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Last thread:  >>/38169/

https://www.tiktok.com/@bonbibonkers [Embed]

username: bonbi
password: bonkers
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the great ham beast of Louisian  
mutchachu is her biggest fan 
in the misty swamp they formed a clan
to defeat the sethian boogey man

the ham beast came with a clever plan
she shat and packed it in a bag and can
smear poop on his bike after a quick scan
when they heard a noise like rats they ran
Donjon, the keyboard warrior with no class,
Spends his days trolling, it's quite a crass pass.
On the internet, he's found his wicked game,
Harassing a girl, it's such a pitiful claim.

He hides behind his screen, with toxic intent,
Spewing hatred and bile, it's his sole event.
He's obsessed with this girl, it's clear to see,
Cyberstalking her incessantly, with no decree.

His life is hollow, no joy or real thrill,
Except for his cruel quest, to harass at will.
But little does he know, he's the one who's lost,
For kindness and respect, should come at no cost.
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Mutchachu feeling insecure 
Simping is his only cure

Don Jon treats ladies like a stud
Mutchachu treats ladies like a bud

Don Jon the ruler supreme 
Chats like he owns the stream

Mutchachu rage and scream
To patreon wasting his cream

With Don Jon he can't compete
Always will be beneath his feet
2023.04.09 - moving...
Cosplayed as OOC
Stream started 00:00
00:05 Strawberry Shortcake hat is gone. Might have to make another one
00:06 New house gives her Coraline vibes because its in them middle of nowhere
00:08 new house is Marleys house
00:12 - 00:18 South Park S5:E07
00:18 - 00:40 South Park S5:E8
00:20 My name is actually ... I forgot
00:40 - 01:01 South Park S5:E9
01:01 - 01:22 South Park S5:E10
01:22 - 01:44 South Park S5:E11
01:24 Marley Butt Shot
01:44 - 02:06 South Park S5:E12
02:05 'I called someones Mom a whore once'
02:06 - 02:27 South Park S5:E13
02:27 - 02:48 South Park S5:E14
02:50 Talk about giveaway
02:53 Stream Ends
if only it turned out better, imagine if she stopped posting back in 2019, bonbibros would be a cool niche community, memes would still be made, edits will still be posted, the old bonbibros would still be here, but no, we got this weird timeline where its not completely over but it feels over.
This will be up for a couple of days. Still waiting for someone to upload the stream from 6th April.

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strawb png
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it's funny I remember seeing the hat lurking in the background of a bunch of tiktoks and streams recently and wondering if it meant she'd be cosplaying shortcake again soon
I wonder where it got to

are you even a real fan bro
It's simple Bonbi. You take the nipples out. The dancing, the constumes, the wigs and songs, all fall before the nipples. Are you afraid? That we will judge your bosom? The bumpiness of your areola? The likeness of them to a pepperoni? You fool. We hunger for it all. Let the feast begin.
i specially watched the counter of her subscribers on instagram. When she stopped spamming ads of patreon for almost a month, people stopped unfollowing.
On the stream, she said that she wouldnt stop doing it spam. So, she needs to develop her other platforms (twitch, tiktok, mb discord). Because sooner or later her Instagram will die.
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BR rain gif
(4.81 MB, 640x338)
I think she sacrifices her Instagram audience on purpose. She spoke badly about her and does't want to stream there.
But I agree that it should develop other sites, otherwise everything will end badly.
She has moved and nothing is stopping her from creating more cosplays and streams on schedule. Maybe even find a job as she said
It so dumb to lose the old fans she build her career on. I hope she will become more stable after the move. I dont think that the twitch partner program is difficult.
She seems genuinely upset about losing IG followers so no, I dont think she sacrifices them on purpose.

Unfortunately her first task when she gets settled in appears to be a Patreon shoot. It would be great if she concentrated on Twitch but now she has bills to pay I expect her to lean more on Patreon which will require her to keep getting more lewd. My prediction is this will spiral until her demise around the end of the year.
That's my biggest fear. She's going to keep getting lewder and lewder, taking so so many pictures of her boobies and butt and more and they'll just keep bating more and more until it kills her :(
As is known, on social networks you can buy followers,
 viewers and likes for your Instagram with just your credit
the followers that have left are gifts that 
have been given to bonbi so she can grow as a content
 creator and appreciate her, but bonbi is no longer
 the bonbi she was before that pretty girl who only danced
 gave smiles, now she is a person totally different and it
 is normal that that admiration and appreciation 
disappeared. Very few people give things to bonbi,
 not like before when they gave her followers so that in

