Additionally your excellence why particularly do you wish for her reputation to remain unsullied?
It doesn't work like that. The accuser must show evidence and silence isn't admittance lmao.
Idgf about her reputation. Just saying that there is no reason to believe blindly everything her ex said. He may be lying or exaggerating things on purpose to push a narrative.
Riffy flirting and leading on a dozen of men at once can be true because that's basically what all e-girls do, but the gigawhore part is fanfiction until proof is posted.
He did stupid nigger, what did you expect, him to document everything in his relationship? This story isn't even special, its literally textbook BPD/NPD. She even likes goodnight punpun. you are either a dipshit who wants attention or her because who else cares about this anymore
The main reason her ex's claims are taken for truth is because of how detailed they were, but most importantly, they mention very specific places, people and events only those who are/were close to her could have possibly known. As someone said in a previous thread, you really must be dumb to think she is stupid enough to be allowed to be taken pics taking a facial or whatever stupid "proof" you'd deem satisfying.

It's also important to notice that while people bully her for her sexual degeneracy, what she's actually been condemned for is her BPD and narcissistic traits her ex laid out with actual experiences durong their relationship and which matches what other people have gone through with her. Since you referred to her as Riffy you most likely know her thru twitter, and thus aren't in a position to question folks who have known her for literal years. 

TLDR; you're a newfag
TLDR go back to fucking reddit

Proving that a girl is a whore doesn't require a scientific study lmfao, it's as easy as taking a fucking screenshot, you spiteful cuck orbiting fanfictioner.
A screenshot of what, retard? Yeah let me ask the holy spirit that was in the room when she pegged this dude for a screenshot bro, hold on a sec. I'll also post an NFL style instant replay of her being abusive during dates and going off to get stoned like a druggie whore woth other guys, hold on
lmao at this faggot all bent about audrey getting exposed at a degenerate whore
> fanfiction
yup it's all definitely true thanks for confirming
Holy shit her ex should post proof of her abuse how hard can it be? If they met over discord there should be something if not then let the thread die
Of course I don't believe it without proof. 
Your opinion doesn't matter as well anyway, because you weren't there.

This  >>/40784/ wasn't me again, before you ask. Not everyone here hates audrey to the point of believing anything just because her ex said it, so it must be true.
why don't you two make a group chat and you two and goon over her

he said he deleted his discord after to distance himself and then months after came here because he needed to get it off his chest.
Why should I make a group chat, if her ex is here? Asking for proof here is the bare minimum.
Post proof or it didn't happen.
> Nothing will ever be enough for you people 
> he said he deleted his discord 
Very convenient excuses. Why don't you suck his dick too?
nigga you do not get to be demanding shit four threads in, your place is to eat whatever slop of Audrey you fucking pigs love. to the people that mattered it was more than enough proof, if you want to keep simping go right ahead but you are not going to convince anyone of anything. If you were worth a fuck you would have been included on it, you are just a straggler
alright fine its all bullshit and made up and fake and gay and your right massa I'm just a stupid nigga massa. are you happy now?
Maybe she wishes has the balls to be a school shooter herself. They're a weird dysgenic combination of actionable bad boys that express their masculine power by killing innocent people, while also being pitiable victims that stir up their nurturing instincts. 
Because there's only two possibilities.
The first is that he's telling the truth, which is usually what people do after bad relationships to clear their heads.
The second is that he was lying because he's deranged. But in that case we can also infer that she's also deranged for having anything to do with him in the first place. As a cute girl male interests in a 99% male she would have always been swamped with offers from nice, normal, stable guys that wouldn't spread shit about her, so she'd only end up with the one psycho that would if she's psycho enough to ignore all the nice guys and beeline directly for him - which is  exactly what he told us.
This isn't a court of law, it's a court of public opinion. In the court of public opinion Audrey is a whore, and you're a pathetic simp.
Post  >>/40091/ is talking about you retard. You keep bumping these threads posting the same inane drivel every single day and when anons ask for proof, you call them simps or try to deflect from the fact that no proof has ever been posted, which is ultimately what really matters and what should be discussed NOW.
At some point it stops being simply bad luck that all of the people you've dated and have had sex with are coincidentally all psychotic narc abusers and you gotta recognize the pattern and think that maybe something is wrong with you to end up in these situation, but that requires introspection, which Audrey completely lacks. In her mind it's simply bad luck and she has a myriad of excuses to keep herself from having to bear some of the blame. Doesn't help when she knows she can simply denounce him or anyone else in social media for instant blind support from simps and orbiters to validate in her head her victim mentality.
Wikipedia for Narcissistic Defenses:
The narcissist typically runs through a sequence of defenses to discharge painful feelings until he or she finds one that works:

1. unconscious repression
2. conscious denial
3. distortion (including exaggeration and minimization), rationalisation and lies
4. psychological projection (blaming somebody else)
5. enlisting the help of one or more of his or her codependent friends who will support his or her distorted view.

In your attempts to discredit her and anons simply asking for proof, you entrap yourself by looking like a mentally ill out of touch retard. Your next move will be telling me I am her, or a twitter cuck, or a simp, or "she won't fuck you bro",  to wave off any pressure to prove the claims set by her ex.
nta but you're clearly a simp or this audrey ho coming here to damage control. lmao classic projection citing wikipedia on narcissism to defend some cluster b trash
Usually rumours about e-girls are truthful when different people report essentially the same experience. In this case there is only one person, her exbf, claiming that she is a pervert who sodomizes men with petting, ball torture, etc... Kinda hard to believe all that without backup.
If you were here in the first thread you would know that multiple people confirmed this because they all had similar experiences, but alas you are weak and won't survive the winter, this is the circle again, maybe you are autistic because autistic people cannot comprehend narcissism and BPD

This is literally you lmao, none of you answered why you care so much but you don't have to since it's already obvious why you are doing damage control trying to make it sound like she isn't just a lying bitch
The anon you replied to didn't even fuck her or see her naked.

Let him jerk off to his cuckold fantasies. He made at least a dozen posts of how aroused he is by imagining Audrey as a public whore, even though no proof has ever been post about it.
Again, why are you idiots so hyperfixated on her sexual degeneracy? That is only the icing on the cake, the cake being Audrey being a narc bipolar person who shits on you if you try to get close, a poser, an attention whore, a hypocrite and a major liar, all of which her ex confirmed in detail and validated other people's experiences with her that no one took seriously until then because the ruling perception was that she was this pure wholesome shy tomboy who couldn't do anything wrong.
She is mentally ill and mistreat people, so what? All egirls are like that.

> why are you idiots so hyperfixated on her sexual degeneracy?
Because it sounds entirely made up. We demand some proof.
You're the same anon who from the beginning has been demanding nudes and was asking her ex all the weird sex questions while making self pity posts
No that wasn't me and I don't care about the nudes of this pig. Just want some drama.
How is it possible that all the other e-whores exposed here have ton of screenshots, pics and witnesses, but there is nothing for this girl? Do drama properly or stfu. The past 3 threads are useless garbage mostly posted by the same obsessed anon.
This isn't true. Riffy is a nice person with some issues like everybody. She told me everything about how her ex boyfriend abused her. He's not a bad person either, but he has his own issues. He's a bit cuckoo in the head, if you know what I mean.
Don't believe anything posted here.
If there is nothing then why are you still here begging for something you know you can't get? she's just a regular whore compared to the rest of the girls here
there is no more proof, there was no specific goal in the first place he was just getting everything off his chest , there is a reason he fucked off.
what the fuck do you guys want, there is nothing new going to come from these threads so you just keep making new fake gay drama? "he said this" she said that" get a fucking life
Who else would try to defame her ex while trying to play it off "He's not a bad person either" but then can't help being obvious by adding in the "He's a bit cuckoo in the head". all of this deflecting but keeping this thread alive is probably her since she loves this shit
I don't even know Riffy, I just like to see proof when I see wild claims being made and when I found this board I just happened to see this thread first so here I am. Don't read too much into things.
Simps and actual boyfriends are different, She might have done damage control because she is very close to being doxxed if there was any more shit posted. She is just mad her narcissistic supply is gone, look how aggressive every post is that supports her
why? because she appealed to your male autism 3 years ago? It's all bullshit, every woman bullshits like this and if you don't see that you are retarded or you think we are retarded to fall for this
Why would you trust anything she says then lmao. You're obviously a retarded newfag if you really aren't aware of just how big of a liar she is. I actually think she might be the most hypocritical and untrustworthy of them all and that's saying something.
not only is she nothing like she says behind closed doors like an innocent sweet tomboy but literally the opposite especially with the self-pity trauma and abusive tendencies, but if you are a sadomasochist who am I to judge right?
Protip: the only reason people care about her to the point of making these threads is because she's cute. If she was ugly no one would give a fuck. But she always gives a fake image of approachability and humbleness that couldn't be further from the truth. 

