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Because the previous  >>/28357/ is autosäging.
From the last posts:
 >>/42501/ Crusader Kings 3 first impressions by Rusbernd
 >>/42504/ unkown vidya making fun of Australia due to the lack of certain biome by Ausbernd

Last year I found out there's native Linux version of the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions. They are working well but I don't think I'll ever finish a playthrough again. Back then I finished original BG, and BG2, but not the Throne of Bhaal expansion. Damn long games.
Enhanced Edition makes it possible to play this classic DnD based crpg on modern steel, fixes bugs, changes some rules, adds new NPCs with quests, new items, two new expansions (The Black Pits - arena fight generator?, and Siege of Dragonspear - which is a module for the original story, taking part between BG1 and BG2). It seems okay all in all.
There is a new Total War game coming out but it's another Warhammer expansion.... I kind of expected this, they always said it was going to be a trilogy. At least now we will go back to normal once this is done.

So far this next game looks like it will have a pseudo Russian/Polish faction and some weird demon faction. Apparently it will have a Pseudo Chinese faction as well. I'll pirate it when it comes out but I don't expect much, it's just more of the same.
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How can it be partially standalone. It either can be run by itself, or need to be installed on top of an already installed program. How can be both? Or is there a third option which doesn't excludes the others, or at least the first one?
You mean Warhammer III?
The pseudo russians and pseudo chinese were part of the lore btw.

They made first and second warhammer to work as standalone games but if you own both of them you can play on a big campaing map and have all the factions from both games. I guess their plan is to do the same with the third one.

I don't care about the lore, Warhammer is stupid and for nerds. But anyway, apparently the Pseudo Chinese faction is going to be largely original to this game, because apparently whilst they did exist in the lore they did not actually have an army in the warhammer table top thingy so most of their units are going to be made for Warhammer Total War(but by the Warhammer design team).
Adding back to this 

> I actually liked it more than Teken because of how fluid the combat is. 
I noticed that too. I like playing DOA a lot more for that

> Isn't there a 6 now? I don't really keep up with it.
Yes, but it is really bad compared to 5. 

> Well, it's the 5th iteration. After skinning that many fur from one fox it bound to be lesser quality

5th DOA was the last good one. Koei/Tecmo got really greedy with the DLC in DOA 6 and charge 1000s of dollars for DLC that should have been included on the game disc itself.
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Another thing about the game is how realistic it is compared to other fightan games. If you're fighting in the snow, the person you're playing as gets covered in snow in different parts of their body. If it's wet around a stage, their clothes get wet. Same for places that are dirty, muddy or dusty. I don't think other fighting games have that level of detail. 

There's also a few guest characters from King of Fighters and Virtua Fighter included in the full game. It's between this game and DOA 3 that are the best one in the series imo.
I'm playing Imperator Rome again. There was a new update that changed a lot.

The biggest change is the removal of standing armies as standard, now you start with levies which are based on the integrated population of a governor's province. To get a standing army you have to unlock the legion law which I have not done yet(as barbarian you have to reform first and that is what I am playing as right now). There are still mercenaries though. They also made it so when you capture a province capital the rest of the province auto captures itself like with forts. 

So now Mercenaries are overpowered. Also you have to have the population of a province integrated which can cause some issues. Though it has not bothered me as I use mercenaries mainly, but as a Spanish tribe I defeated Carthage simply because they couldn't raise much against me in Spain. Partly due to that but also due to my mercenaries and the new province capture system I am rapidly expanding with not much difficulty. 

They have also changed how senates work, instead of the old system where the senate would approve an action based on what the action was and what the party was and how your relation is with them now it's just a senate approval percentage and if you are below 60% then they dislike any action you take, this is annoying on it's own but added to that it is to impossible to have every faction like you. The non ruling party approval will decay and there is very little you can do about it, even what you can do will not actually stop it. It's ruined senate based governments now. Oh apart from governments with a co consul as in that case two parties can have a ruler so the approval only decays in one party.

There was a huge rework to the UI which makes everything weird and annoying to get used to again, I wish they would not have done that.
I forgot to mention.

The other part of why I am doing so well is because they now limited forts per province so most nations only have one or maybe two. Sure I don't like not being able to fortify my borders but the wars don't take long to win now and all they can do is sack the border regions which don't matter because the border populations often are not integrated and thus don't contribute much to the levy anyway.
I think this was one Parajew game that did not run on Wine. Maybe with new updates both in game and in Wine fixed this.
Tell us about your plans. Post screenshots with jungle of arrows showing your strategy to take over the antique world.
This update has been said to be a great leap or a watershed moment in turning Imperator into a serious game. What a shame, yet not too surprising.
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Now I am playing Space Engineers, I have not got to space yet and much of the game can be frustrating like the fact that I can't get pirate drones to attack me no matter what I do, they just never spawn, it feels like it lacks content(but then it is still being added to), the world is too large and empty and the speed limit is capped at 100 metres per second so exploring can be a huge pain and also that it can be incredibly grindy. Overall it is a good game I think though.

Also I played Stronghold Warlords, it was bad. The End.
> Space Engineers
I wanted to check that out when I was fiddling with Kerbal Spass Program.
> Stronghold Warlords
What's that about?
I have not tried than game yet, I'm kind of curious and want to but at the same time it feels like a huge investment and the premise revolving simply around building a rocket to fly to space might not be enough to warrant such investment in all the mechanics that I would have to learn to play the game.

I mentioned Warlords in the last thread and you responded... Anyway it was kind of like I thought it would be but worse. The Graphics and engine are really bad, it feels like they are just building on a 20 year old engine and not trying to innovate at all. In many ways it is a step back from Stronghold 2 even with what is probably the same engine.
> I mentioned Warlords in the last thread and you responded
Really? Didn't leave me with a great impression then.
Duckduckwent and found endless screenshots of pagodas. Is the game East Asia centric?
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ZZC 0840 jpg
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Rome Total War Remastered is coming out next month. Finally a good Total war.
> Remastered
more liek retexed, amirite
What else to "remaster" anyway? Will it include the barbarian invasion dlc?
Heh I know one aspect. The control is kinda awkward in the base game, but the dlc added a new way and made it convenient. They should implement that controls.
Yes, the DLC is included as well as some new factions(new as in able to play, they were locked before). As for the controls they are being fixed too. There isn't much else out about it, it was sudden and came out of nowhere. Oh, it will also have mod support on steam.
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Started playing the 1st animal crossing. It good. Game has a really cozy feel to it. If you played the newer games, you'll find this one a little hollow though
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thumbnail of chulip-boxart.jpeg
chulip-boxart jpeg
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Animal crossing reminds me a lot of Chulip for some reason. It has many of the same sounds and effects for some reason. Maybe the developers of each game were friends with each other. Who knows?
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There are two Warthunder April fools events this year, they are not that great and were not really worth updating the game for.