 the future she can be someone. now she's just a girl
with resentments towards everyone and despise her 
honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was just common practice at this point for social media platforms to flood their users with bots to artificially boost engagement
I know they do it on sturdychan
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Posted over 5hrs ago (14th April for the archive guy). Endchan is slipping. Either taken in her old place or she took the same can of paint with her to the new place.
wall scans show multiple paint sources; 4 layers of underpainting detected

spectral analysis of door handle reveals composite patina of beans, poop, bonbi finger grease. carbon dating originates circa 2018

conclusion: primary bonbibonkers residence

beep boop
> Probably teenage girls leaving
I swear I saw multiple girls commenting on her insta saying they missed the old bonbi and hated the lewds, most of the teenage girls comments sounds a lot like endchan doomposting, they were all nostalgic and wanting her to stop the lewd posting, I thought they would be supporting the lewds but most of them hated it and only the dudes were supporting it.
A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, 2009, is this young man's birthday. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be given a name!

What will the name of this young man be?
Remember everyone, if you want life on easy mode, just be an average white girl in a middle class home.
selling houses to slam pigs lowers the neighborhood housing prices, that's why no one wanted to sell her a house even when she offered extra.
Unfortunately I think you might. The only Patreon shoot from her room this year was the Yor one, the others were all done when she was out of town. Makes me wonder if the real reason for the sudden rush to move out was she was not allowed to make any more porn in her parents house.
Its a real pity - during this break from Patreon porn its been nice not to hear from the dirty old incel going over what body parts he wants to see next in disgusting detail. Makes me realize the biggest problem I have with her Patreon is not the pictures themselves, its his creepy commentary.
Its actually been nice not to have to read around so many people lewding her. She said that she would do lewds because people would say lewd things about her either way but this little break kinda proves that wrong.
Honestly I agree with you. The lack of lewds means you spend less time seething and shitting your pants which is nice. For real though, she's an adult and has made her own decisions. I know you think their is a some discord coomer cabal pulling the strings of everything she does but the truth is that she's a sheltered young adult expressing her sexuality in a way that makes her money. The thing you want, having her locked down and kept away from all the evil lewd stuff, is what makes people get into that stuff the second they have the freedom to do so.
You clearly did not read or understand my post.

My point was that the pictures she puts out are not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the dirty old incel coomer passing disgusting remarks about her while being too astoundingly dumb to even know the difference between their and there.
Zoom in further, you can probably find even more imperfections.
Before you do don't forget to post a selfie so we have a baseline for what perfection looks like.
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8600 jpg
(1.37 MB, 1080x1350)
i'm excited. i imagine a lot of new remake tiktoks new streams new cooking streams new window streams, challenge streams, new 24\7 gaming streams, without others people around in the house. new job.. new era....
it is very exciting. ultimately, we have no control over her decisions, and there is no point in doomposting. we can only hope that Bon will make the right decisions and try to push for a career in streaming instead of what she has been doing up to now.
> imperfections
oh, I thought bonbi is so heckin perfect and cute, now she is stacking imperfections and flaps of skin like a blub fish.
watching bonbi attempt to navigate the kitchen makes me wonder if she's ever actually been in one before
The more I see real life bonbi, the more she seems like an absolute chore to be around, but she dresses up good and acts like a retard, and as a bonus, finally getting skin pics so eh
2023.04.17 - my new house
Cosplayed as Ahri
Stream Started 22:26
22:28 Using laptop, has a new mic but doesnt know how to use it
22:31 Shows fridge and freezer. Says filled a basket (trolley?) but they dont seem full.
22:34 Lady in supermarket made fun of how full her basket was.
22:38 Family helped her move in
22:38 Not been streaming because of an emergency with Marley. Dental cleaning required.
22:42 Complications with Marley. Bad breath, lethargic.
22:45 Can tell us about that because it would get her arrested
22:47 Going to organize fridge
22:48 Washing up stream
22:49 South Park cosplays arrived
22:53 Noticed dried pee in her toilet after using it multiple times. Has multiple bathrooms. Keeps finding pills.
22:56 Marley vet bill was $750
22:58 Bank would not recognize bunny scammer as a scam
22:59 House not apartment
23:00 Season 9 or 8 of Southpark
23:03 Put her couch together herself
23:05 Snatch
23:12 Tries to dry fruit in salad spinner. Doesnt work.
23:15 Washed cucumbers with soap
23:24 Drop bell peppers, cleans them with soap
23:34 Shakes the lettuce
23:42 'I just wiped my makeup on my face'
23:52 Cleaning fridge
23:59 Next Patreon tonight or tomorrow. Took pictures today.
00:08 When stream ends will restart watching vids
00:19 Puts pizza rolls in oven
00:21 Used to get MRE as a kid due to floods
00:26 Been to the vet with Marley every day fro 5-6 days
00:27 Marley peed on Bon in her bed. Thinks it was because cats dont like their litter box being next to their food.
00:36 Gong to clean up then watch a video. 'I Dont care what you guys think'
00:38 Stream will return in 10 minutes. Bye bye
00:38 Stream Ends (Pauses?)
She streamed episodes of South Park so no VOD. Might have been recorded but the recording guy has been taking ages to upload and the next stream is probably tonight.
She returned after 20 minutes and streamed South Park episodes.

