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What do you guys think of the new queen of /r9k/?
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confirmed troon
check the archives kek
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thumbnail of scandi vs empath chan.png
scandi vs... png (721.12 KB, 738x509)
scandi mogs empathchan even if scandi is a troon lol
Time to stop.

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Screenshot... jpg (140.04 KB, 2714x280)
I'm a TV journalist working in the UK and looking into the case of Bianca Devins. I can see that many of you found the 48 hours film lacking and I'm interested in hearing more about the story and talking to anyone who feels that the truth about Bianca's online life before her death hasn't been told. Or in general if you have anything to say on the case. You can stay anonymous if you'd like. You can contact me at: [email protected]
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Just let her rest in peace.
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XnyttZO[1] jpeg (89.07 KB, 960x960)
They could do a profile on e-girls, using Ciara and Bianca as examples. Both were drug using party girls with a lot of attention seeking online and both died. Ciara died of a drug overdose just a few months after Bianca died. 

A fent/benzo pill overdose on Feb 8th, 2020. There's even videos of her partying that night with the guy she was with. 

Ciara and Bianca knew each other a bit.
They wouldnt do that, because they cant blame Ciara's passing on anyone in particular.
Make no mistake, the only reason Bianca's case got any attention is because they could lump in talk about the "evil misogynist rapist murderer incels".
Their headlines reading "Mentally ill man kills mentally ill woman" wouldnt yield much attention/clicks, but something like "Deranged man from misogynist online hate group murders young online celebrity" does. Yet another reason journos are pieces of shit.
> There's even videos of her partying BULLCRAP! There was NO videos of HER partying with the "guy". You are FULL of SHIT! Fuck off!
The narrative that borderlines + internet are a dangerous combo and these girls are on a path of self-destruction.

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thumbnail of 1640638356882-1 (1).jpg
1640638356... jpg (152.85 KB, 750x749)
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1636829681... png (15.37 KB, 190x200)
No girl will ever love me.
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cumck jpg (39.55 KB, 736x552)
Happy valentines day bro (no homo).
honestly kennedi is very meh behind the fashion and the hair
That makes no difference for me, if I cared about what egirls think I wouldn't be here
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thumbnail of Stacy_Ken.jpg
Stacy_Ken jpg (111.03 KB, 640x960)
just think of her and your pain will go away
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thumbnail of 1619632852574.png
1619632852... png (559.8 KB, 750x1334)
thumbnail of 1609546238034.png
thumbnail of 1609546238034.png
1609546238... png (2.07 MB, 750x1334)
Indeed. Thinking about Ken and looking at her pics reduces my levels of anxiety, but I just feel frustrated and melancholic instead because she'll never be mine. If only I was a pretty boy (her type)...

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1508078501... jpg (135.68 KB, 678x1200)
We still believe edition

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage? [Embed]


Previous Thread:  >>/896/
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yeah put her face on gabbie carter or something
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thumbnail of D8481C87-F37A-486B-85A3-6F652F8B7DD6.jpeg
D8481C87-F... jpeg (518.37 KB, 800x1000)
ive always regarded her as a sociopath instead of a psychopath 
the darn cutest sociopath ever
do you only do coomer stuff
it depends, but not always
> ive always regarded her as a sociopath instead of a psychopath
> the darn cutest sociopath ever

Ciara-chan was quite malicious, and enjoyed causing pain or scamming people.

thumbnail of 553d6ce8ec28168407387da4cc99c3d7.mp4
thumbnail of 553d6ce8ec28168407387da4cc99c3d7.mp4
553d6ce8ec... mp4 (1.69 MB, 576x1024)
How does this make you feel?
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thumbnail of who'er.png
who'er png (76.34 KB, 287x235)
seethe harder roastie
Somebody wants to be liked?
How disastrous, shut down the airports and cancel all trains, we got a serious case at our hands.