Also, on the 8th of April Enlisted is coming out of Closed Beta and into Open Beta. Enlisted is a game by the same company but instead of vehicle warfare it features infantry though you can use vehicles but only in first person I think which I like the idea of. It's going to be section based, soldiers within he section have roles which can be upgraded as can their equipment and in some game modes the whole section is part of the game as AI.

I'm not sure about it, one of the things that worries me is the monetisation and progression system that it will have. It will apparently be tied to a battle pass system which is quite bad for that kind of thing, I guess I will just have to see how tied to that it is. It doesn't seem to have nations in the way that Warthunder does either, rather it has factions in campaigns, so to begin with there is a Moscow and Normandy campaign and they have listed a Tunis and Berlin campaign to come. So how will that work? Is it going to be a whole new tree for each faction in each campaign? That could be a huge pain particularly if that is on top of a battle pass based system of progression.
I tried Enlisted. It's okay but not great. I don't think I will play it much and I don't see it having much longevity, the progression system is fairly bad and linked to campaigns(they Have Moscow and Normandy right now). This means that you are locked into one region and even if you get max level as Germany in that campaign it does not carry over to any other campaign, I'm not grinding Germany 4 damn times(they have 4 campaigns set and all 4 feature Germany). This limits re-playability, if I finish the one campaign I am not going to want to start all over again whenever they release a new one.
More on Enlisted.

Whilst it is published by Gaijin and uses their engine it does not seem to have the same design philosophy as Warthunder which is a shame, it is not Warthunder with Infantry.

Warthunder focuses as much on realism as is possible for the kind of game it is whilst at the same time not pretending too. The maps are wide and open and the equipment is largely modelled as true to life as possible but it does not pretend to be simulating actual battles and campaigns. Enlisted kind of does the opposite, the game is far more CoD/Battlefield like with small compact maps and fast gameplay, the equipment is not modelled realistically but modelled for balance, weapons have firerates changed, recoil is arbitrary and makes no sense with guns that should have less recoil having more and wepaons are handed to forces willy nilly regardless of whether that army actually used them in that campaign or at all. The US storm the beaches of Normandy with Piats, Stens and Bolt actions. Why? For balance and to add content to unlock. Where Warthunder never pretends to have every tank look authentic as to it's paint scheme and markings Enlisted does whilst at the same time it removes emblems on German uniforms like the eagle over the left breast and the deaths head on panzer uniforms thus defeating the point of saying that they are portraying them as they were as they clearly are not. Whilst it claims to be presenting realistic campaigns and battles they are far from it.

The map rotations are quite annoying too. All campaigns are split of course so the pool of maps is limited and they are always of a similar theme rather than warthunder where you could play all maps in many parts of the world(though they are slow in making new ones) so combined with the small nature of them it can get very tiresome and it's only going to get worse.

Campaign progression is pretty bad, it's grindy for little reward and due to the campaign nature it's finite. There are 25 levels in each campaign and there is a limit to what they can add to them, pretty much everything they can add has been and where it has not it is due to balancing such as having no KVs in Moscow but even were they to add them there is still a limit to it so people are going to finish these campaigns and not come back. The only viable long term system for the developers is to release new campaigns over and over again and have people grind for the same equipment over and over again.
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OG png
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OG2 png
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OG3-gascloud png
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Multiplayers are shit. Shit! Generally.
> Whilst it claims to be presenting realistic campaigns and battles they are far from it.
Both developers and modders tend to exploit this "immersion" thing too, then cherry pick the details they want to enhance - most of the time pointlessly.

My problem with age of empires is that it is age of empires. And that one is just 3d AoE, instead of pseudo-3d or whatever it was back then.
I think my problem with AoE is that making a C&C clone in that setting is unappealing.

Btw clones.
All the WWII talks made me look up how various Panzer General clone/remake projects are going. Open General looks very promising. Runs fine on Wine. However the amount of campaigns, maps, units are confusing, with little to no explanation of stuff.
There are even other historical campaigns and conflicts. Hueg selection really.
thumbnail of pm_000.png
thumbnail of pm_000.png
pm_000 png
(1.72 MB, 1901x987)
> All the WWII talks made me look up how various Panzer General clone/remake projects are going. Open General looks very promising. Runs fine on Wine. However the amount of campaigns, maps, units are confusing, with little to no explanation of stuff.

OpenPanzer/PanzerMarshal looks interesting. It has art from Open General but runs from web browser. Yes, web browsers are shit, but at least it runs fine and fast.


> I think my problem with AoE is that making a C&C clone in that setting is unappealing.

It looks too strange and unrealistic. Even first C&C was more realistically looking. Considering open source clones, there is 0 A.D. - https://play0ad.com/

Pretty good game from first look for those who like AoE.

> Enlisted kind of does the opposite, the game is far more CoD/Battlefield like with small compact maps and fast gameplay

In some kind of games realism is direct counterpart of playability. Especially in FPS for infantry. You sit 20 minutes in some trench, then one artillery shell comes from unknown place and you are dead. Who would play this except few autists? Another reason is established genre and style - people already expect some specific balanced competitive gameplay, and some really different would be commercial fail.

For those who want realism there is Flashpoint series and Arma. Hardcore players have communities where they play modded Arma (with realistic maps where you mark points by yourself, no HUDs etc, realistic voice/radio ranges and frequences), but it is pretty time consuming task, and may be not entertaining. You need sophisticated team training before.

Good example of such gameplay from commander perspective:https://youtube.com/watch?v=jse3cFnJS28  (in Russian, sorry).

I would not say it's a clone, it's the nature of the genre. I was never that keen on AOE though, it's alright but only alright. However, AOE III took some interesting steps and was quite more advanced than the others so I had hoped the franchise would head in that direction but instead it looks like they are turning the game into a cartoon.

I understand that and it's why I don't like Squad much. Too much doing nothing, too much communication required, too much larping, people either take the game far too seriously or mess about while they wait in a trench and there is no progression.

However, Enlisted was in a position where it could have bridged the gap between the two as it was meant to have more realism and the squad system would have actually worked really well on huge maps, you would have the AT, Sniper, engineer etc all under the command of the player, matches could have far more soldier in them and if you die you can just play as another soldier in the squad, it doesn't have the frustration squad has of waiting for medics if there are any or respawning all the way back at base and walking back again. But instead it went for the COD route.
> OpenPanzer/PanzerMarshal
That one I also checked, and was my first choice being cross platform. For some reason it didn't run. Which is weird because when we talked about this earlier, it played.
> 0AD
Sometimes I take a look how the thing goes. It developed a lot.