Of course she teases the easily impressionable simps everywhere with her cutesy looks and art, and finishes luring them in with her also fake tomboy persona. So for these guys it's as if she's godsent: a cute tomboy with wholesome interests who also feels sad like me??? omg omg mlady pls let me defend your honor on the internet even tho behind our backs you're taking mouthfuls of cum and taking it up the ass from some dude you met on soc you're also abusive to.

But as I said, it all stems from her looks and she knows this. Thank you for reading my journal.
They went by Audrey Revio on an old facebook account, probably a fake name but just wanted it noted in the thread.
Important questions:
How do you know this?
What's her current fb?
What would she post there? (Do you have any screenshots of it?)
Facebook? Odd, so much for shitting on normie social media when she was/is in all of them. Hypocrite bitch. I thought it was out of character of her to be on twitter when it was leaked, but hearing that she's on facebook too is even more of a brainfuck.
> thread gets super active once again
> suddenly stops once someone posts some actually worthy piece of information
What the fuck is wrong with you all?
Revio isn't her name, I'm pretty sure she posted a character called that to twitter so she just named herself after her character
Not her, our Audrey graduated like a year earlier. Others here might remember her talking on insta about how relieved she felt knowing HS was gonna be over very soon in like early 2019.
riffy sounds so fucking lame and ridiculous, call her Audrey or whore or whatever like normal people
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Who cares about this ravioli spic looking cunt that knows half the men in Florida 
She's fucked in the head an like to fuck around, she's a manipulative whore and I get that, but why are you people still fucking around with it?

Get a fucking life, either you do something about it on her end like an OG fucking would or get lost
Well it's funny lmao. she was never a legit true tomboy but because of her stocky build and "manly" interests she just adopted the whole tomboy personality off the internet and conned an entire legion of simps on twitter with this (she'd call herself a tomboy all the time and her art was obvious self inserts, as well as all those happy tomboy tuesday posts). 

All the shit she'd claim on twitter to do like going to the swamps or kill small animals (psycho) or skateboarding are all half assed larps never done with any true interest and enjoyment, it's all performative bs for show and likes
Why does the thought of Audrey having a lot of experience fucking turn me on so much? Seriously, just imagining her having had sex so many times in her life makes my dick rock hard. Maybe I just think it's hot to see her qt face and voice and all contrasted with the mental image of her in bed getting fucked and sucking dick as she's done so many times. It's not even about her body count.

I'm not a cuck. I mainly jerk off to ravaging her, but I don't understand why thinking of how many times she's had sex gives me a total raging boner. What the fuck does this mean?
NTA, but a rich person hunting for sport in this day in age will always be a warning sign. Smelling an animal's blood while hearing its last panicked cries is not a psychologically pleasant experience for anyone with functional empathy. That why most normies pay others to prepare their meat for them. Out of sight, out of mind. Since she isn't redneck enough to have grown up in the culture(or is she?) my assumption is that she actively seeks that experience out because she's a psycho sadist that enjoys inflicting pain. She only doesn't kill human beans as well because she isn't confident that she'd get away with it.
She likes to larp as redneck because she grew up and lives in the swamps of bumfuck Florida so she does have some legit claim to knowing the culture but predictably, that's a larp too. Truth is she was never brought up in it since her daddy is rich, she travels to Yurop all the time and larps as German too, coasts through life with daddy's money and her pussy, and like  >>/41332/ said she just downloaded the whole tomboy/redneck personality and incorporated it into her own very recently it seems, probably around the time she started fucking her /soc/ ex to impress him or some shit. She couldn't give a fuck about animal's panicked cries because in her fucked up brain she's a redneck and rednecks don't give a shit about that so it's all cool. So even her bravado and toughness is fake too. God this bitch pisses me off so much.