Most incels or "simps" would make for horrendous partners.
There is a reason why they are alone and it's usually their terrible character and not having anything to offer. This is basically all they can do to get attention from women, throwing money and attention at them, whether it's wanted or unwanted by the object of desire doesn't matter to them. Of course they'd be much better off just getting a hooker every now and then and going on with their life. But what you call "simps" and incels aren't really known for making rational decisions and they're too lazy to change themselves.
> Most incels or "simps" would make for horrendous partners.
You mean like guys who beat or abuse their gfs? Or even just guys who only pretend to date them just to fuck them? But those guys sure get tons of female attention. Odd.
> There is a reason why they are alone and it's usually their terrible character
Plenty of men with bad character get women. In fact, those men seem to get women at a higher rate. See personality detector malfunctions, and nuclear blackpills.
> and not having anything to offer
Sounds like the women who just show off their body and have 0 personality.

You're just a redditor type trying to dunk on a group of people you perceive to be "lesser" than you, but what you dont realize is you're right on the same level with them.
> Odd.
They abuse plent of women who they are able to charm prior to that. Maybe give them a really good fuck, maybe swoon them in other ways. Whatever gets them hooked.
Then they start the abuse and they tend to have to go through dozens of women before they find one broken enough that actually sticks with them.

> Plenty of men with bad character get women.
See the above.

Do you want a normal relationship or somebody you just can abuse?
I know for most incels there is no difference between the two. They're just unable to attain their free sex-maid.

> Sounds like the women who just show off their body and have 0 personality.
Oh you mean trophy women, who men chose to stay with (for a time), because they wanna fuck hot bitches or to show off?
Or women who just get pumped and dumped, since they aren't considered "relationship material"?

> what you dont realize is you're right on the same level with them.
What's next, you gonna call me a "Nice Guy" or "roastie"?
what an annoying gook whore. what was she sayin'? too? to? two? fuckin' gook....

thumbnail of images (84).jpeg
thumbnail of images (84).jpeg
images (84) jpeg (16.58 KB, 563x544)
post Agatha pics here
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Look at these lines on her thigh. Was Aggie cutting herself??
Where are you seeing lines? I dont see em.
It could be, she's always had some mental issues.
2nd pic
At least she didn't have coprophilic tendencies most jewish girls have. Am i right guys?
Holy shit I see them now. Theres at least like 4 healed scars. Damn, I never knew she cut herself. What a shame.
I wanna marry her, bros

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thumbnail of 1465401144980[1].jpg
1465401144... jpg (137 KB, 675x1200)
Another one of the orbiter dweeb.
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thumbnail of 1462153547231.png
1462153547... png (17.17 KB, 573x346)
thumbnail of 1462154560145.png
thumbnail of 1462154560145.png
1462154560... png (16.72 KB, 334x639)
thumbnail of 1462154727851.png
thumbnail of 1462154727851.png
1462154727... png (16.28 KB, 639x249)
thumbnail of 1462154774079.png
thumbnail of 1462154774079.png
1462154774... png (4.91 KB, 253x201)
imagine being this much of a cuck
Guy was naive as hell, and had no clue how Ciara or women in general operate. She would never respect a simp like him, and would always take the chance to rob him. Only the intervention of her dad got Guy his money back. 

If He had said to ciara "let's go hang out in a hotel and do drugs", she'd be all over him and would have spent the whole weekend bouncing off his dick between taking opioids. 