> genre
That would be RTS, but it has different "strains". And AoE is clearly from the line C&C started. Well maybe Dune II. It was long time ago. But they are from the same tree:
Produce workers in main building.
Gather resources with workers.
Build the rest of the buildings with workers.
Build Barrack Type 1 for basic soldier.
Build Support More Units building.
Build Barrack Type 2 for stronger soldier.
Build Research Tech building.
Upgrade soldiers.
Upgrade resource gathering.
Send soldiers to enemy.
Soldiers march in a snaking line to enemy.
Get rekt by enemy one by one.
Gather more resources with workers.
Other type would be Settlers for example. Although it's the same concept of resource gathering, house building, unit producing, upgrading, it really feels different, it's just so lively, and the little dudes do their thing by themselves.
I think Dungeon Keeper would also be different. But maybe for the evil twist, and the distinctive units.
And I kinda remember stuff like Seven Kingdoms(?), it had a weird network system between buildings and such.
Yes it's RTs but the kind you describe is just RTS in it's most basic form. Other games tend to build on that like the ones you have mentioned, AOE has not much, really they add ages and that is it(though they now will have manable walls like Stronghold).
Age of Mythology brought some interesting unit abilities and Age of empires III had cannons that could do penetrating damage and units such as Zweihanders that have sweep attacks. Age of Empires IV looks like it will have weapon reach enabling pike blocks. So that is good but then this is 2021 and I don't think it will make up for the hideous appearance of the game...

I think Cossacks III had things like this in it too.
> you describe is just RTS in it's most basic form.
Nö. The list of the steps is specific for games liek Dune II (this was first), Warcraft, C&C and all iterations, Starcraft, Dune 2000, I think Total Annihilation too (I've never played this so not sure), and god knows how many other clones.
And AoE is the sames just worse because it gives the illusion that now you're gonna build liek ancient and medieval cities then you realize your buildings are lifeless, and the interactive ones just serve to give units on clicks (or keyboard shortcut for moar efficiency). The other ones will stand there empty shoved in into a corner, or had some shit in it to click on (research), but by the end they'll stand empty too. No reason to build roads (leave gaps), or take a good care of the placement or anything like that.
Stronghold kinda sames.
For example Settlers is different because while there is resource gathering, and upgrading units (with gold), the player has to take care of building placement, build the roads, the production line of the goods have to be set up, and you don't gather the units together with the mouse and send them wherever.
Knights and Merchants a step beyond that with needs of the serfs and soldiers, little faggots go stuff themselves with sausage and wine in the Inn, also soldiers are in units, and move as units, and attack as units. Although 90% of the game is tedium, these are pretty neat details, the Dune II clones don't have.
It may be that it starts with Dune II but it does not change the fact that this is just the genre in the most basic form. Yes Total Annihilation does it too.
The Dune II/C&C style has that very specific look and gameplay. AoE is just the same. It was cut from the same template only a historical setting was slapped on it.
Yes maybe. But the Dune/AOE kind of RTS is the most basic form of that. Get resources, build buildings, build troops, attack. Even these basics of that are still basic, as you say, buildings don't do anything and building placement does not matter a whole lot.
> Dune/AOE kind of RTS is the most basic form of that
No. They are a variation built on the basic formulas of RTS.
In comparison check Knights of Honor. There is the "get resources, build buildings, build units, attack" recipe (the resource gathering is even more simplistic, and the building tree isn't that complicated), but it is realized in an entirely different way, the gameplay is entirely different.
All the above listed are looks the same, feels the same, plays the same. They are just clones.
Ofc Popoulus, never played but I know about it, how could I forget?
KoH I mentioned, and there are these Paradox Grand strategies, which are also RTS games.
I would not really say they are a variation of the formula, that is the formula.

What knights of honour does is irrelevant, if it moves beyond the basic formula then good for it. This doesn't change the fact that the formula is the formula.

Those are not RTS games in the way that one would recognise or refer to an RTS game today. But fine. Dune II is just the first of the basic RTS formula of the Genre of RTS that dune II is, whatever one actually calls that.
> What knights of honour does is irrelevant
It is not. It is an example how not to make a clone of DuneII/C&C
> Those are not RTS games in the way that one would recognise or refer to an RTS game today.
Yes they are. They are real time and strategy. Stop cherrypicking that only the Dune II and clones are RTSs.
It's an example of how to break from a basic formula, as I said, good for them. Doesn't change the fact that there is a basic formula.

> Yes they are. They are real time and strategy. Stop cherrypicking that only the Dune II and clones are RTSs.
As I already said  'But fine. Dune II is just the first of the basic RTS formula of the Genre of RTS that dune II is, whatever one actually calls that.'
> It's an example of how to break from a basic formula,
You still deny that the Dune II clones has very specific elements common all of them, from the map, through the buildings, through the production of units, through the issuing commands, to the sequence the maps follow each other, and more which aren't the genre defining elements. They have a specific gameplay which isn't the genre defining gameplay. There were other avenues and instances. KoH is one other instance.
Besides strategy can mean just resource allocation in the most basic sense (political simulators also can be strategy, I think they also have some type of resource allocation), and the Dune and CnC realized this in a specific way, that was copied over into their clones.
I don't deny that they have those common elements but I think that is part of the genre in it's basic form.

The way Dune approached it actually isn't very specific and is fairly basic. The idea is incredibly simple, have two players build armies to fight each other in real time. There has to be some way to make that army so add buildings, that way they can have something to protect and attack too. They can't just make armies of infinite soldiers that would be ridiculous, so they have to cost something, add resources. There, you have your Dune/AoE style RTS.
you are a denialist and probably a mongposter as well. settlers and popoulus, not Warcraft and Starcraft, ok, praise koh

RTS is too broad term to use it so freely for discussing about games. There were plenty of realtime strategic games before Dune 2, like Megalomania or even text-based games from 80s.

Dune 2 gave birth to specific subgenre, that resulted in C&C series and many clones (Dark Reign etc). Other subgenre born and evolved from Warcraft, where units and even squad sizes are limited and some units are "heroes" (especially from WC3, although this trend was seen in SC). RTS with unit design (Earth 2140/2150/*, Warzone) may also be separated to some different tree, although it is more Dune/C&C like than Warcraft like.
I think Warcraft (and successors) was cut from the same template. C&C also did changes, I remember units gaining XP in Tiberian Sun. Or I think Red Alert also introduced heroes, liek Tanya.
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thumbnail of Darjeeling 080.png
Darjeeling 080 png
(447.25 KB, 800x800)
It's convergent evolution.
thumbnail of ss_7f86424afe70125ff5135a56d092426d740c6e84.1920x1080.jpg
thumbnail of ss_7f86424afe70125ff5135a56d092426d740c6e84.1920x1080.jpg
ss_7f86424afe70125ff5... jpg
(797.68 KB, 1920x1080)
It's happening
I have not actually played Victoria before so I am looking forward to that.