During part two she said she would be streaming all day going forward (from midday to gone midnight) and would probably cosplay Kenny in May. The stream was from her new stream room which is currently undecorated.. Julie joined at one point and got a kiss. She (Bon) called chat a whore.

Sorry I couldn't stay to the end to get a full stream summary. Going forward the summaries seem overkill if streams are going to an almost daily routine.
ngl i hate the idea of her streaming all day every day
watching them is going to be way too much of a wasted time investment and i dont think she's considered most people arent going to hang around for that long when she's already struggling to find ways to fill airtime as it is
1-2 hour streams, every 3-4 days, preferably on mobile. This has always been bonbi's most successful streaming format
too much exposure risks audience fatigue and she'll likely end up streaming to a total of 3 people every day
she hasn't even started it yet.
but no matter what she does, there will always be clowns who will hate it. this is the base
> 22:42 Complications with Marley. Bad breath, lethargic.
> 22:45 Can tell us about that because it would get her arrested

> 23:05 Snatch
The movie or... *her* snatch?

> 23:12 Tries to dry fruit in salad spinner. Doesnt work.
> 23:15 Washed cucumbers with soap
> 23:24 Drop bell peppers, cleans them with soap
This is all very stupid, but all very bonbi.

As always, thanks for the catch-up.
There was an ad that showed on on yt when she had music on back in 2019 on her make up stream before her grandparents anniversary
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thumbnail of 333634151_3412724838998918_333073582057005534_n.jpg
333634151_34127... jpg
(227.39 KB, 1080x1350)
a comment under this photo by a girl

> I loved your cosplays, but since you started to become like most female cosplayers showing more and earning money it's not the same anymore, it's ok if it benefits you but I will always miss the old days especially your tiktoks :)!

you can go check its the second comment, most of her girl fan base is disappointed
old bonbi bros
> edits
> memes
> good times

new bonbi bros
> coom
> bully real fans
> wait for patreon
"hard times" was always an ironic misnomer because in truth they were the best times we've ever had
hard times was an artistic renaissance, it was the beginning of a movement
hard times was the spring of hope
now is the winter of our discontent
> good 
> now
There is absolutely nothing good about this timeline, I mean what do we have now? south park streams? patreons? its nothing compared to the hard times timeline.
Both streams from Monday night are here. Link will be up for a few days.

I wonder if she's planning on painting the new streaming room or just decorating it with stuff
gone are the days of don jon
all hail the mutchacho dawn
for he spends thousands on streams
when a new patreon drops he creams
donjon akimbo the proudest in chat
like a patrician that is round and fat
donjon akimbo the proudest of them all
when he rises all of them will fall
2023.04.19 - making cat trees for the princess
Cosplayed as OOC in Stan hat
Stream started 23:12. Stream started from phone.
23:15 Gas has not been turned on so no cooking stream for now. Not going to be fixed quickly.
23:16 Does not sleep because Marley is pooping everywhere
23:19-23:56 Building first cat tree
23:26 Had a horrible dream last night but 'cant tell chat about it'. Tells chat about it.
23:27 Dreamt ex-gf wanted a date but Mombi went on the date instead.
23:30 Has to find the hole. She can never find the hole.
23:57 Marley inspects first cat tree
00:00 She got pink tools
00:02 - 00:20 Building second cat tree
00:04 'Theres supposed to be two holes. Where's the other hole?' [finds three holes]
00:05 'So these two are close together so I think I use this one'
00:10 Wants to stream making dinner after cat trees
00:21 Marley inspects second cat tree
00:24 'what the fuck was that'
00:25 Cooking - Peppers stuffed with cream cheese and turkey
00:27 Poltergeist throw camera left
00:28 Was joking about wasting food. Likes food. You can tell. Farted again.
00:32 Streams goes portrait. Headless cook.
00:36 Wants to make Cuban Coffee but cant because she doesn't have a stove
00:39 Raided by ZaKoVT with a party of 4
00:48 Applies bandage to finger
00:48 Stream ends