Ciara was like the discord bicycle, everyone took her for a ride. You just have to know what she wanted.
> everyone took her for a ride.
But did you?
thumbnail of Screenshot (12639).png
thumbnail of Screenshot (12639).png
Screenshot... png (15.05 KB, 597x98)
He's meeting up with Sunny now
Of course. He gets discount Ciara.

thumbnail of 20210623_120502.jpg
thumbnail of 20210623_120502.jpg
20210623_1... jpg (80.55 KB, 500x604)
how do i become an e woman. i'm probably never reaching rose or agatha status but i need money.
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You will never be a woman. You don't have a uterus, you don't have ovaries, you don't have eggs. You are a homosexual man protected from drug treatment and surgery, a true mockery of natural perfection.
All the “support” you will receive is from fake people and/or with ulterior motives. People make fun of you behind your back. Your parents are embarrassed and disgusted with you, plus your “friends” laugh at your devilish appearance when you don't introduce yourself.
Men repulse you. Thousands of men from years of evolution have allowed them to identify frauds with incredible efficiency Even the most feminine tricks that are apparently not genuine and unnatural for men. Your bone structure is a strong indicator of this. And even when you manage to get a drunk guy into your house, he'll come back with the tallow on his shins the moment he glimpses the fetid, infected scar you call your pussy.
You will never be happy. You let out a yellow smile today the saint facing the morning for yourself even though the mirror is ok, you feel a descent but deep down, crawling the body, like a weed, ready to destroy you when you don't offer anymore .
buy, the weight will be so much, that you will have a rope, make a noose, put it over your neck and jump into a deep and icy abyss. Your parents will meet you, departed, but relieved that they won't have to worry about shame and disappointment anymore. They will bury you, and your headstone will be written in your birth name, where anyone who passes by will know, for all eternity, that a man is buried there. His body will decompose and turn to dust, and all that is left of his legacy will be a bone of a skeleton, undeniably male.
This is your destiny. That's what you chose. There is no turning back.
jesus christ, the amount of insanity this board can contain is truly astounding
If you're an actual woman I can get you simps that will donate. I take 50% though.
absolutely ngmi
> how do i become an e woman
Before you become an "e woman" you should become a woman. Too bad you will never be one.

thumbnail of tumblr_ae05e77904ffe2d2c9ec1870b8268bd3_ebf9932f_500.jpg
thumbnail of tumblr_ae05e77904ffe2d2c9ec1870b8268bd3_ebf9932f_500.jpg
tumblr_ae0... jpg (45.23 KB, 500x556)
Commie Ken stopped using social media half a year ago, but still uses RYM and Letterboxd. She also writes perfume reviews that involve philosophy. She is 5'3 and her shoe size is a 6 in women's and 4 in men's. 

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Not the same guy. 
I agree 
Men don't have Rate my music
Men do not have Fragrantica
Men do not have Letterbox 
Men do not have Instagram twitter or tiktok. ....
They never seem to make Youtube videos about there hobbies either. I never seem to see them Cosplay. 
They never write poetry Blog post
In the world of social media its hard for most people to not have an outlet as some form of creative expression its just some  happen to be more into it then others
Post some fucking pics or fuck off.
i can literally count the num of females that use rym on 2 hands. the rest are male
thumbnail of lovesick cotarelo kennedi.png
thumbnail of lovesick cotarelo kennedi.png
lovesick... png (209.83 KB, 1710x828)
thumbnail of lovesick kennedi cotarelo.png
thumbnail of lovesick kennedi cotarelo.png
lovesick... png (293.98 KB, 1736x1116)
only putting these here to archive for when her inevitable deletion of fragrantica happens. not interesting but stood out how she used to claim she hated her parents and would only talk about how abusive they were, but now she speaks about them positively and they gift her designer perfume
wrong one sorry

thumbnail of 1588637383306.jpg
thumbnail of 1588637383306.jpg
1588637383... jpg (172.09 KB, 1080x1080)
Is Custardloaf based?
is there any archive of her streams?
Who is her?
fucking elaborate holy shit who is this bitch
> brushtard roast
> anything but an utter embarrassment and failed egirl
thumbnail of 1641339482446.jpg
thumbnail of 1641339482446.jpg
1641339482... jpg (90.76 KB, 943x915)
she is friends with femboys, trannies; homosexuals, so no. if picrel is your idea of based, then yes

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