HOI IV is getting a new DLC which might be interesting too, they are adding railways.
thumbnail of Small burgers.jpg
thumbnail of Small burgers.jpg
Small burgers jpg
(62.59 KB, 600x400)
streets of rogue
iratus lord of the dead
Kill All Weebs
Black lives splatter

my reccomendations for this season
thumbnail of rt2-001-select-map.png
thumbnail of rt2-001-select-map.png
rt2-001-select-map png
(844.74 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-002-options.png
thumbnail of rt2-002-options.png
rt2-002-options png
(890.21 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-003-goals.png
thumbnail of rt2-003-goals.png
rt2-003-goals png
(935.1 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-004-start-company.png
thumbnail of rt2-004-start-company.png
rt2-004-start-company png
(996.54 KB, 1024x768)
Installed Railroad Tycoon 2, got a bit of hankering. Decided to make screenshots, showing the features.
Picked a map and edited it so I could play it without AI companies. Removed the restriction that only connected rails can be built. I still will only lay tracks that I'm able to join to the existing network right away, it's just makes it easier to place things (like I can build a station first at the right place, then connect it to the tracks).
Set the settings.
I'll ignore the scenario's default goals. I'll just lay tracks as I wish, my goal is trying to make the connected settlements prosper as much as I can.
After I started the scenario I founded Krautchan Railways. Depending on the money the player has, he can invest as he wishes, and can change how much outside investors will add to the starting capital of the company. This also decides the ratio the shares are divided - now this does not matter much, since no AI players to buy up my company's share before I could do. Maybe I won't even do it, only for demonstration.
thumbnail of rt2-005-plan-first-step.png
thumbnail of rt2-005-plan-first-step.png
rt2-005-plan-first-st... png
(603.67 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-006-site1.png
thumbnail of rt2-006-site1.png
rt2-006-site1 png
(1017 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-007-site2.png
thumbnail of rt2-007-site2.png
rt2-007-site2 png
(976.95 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-008-site3.png
thumbnail of rt2-008-site3.png
rt2-008-site3 png
(1.16 MB, 1024x768)
Never played this map, so wasn't sure where to lay the first line. It's worth take a look anyway, since the available industry - productive buildings, businesses - is randomized somewhat (the maps are divided into regions, where certain buildings can spawn, also settlements are also set in similar way).
I wanted to start out on a flat area, where no bridge is necessary. It's more expensive to build in mountainous regions, also trains are slower and the landscape is hard on the engines. Bridges are costly too.
I separated a couple of suitable areas.
First site is the basin at Beijing along the Huang He. Problem is the economy is too simple, only cotton is available as a raw material, so only Textile Mills could prosper. Ofc with time new industry pops up (especially with towns supplied), but I sought something more diverse.
Second site is between the two rivers. Here besides the textile, food can be produced from the available cattle.
Third is the south of Yangtze, inland. Even better: wool -> textile, cattle -> food, iron -> goods. With time maybe even a bakery would spawn and the sugar nearby could supply that. However on the rim, the hilly terrain could make things a bit more complex.
thumbnail of rt2-009-site4.png
thumbnail of rt2-009-site4.png
rt2-009-site4 png
(1.12 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-010-site5.png
thumbnail of rt2-010-site5.png
rt2-010-site5 png
(898.41 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-011-site6.png
thumbnail of rt2-011-site6.png
rt2-011-site6 png
(993.49 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-012-Xuzhou-Huainan.png
thumbnail of rt2-012-Xuzhou-Huainan.png
rt2-012-Xuzhou-Huainan png
(1.02 MB, 1024x768)
A plateau in the mountains looks good, but again with a bit simpler base economy. And it would be harder to get out to the eastern plains, and connect stuff there.
Then there are the coastal cities with a bit of reach inland, near Shanghai, and at Hong Kong down in the south. Terrain isn't that simple.
I decided to lay the first pair of tracks between the rivers, connecting Huainan and Xuzhou, with middle sized stations to spare some moneyz. That cattle ranch was in the way, but it will come in handy - as we're gonna see - so I did not bulldoze it.
thumbnail of rt2-013-buildings.png
thumbnail of rt2-013-buildings.png
rt2-013-buildings png
(782.34 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-014-track-grade.png
thumbnail of rt2-014-track-grade.png
rt2-014-track-grade png
(1.03 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-015-first-engine-cargo.png
thumbnail of rt2-015-first-engine-cargo.png
rt2-015-first-engine-... png
(679.61 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-016-second-engine-for-mail.png
thumbnail of rt2-016-second-engine-for-mail.png
rt2-016-second-engine... png
(1.01 MB, 1024x768)
So I designated Huainan as the center of my railroad empire - being the larger one and more in central position -, so I built the maintenance buildings there, since for now all the trains I wanted to run would go through there. Roundhouse, water and sanding towers. Every engine needs water, sand, and oil (which represents maintenance), and these three buildings provide that. Even if a train doesn't stop just passes a station with these will receive these stuff. I also built a post office both here and at Xuzhou.
Almost perfectly level tracks, from 0,0 to 0,5 grades. A bit more turns what I would prefer, but they ain't sharp at least so little slowdowns for the trains.
My first train became a passenger one, the settlements on this map provides customers abundantly.
The second engine will haul mail. That 4-4-0 American-C is breddy gud engine. It will be main workforce for a while for all lines.
Couple of things to consider when buying a new engine. It's price the least important stat I think, coughing up that one time fee is dwarfed by everything else. Even the maintenance and fuel costs are something just needs to be swallowed for a good engine. What really is important is how frequently the engine will break down, and how quick it can reach it's destination - here comes the acceleration and top speed comes in the picture.
Speed is influenced by the grade of the track, how fast it can run on uneven terrain, up on slopes - tugging how much weight. Some trains might be quick, but given enough load, they might struggle uphill, while a slower engine could easily pass it by. I guess it's torque or sumtin. This little chart allows the player to check the top speed on different grades, while pulling 1 to 6 cars, with a load weight that can be set (incrementing/decrementing by 5 tons). Passengers and mail weighs 15 tons.
thumbnail of rt2-017-chochooo.png
thumbnail of rt2-017-chochooo.png
rt2-017-chochooo png
(1.14 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-018-speed-record.png
thumbnail of rt2-018-speed-record.png
rt2-018-speed-record png
(1.04 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-019-third-engine-cattle.png
thumbnail of rt2-019-third-engine-cattle.png
rt2-019-third-engine-... png
(794.4 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-020-fourth-engine-cattle.png
thumbnail of rt2-020-fourth-engine-cattle.png
rt2-020-fourth-engine... png
(681.29 KB, 1024x768)
