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Even on ausneets, a place full of people who are...not conventionally successful, one neet has stood out from the pack. One particular neet has drunk more standards, lost more jobs, done harder drugs, gambled and lost money he didn't have and just kept going, maxed out more slappers, had more rectal catastrophes, got more speeding fines and ignored them, and fallen off the wagon more times than anyone else. This edition is dedicated to one man's epic journey from the warehouse to the shed.  Because love him or loathe him, you can't deny he's an ausneets LEGEND.

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I don't think he cares.
The reason you started insisting he lived there was that you were embarrassed about being homeless and living in a dunny. You wanted him to have something similarly embarrassing and that was the best you could do. Odds are he just lives in some rundown rental (still better than a toilet lol).
He started blacking out location info on his IGA hauls. He's scared of Based Tiffo in his gillie suit.

You threaten to make zipguns and shoot people you stupid cunt, don't say a suggestion to commit suicide is a death threat.

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