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geordie if you hated us you wouldnt come to talk to us every day
you speak to us more than you speak to hector
what does that tell you lol
aint nobody making you come back here

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Check out this great film: "Close" (2022)

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You are very welcome, just passing through and noticed this movie and did a little research. The story is based on the research of Dr. Niobe Way, Professor of Developmental Psychology at NYU and founder of the Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity. This is Social Science under the heading of Anthropology, and I just happen to have a PhD in that very interesting subject, the very broad field of Human behavior. I hope that the new management here takes the time to use some of this to make changes on this board, what a wonderful idea for a science experiment. I see it as the next step in our evolutionary process, making this world a kinder, gentler place, take care  :^)

Here is more:
The Portable Door
Release 2023
Genre Fantasy
Director: Jeffrey Walker
Writers: Leon Ford, Tom Holt
Stars: Patrick Gibson, Christoph Waltz, Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, Damon Herriman
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11820950/

Paul Carpenter is an intern at a mysterious London firm with unconventional employers, including a CEO who wants to disrupt the ancient magical world with modern corporate practices.

Only weird shit exists @google.

Do not post at me you. You filthy infidel. Many have come claiming Geordie's septic superiority. Not one has proven to have a disturbingly deep knowledge of diapers to me. Learn your place. Crinkled crapper.

that's not lore 
that's fucking blasphemy 
i never posted children 
i never been into them OR shitting 
no, fuck you. fuck you if you think diapers are only meant for one thing in the community 
no i have not eaten poop 
no i did not beat my mom 
no i'm not acting like chris chan 
none of this shit is from chris fucking niggerchan 
stop comparing me to that ugly mom raper
You and your so-called precious non-existent "Lore", U total fucking tard. 100% keks

Everything else: complete Opposite Talk".

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The only reason why KKK constantly tells other people to kill themselves is because he is still suffering from trauma after his attempted suicide in '19.
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> i want *you* and your "friends" to fuck off
> visits the board dedicated to insulting geordie
ok geordie i am not employed
whatever you say bro
how do you think i am allowed to stay in my house
where does my food come from
are the bills paying themselves
do you understand how money works lol

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> Stop calling me Poopcat

So… WHO does he want to be known as TODAY? Let’s play along with his childish little Game!

➽ [●] Jordan Manuel Rivera, aka.

Yonkers / Meow Meow Kitty / Bell Cat / Woody / gwow19 / Macker Mellamental Relashni / Lil’ Macker / Starcat / Lil’ Dalla Mane / Woody Woodpecker / Evil Dark Lord / Scarfy / dvdcollection123 / dvdrocks / Jay Dane / Asriel / blandsupestar / GansterWoody / Ralsei / Typical-Warrior / Starzy the Starcat / Geordie / Starruko / Mittens…

YES! There are the names he has actually called himself and has demanded everybody else call him, over these last few years… it’s clearly all just a childish game for him.

>  scat and child porn fetishes they project at him.
lol looks like theres at least one drawfag who believe geordie
i wonder how they would react if they saw all the pzds he has posted in the past

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you fucking deserve banishment from the internet you nasty trolls 
not even saying this in a lolcow-y, chris-chan-y way 
i actually really hope there's a new rule for insufferable fucks like you. 

meanwhile, you get chikn nuggit's doggy ass, maybe.
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Purely for the keks of Poopcat's PDD response

That's basically it.

She MADE me do it! She hypnotised me with her magical Loli eyees. I did nothing wrong!

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This image is not edited at all in any way. Yonkers posted this originally in 2022, and confirms what he has always denied:


PDZ confirmed.

Any questions?

No, didn't think so.
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