Here are my first two trains running on the first line. From the starting 1,1 million, I spent ~850 K to this setup. That little green arrow/spade at the engines in the train list shows the priority of the train, it has three levels - besides the "stop" - this is the highest. Trains with lower priority will allow these to pass if met on the same track. Priorities should be set accordingly to the cargo, which has expiration dates. Quicker expiring cargo should wait less, because losing its value quicker - obviously. The value is shown by that row of pale beads, maybe they represent gold coins I dunno.
First train set a speed record on the first run. I left the engine's name on the default.
Since I made a bit of money with the passengers and the mail, it was time to set up some industrial circulation. There's two cattle ranches between Huainan and Xuzhou, and two meat processing plants in each cities, so I placed two stations at each ranch (I connected the one to the east to my existing tracks), bought two engines for hauling the cattle to the plants. These types of cargo worth less, but will help cities to grow.
thumbnail of rt2-021-setup-food-route.png
thumbnail of rt2-021-setup-food-route.png
rt2-021-setup-food-ro... png
(1.16 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-022-annual-report.png
thumbnail of rt2-022-annual-report.png
rt2-022-annual-report png
(1.06 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-023-too-far.png
thumbnail of rt2-023-too-far.png
rt2-023-too-far png
(986.48 KB, 1024x768)
After I secured the raw resources, and had two towns producing food, I bought another engine to swap the produced food in the two towns. For some reason residents aren't local patriotic and only consume stuff which is produced elsewhere. No problem it's good for my company that hauls shit all over.
So now I transport two cattle into a factory, which does a 1:1 conversion, 1 cattle to 1 food. This I do twice, so I can attach two food cars in one town and return two food cars back. While generating bit of money. Genius.
Here's the annual report. I'm doing so good they raised my salary. Nice. Main earning however is done by stock. Will return to that later.
Time to times a request pops up to connect a city to my existing lines. Wenzhou is just too far away, and pays very little considering. If my line was in the next city, for 300 K sure, it could work, at least partially covering the cost, always better than nothing.
thumbnail of rt2-024-wool-route.png
thumbnail of rt2-024-wool-route.png
rt2-024-wool-route png
(1.14 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-025-Hefei-goods.png
thumbnail of rt2-025-Hefei-goods.png
rt2-025-Hefei-goods png
(1.02 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-026-Hefei-passanger.png
thumbnail of rt2-026-Hefei-passanger.png
rt2-026-Hefei-passang... png
(1.14 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-027-stock-split.png
thumbnail of rt2-027-stock-split.png
rt2-027-stock-split png
(907.37 KB, 1024x768)
Let's exploit another opportunity: connect that sheep farm to Huainan, and transport wool for the Textile Mill.
Now they producing goods too, let's move that to Hefei which I also connected to my network.
Ofc all those passengers waiting at the station can be moved to Huainan, which still has a surplus in passengers. It's nice they can be taken to anywhere and they won't complain.
I must doing good because our stock split 3 for 1!!!! Nice.
Also that whopping 700K growth in cash from September to December.
thumbnail of rt2-028-annual-report.png
thumbnail of rt2-028-annual-report.png
rt2-028-annual-report png
(1.05 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-029-bought-MPP.png
thumbnail of rt2-029-bought-MPP.png
rt2-029-bought-MPP png
(1 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-030-boght-cattle-yard.png
thumbnail of rt2-030-boght-cattle-yard.png
rt2-030-boght-cattle-... png
(1.02 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-031-Huainan-developed.png
thumbnail of rt2-031-Huainan-developed.png
rt2-031-Huainan-devel... png
(725.42 KB, 1024x768)
Raised my salary again.
What to do with all those cash? Let's invest in business. Bought the Meat Packing Plants and the cattle yards. They will replenish the money spent on them in about a decade or so (the profitability changes, at the latest save the Meat Packing Plant produces $57K yearly). After that it's all profit, no maintenance n shit.
It was time to develop Huinan's station: restaurant, saloon, hotel - to increase passenger revenue -, and telegraph poles to cut down turnaround (I think this influences how much time is spent at the station by the trains, but not sure.)
thumbnail of rt2-032-stock-split-52.png
thumbnail of rt2-032-stock-split-52.png
rt2-032-stock-split-52 png
(895.71 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-033-annual-report-bonus.png
thumbnail of rt2-033-annual-report-bonus.png
rt2-033-annual-report... png
(1.01 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-034-net-worth.png
thumbnail of rt2-034-net-worth.png
rt2-034-net-worth png
(1020.75 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-035-buy-stock-on-margin.png
thumbnail of rt2-035-buy-stock-on-margin.png
rt2-035-buy-stock-on-... png
(701.47 KB, 1024x768)
Stock split 2 for 1!
Again a salary increase, by whopping 9K. Also Bonus. Nice. But let's check out some other features.
Mao trading on the stock market in 1850s? This is not normal. But on Railroad Tycoon 2 it is! Well I'm playing as Mao nao. I can change that, maybe to Bismarck, but I enjoy the wackiness of the situation for now. Net Worth climbing steadily, started at 100K.
Stock market where I can trade the stocks... of my company. Normally there are other railroad companies here, but now I'm playing alone with my trains. Which is also perfectly normal ofc.
I have a bit short on cash, but luckily stocks can be bought on margin.
thumbnail of rt2-036-kc-stocks.png
thumbnail of rt2-036-kc-stocks.png
rt2-036-kc-stocks png
(635.02 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-037-change-dividend-rate.png
thumbnail of rt2-037-change-dividend-rate.png
rt2-037-change-divide... png
(708.4 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-038-buy-back-stock.png
thumbnail of rt2-038-buy-back-stock.png
rt2-038-buy-back-stock png
(775.5 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-039-balance.png
thumbnail of rt2-039-balance.png
rt2-039-balance png
(728.32 KB, 1024x768)
Here be all the investors. It seems I own 1/6th of the company's stocks.
A major way of the player earning is the dividends. How much cash they distribute per stock. If I understand this correctly. It can be set in a wide range, it was on $0,08. Maybe I'll raise it more depending how much cash reserve the company has yearly. The dividends cannot be raised over a certain number, the game says the board of execs are complaining.
Regulating how many shares the player has can be helped out by the option to buy back shares from the company's money!
All this shit means little in this scenario. If there were competing AI players, then fuck with these would be mandatory, to maximize earning, reach 51% ownership in shares of the company, then buying up the shares of the competition, then later merge their companies with yours. Otherwise they will be in the way of expansion.
Now that I'm thinking at the beginning I could have get by with 900K starting money instead of 1,1 mil, which would meant 200K less from investors, which would meant starting out with larger share in shares.
This book is very useful. We can inspect the balance sheet, total and yearly.
Comparing 1851 with 1852: some rise in passengers, but considerable rise in freight. Investing in the stations (I think I developed somewhat the others too) was also bears its fruit.
Not sure about the Miscellaneous - not in the Revenues, neither at the Expenses.

Btw if you click on the whistle... it whistles.
thumbnail of rt2-040-current-situation.png
thumbnail of rt2-040-current-situation.png
rt2-040-current-situa... png
(1.03 MB, 1024x768)
Fugg. Just setting up the screenshots (to show what I want it to show) and naming the files took more time than the actual playing (with thinking through where to lay the first tracks). And typing this up took even more.
Not sure how to proceed, reporting every change would take up lot of time. But that would give a coherent story. Even at this point the situation evolved.
Connected that cotton plantation to supply that textile mill, which is now generating 4 goods for 2 wool and 2 cotton. The surplus goods needs to be moved somewhere.
And food. Now from Hefei I supply the meat plant, with cattle. Now I send 3 cars of food to Xuzhou and Hefei, because it takes longer for those to arrive than that one train do its round to that ranch on the east.
And there's the coal. I think cities accept coal, peeps heating their homes with that.
Congestion starts to build up in Huainan. Maybe I'm gonna build another station behind the factories, and ship resources there, and move the end products from wherever - I'm not sure they will placed into the same station where the resources arrive, or just randomly. Have to experiment with this.
Not sure about the further plans. With the large station there now I could ship the produce too, and need to find buyers for the goods of the Textile Mill. Maybe gonna connect another town, perhaps Wuhan further south west.
I started playing it but man is this thing dated and hard to understand. 
I'm playing the campaign scenarios and Im a bit pissed off right now. First one was fairly easy, connect few cities on west coast US and haul some cargo, but it counted as done even without hauling the cargo. Now I'm on the 2nd scenario where I have to connect New York and Chicago and haul some cargo between them. I've done that and even more, I have a super wealthy company carrying passengers from Washington to NY, then through the great lakes all the way to Chicago, but when the timer run out it said I didnt do the objective, wtf. Idk if it meant to had a train that starts at NY and ends at Chicago but then the 1st scenario didnt really care about that so was it a bug or what.
> hard to understand. 
Clues can be gathered all about. Read through the tips it gives when a scenario starts (you can enable those in the settings), also try right click on shit, that also can give infos. Liek pick that globe icon which brings up the cars, you can right click on them for details. Also infos appear in the bar below too, I think on hover.
Try a scenario, change the settings, the economy and such, that changes the complexity of things. Then just connect two cities run trains and watch stuff. Also you can bring up detailed infos about stations, how much and what cargo they offer, and how many they demand.
Umm, and stuff.
About the campaign. Read the description of the goals carefully. What you wrote is that "Breadbasket" scenario.
Bronze: connect NY and CHI, by the end of 1870 and haul 8 loads of cargo. I think the hauling also needs to be done by 1870.
Silver: beside the previous raise the company's book value over 4 million.
Gold: do both by the end of 1858.
The caveat might be that the hauling needs to be done without stopping, dumping the cargo, and picking up new one anywhere else. Do not add more stations just NY and CHI. The engines will still be serviced with sand, water, and oil as they pass other stations down the line.
Let's say, you run a train between NY and CHI hauling passengers. But your train stops at Albany, it sells the cargo and picks up new one. Then go further to Buffalo, does the same. Then down to South Bend ditto. In the end the cargo that arrives to Chicago comes from South Bend, and not New York.
thumbnail of rt2-041-plan.png
thumbnail of rt2-041-plan.png
rt2-041-plan png
(865.36 KB, 1024x768)
Okay, I came up with a plan.
First gonna join Nanjing in, but that needs a bridge, gonna be expensive. Also that place needs the large station. Beside passengers, gonna haul the wool there, and goods exchange can be done with Huainan.
Then connect Changzhou ASAP and further Shanghai for the ports. Those ports supply logs, and Changzhou has a lumber mill. Also a textile mill there and wool nearby, so can send goods right back to Shanghai.
Then there's Hangzhou to the south, with another lumber mill two ports maybe can supply two lumber mills, I'm not sure.
Finally I could also join in those resources NE from Changzhou, the farms, the cattle and sheep ranches.
But needs to act quick, industry tends to disappear if not supplied and the shit ain't transported away.
I just skipped the scenario and went for the next one, the bridging of west and east, and after few years of play the game crashed and I didnt save as well.
This is really testing my patience.
thumbnail of rt2-042-expansion1.png
thumbnail of rt2-042-expansion1.png
rt2-042-expansion1 png
(1.01 MB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-043-expansion2.png
thumbnail of rt2-043-expansion2.png
rt2-043-expansion2 png
(955.54 KB, 1024x768)
thumbnail of rt2-043-track-changes.png
thumbnail of rt2-043-track-changes.png
rt2-043-track-changes png
(1.02 MB, 1024x768)
Sunk another half an hour into the game yesterday. Did quite a bit of development quick. With little understanding exponential expansion can be achieved (which makes the game boring after a while, as noted on the previous occasion when I wrote about the game).
I rebuilt the tracks around Huainan because congestion started to block the traffic. I added another station just for to dump industrial cargo (cattle and cotton), directing three trains there instead. This was a little experiment as well. The processed goods (goods and food) are available in both of the stations, and can be picked up from any of the stations. Ofc the main station is preferred, since the incoming goods are consumed by the residents in the houses, and these are only in the vicinity of the main one, so trains which will leave with cargo, will arrive here with cargo first. Essentially, I can supply the industry via another station, but products have to be moved where the passengers (and mail).
Problem is two of the supply trains have to cross the main line running toward other cities, and they have to stop all the time to wait until trains with higher priority pass. This cannot be resolved without building tracks with long detour. Still tried to alleviate the problem by changing that sharp turn of that track which came out of Huainan to a couple of gentler ones so trains can pass faster. Maybe gonna try come up with something else.
I think I have to make "rationalizations" in the lines, which train to run where and with what. And plan the next steps of the expansion.
Speaking of which. As the central hub of the trade, Huainan started to grow due to all the supplies coming in (raw material for the industry; food, goods, lumber, passengers, and mail for the residents). A cannery and two steel mills popped up - and one steel mill in Nanjing as well. Problem is, iron can be found only far away (coal is nearby) towards the south west. So probably next move will be connecting Wuhan, and cities further down that way.
thumbnail of capsule_616x353.jpg
thumbnail of capsule_616x353.jpg
capsule_616x353 jpg
(154.43 KB, 616x353)
Im not having fun with this game. Its just very confusing and boring. The story makes no sense and i dont even know what im doing. I can play it for max 30mins at a time.
What is it about? I know what confusing means, still.
The title reminds me of that bald guy assassin. game
But the pic itself feels like a crossover between a capeshit movie and Vice City.
What type of game is it? FPS?
Its hard to describe.
You are playing as a assassination group. You can turn into different people/personas. A first person shooter? Only when you are aiming down your sights. You have different "personas" that you can switch between that have different abilities and different weapons. You go around solving puzzles and killing monsters called Heaven Smile.
thumbnail of 20180902162339_1.jpg
thumbnail of 20180902162339_1.jpg
20180902162339_1 jpg
(184.72 KB, 1600x900)
thumbnail of killer7-screen.jpg
thumbnail of killer7-screen.jpg
killer7-screen jpg
(137.65 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of killer-7.png
thumbnail of killer-7.png
killer-7 png
(378.41 KB, 1920x1080)
thumbnail of killer-7-pc_preview_6.jpg
thumbnail of killer-7-pc_preview_6.jpg
killer-7-pc_preview_6 jpg
(183.64 KB, 1600x900)
Huh, it's from 2005.
Looks intriguing, unique style, like a cartoon.
You roam around and kill monsters while you solve puzzles. Not really what i would descvribe as team management or tactical. I dont know. Just a puzzle game with some shooting and hallways?
Yeah, its a pretty old game. I think originally on gamecube
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
scrn PNG
(38.53 KB, 498x305)
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
scrn PNG
(41.02 KB, 585x85)
Disgaea PC
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
thumbnail of scrn.PNG
scrn PNG
(41.63 KB, 564x90)
thumbnail of skrm.PNG
thumbnail of skrm.PNG
skrm PNG
(46.11 KB, 504x85)
Also Sayonara Umihara Kawase. And G-senjou no maou is my favorite game.
Okay. You like anime, I see.

Well, it's Railroad Tycoon 2, you can read a series of posts starting from here  >>/43866/
And before that Open General  >>/43658/
I generally lack of time and got bored by all quick. But what I pick and play that little, I enjoy. Since I pick games I like.
It's hard to into games I've no previous experience with, because of the previously mentioned reasons. So for example Jagged Alliance, while I'm sure I would have liked back then, and I see it as a good game, now it just did not grab my attention much.
I encourage you to reply to other Bernds freely, the Australian (with USball mostly), Brazil, Dutch, Russia, and even Poland, will all reply, even if within a couple of days. In other threads too. It might help to bring a bit of life back to /kc/.
thumbnail of 2021.06.12.mp4
thumbnail of 2021.06.12.mp4
2021.06.12 mp4
(45.63 MB, 1920x1080 h264)

Unusual gameplay. And fast paced.
So you have to collect blood with killing enemies? Then blood is used to change characters? But essentially changing characters is like changing guns in regular FPSs?
You can change characters through a tv room or by doing what i did. 
> But essentially changing characters is like changing guns in regular FPSs?
Yeah pretty much. They have different weapons and different abilities. You have to switch between them to complete some puzzles.
thumbnail of Desktop 2021.06.12.mp4
thumbnail of Desktop 2021.06.12.mp4
Desktop 2021.06.12 mp4
(51.72 MB, 1920x1080 h264)
You can find a save room or a tv room on the map. They are essentially the same except a save room you can save in. Other than that they are the same. You use the tv to switch personalities and create blood vials. And there library in the same room if you are having any trouble aswell. So you can read about new enemies for example. And how to defeat those new enemies or just about anything in the game.
You use the blood you get from killing heaven smiles to create blood vials. Then you use those vials to upgrade the abilities for a personality.
You can upgrade power,speed,waver or criticals.
Upgrading power gives higher attack power, same with speed.
Upgrading waver makes target locking better.
Upgrading criticals im not sure what it does but it says instant kill. 
The highest level of upgrade is level 5.
All personalities have those upgradable abilites. Except for 1 personality which is a personality you use when you die. You get switched to him to go pick up your dead body and then resurrect it.
Also every personality has a unique weapon and ability. You sometimes use those abilities to complete puzzles. As for the fast gameplay in the first video, it was because i was using a personality that runs fast. His special ability is also running super fast but he runs pretty fast even without it.
thumbnail of Desktop 2021.06.12 -
thumbnail of Desktop 2021.06.12 -
Desktop 2021.06.12 -... mp4
(17.67 MB, 1920x1080 h264)
The running fast ability
> You have to switch between them to complete some puzzles.
Reminding me of Resident Evil. Well Japanese game that too.
> library in the same room if you are having any trouble aswell
I can imagine it is used frequently.
> criticals
Generally a random chance for higher than normal damage, or some other effect. Maybe in that case a higher frequency for criticals to happen?
Yeah, it definitely reminds me of Resident Evil.
thumbnail of 3eea5236bc49c24955eef5ec3ed17f4ac24842808a8fa36a49373445008f15b3.png
thumbnail of 3eea5236bc49c24955eef5ec3ed17f4ac24842808a8fa36a49373445008f15b3.png
3eea5236bc49c24955eef... png
(820.85 KB, 1265x707)
This game looked really good. They just showed it on the e3 stream.
thumbnail of Saboteur2-128.bmp
thumbnail of Saboteur2-128.bmp
Saboteur2-128 bmp
(1.31 MB, 655x524)
thumbnail of saboyeurscrn41[1].jpg
thumbnail of saboyeurscrn41[1].jpg
saboyeurscrn41[1] jpg
(123.57 KB, 670x503)
thumbnail of b4a2a76b0a145ddfce83ce754a55b1c7.png
thumbnail of b4a2a76b0a145ddfce83ce754a55b1c7.png
b4a2a76b0a145ddfce83c... png
(11.33 KB, 918x726)
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg
(285.35 KB, 1280x720)
Last time I played such game it was the Saboteur. I think the first one.
Yes. I played it on ZX Spectrum. Although some years later than the publication.
Essentially you have to infiltrate with a ninja into a facility, plant a bomb, and escape. You can fight enemies in melee, and maybe shurikens also can be used. And now I'm really not sure but perhaps the player could hide from patrols.
I'm not sure if you people care or not(I myself don't really) but there were a few games that were announced recently.

A new Battlefield set in 2042. It looks boring and dumb, they even added dumb memes into the trailer. It's based on the idea that the world is collapsing and creating natural disasters creating 'NonPat' who are used as proxies in a war between Russia and the US over resources(because clearly it's Russia that is the biggest threat to the west in the world). As I said it's dumb.

A new Stalker as well, it looks like a Stalker made in 2021, nothing to say about it. Sure it looks good but there is nothing that makes it stand out from any other Stalker game, it looks the same but with newer graphics.
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg
(248.96 KB, 1280x720)
I saw the battlefield trailer. Looks too much like call of duty warzone. It just looks like they're trying too hard. Making the game relatable by taking features out of other current popular games. Especially with that jet rpg clip in the trailer. From that viral youtube clip years back.
Overall this e3 is pretty shit.
Oh and I forgot, the New Battlefield has not Single player campaign either, it's still the same price though. Funny considering Halo is making a single player story but at the same time releasing the multiplayer for free. Well I never got Battlefield V and Battlefield I's campaign was average but at least it still had one and the War Story Idea was interesting. I guess we will never get a single player like Bad Company again.

Yes I agree, it's like they are making the Multiplayer 'Cinematic' in lieu of the fact they can't do that to the single player anymore. I can only imagine the absolute mess this is going to be when you have 128 players all gimmicking across the map and spawning tanks on themselves. I won't bother with this one either.

I didn't actually expect much from this E 3, I think it was mainly an Xbox/Activation event but I am not sure it has finished yet or not. I'll check to see in the morning if there is anything interesting. I don't think any of the games I would care about would be announced on E 3 though.
Heard about Stalker. I've no opinion.
Besides the lack of time and little patience for games, my potato just can't handle newer installments, so I don't really looking out for new games. I'd try Witcher III, which is still a newer game for me.
What I'm waiting is the OpenMW engine supporting the other TESs and the Fallouts.
I didn't like Witcher III, it was very long, in a very repetitive open world map and the game play was very simple and repetitive too. But that's just me, it seems to be quite popular.

I don't really care for elder Scrolls or Fall Out, I thought they would talk about the next ES that was supposed to be on the way but instead they talked about some new Space game. I would probably buy a new ES, it's not great but it's something to do. I don't know about this space game though.
> game play was very simple and repetitive
Then it's liek Witcher I. Except with open world.
> they talked about some new Space game
How could they make a walking simulator in space? Is it a moonwalking simulator?
Nope, nothing.

I never played the first but I played the second. Yes, but the pacing was much better, the story was more interesting and you travelled to more interesting locations. In the third one you spend 99% of your time doing fetch quests or other mundane things for peasants living in swamps and even the overarching story itself is boring.

It did not show any game play(the game comes out next year) but it just showed a space ship on a planet and a mech that walked into it and then it was about to take off. So you probably have to fly in a space ship to a planet before you can do the walking.
thumbnail of steam next fest.PNG
thumbnail of steam next fest.PNG
steam next fest PNG
(135.76 KB, 951x419)
thumbnail of as.PNG
thumbnail of as.PNG
as PNG
(783.93 KB, 1171x722)
thumbnail of idole.PNG
thumbnail of idole.PNG
idole PNG
(731.13 KB, 1014x685)
There is a bunch of demos available right now. Are you playing any?
I thought these two looked pretty good. Will try them later.
> Idol Manager
I played Huney Cam Studio some years ago, I think I wrote about it in short on /kc/. It's fun for liek 10 mins. A challenge game mode could helped it to not go stale quick.
Other management game, I remember Game Dev Studio. Was enlightening to master it.
> Huney Cam Studio
> It's fun for liek 10 mins
> A challenge game mode could helped it to not go stale quick
I always hear bad things about that game. But this game does not have the same developer so im hopeful that its atleast a decent game.
I was thinking about various flashgames, if they still run in some form, now that flash got retired.

The entertainment value lies in that hint of lewdness. It isn't an erotic game, just naughty enough, and the novelty of running a camming business with hot chicks that gives that 10 minutes of entertainment.
Thats pretty complicated. The game looks like aoe. But you build train stations? Whats the endgame? What are you moving up towards? What are you hoping to achieve?
So what do you do with the money? Do you just build and expand with it?
> Let's invest in business. Bought the Meat Packing Plants and the cattle yards
> They will replenish the money spent on them in about a decade or so  
But for what purpose? What do you do with all that money you will get?
So you use the money to build new railtracks? What are you working towards?
So the goal seems to be raising your company stock price? Or is it just making as much money as possible? Or maybe something else?
So is the game normally about competing with other railway companies?
thumbnail of trains1.jpg
thumbnail of trains1.jpg
trains1 jpg
(160.59 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of trains2.jpg
thumbnail of trains2.jpg
trains2 jpg
(164.53 KB, 1200x907)
thumbnail of trains3.jpg
thumbnail of trains3.jpg
trains3 jpg
(78.68 KB, 1280x720)
The objective is to have some railroady fun without building expensive landscape tables and buying expensive model trains.
The game itself has two modes, campaign and scenarios. Campaigns are chain of scenarios. Each scenario has a map (usually some real landscape, from all over the globe) where rail networks have to be built. The goal of each scenario is different. It can be connecting two cities and move X cargo between them, or get a personal net worth of Y amount, or build a railroad empire of Z amount of stock worth. There are some "exotic" objectives as well, liek "you are Bismarck, you have to unify the German states, by connecting all with railroads", and such.
It's a management game where you do something to get money to invest it into doin more of that something more. Liek Simcity where you build a city run it successfully to build it further up.
There are several levels of complexity. If you just wanna lay tracks and watch trains running about turn on "Sandbox" mode, and do whatever doesn't matter. No income, no demands, no supplies.
But it is more fun to satisfy the demands of settlements, and watch them grow. You transport passengers between them and mail. Then you look for building that produces food, you bring in suitable raw material, then transport the food produced from that to cities. Then do that with goods. Then whatever they need, like as time goes they need automobiles, those are produced in factories which need steel and tires. Steel is made in steel mill, from iron and coal, so you look for mines and bring resources there. Rubber is produced on rubber farms, and used in tire factories. This way supply chains are built. In sandbox this is ignored.
In the game you make money so all this can be done, the transportation network could be built. That stuff with the stocks and shit is just another layer of complexity which can be turned on or off. It can be fun to pretend to be some fat industrialist buying up the stock of the competing companies, then merge them with your company, and use their railroads (to make more money).
> In the game you make money so all this can be done, the transportation network could be built. That stuff with the stocks and shit is just another layer of complexity which can be turned on or off. It can be fun to pretend to be some fat industrialist buying up the stock of the competing companies, then merge them with your company, and use their railroads (to make more money).
So its like different levels. You say that the stocks is just another layer of complexity. So its a matter of experience or maybe like the difference between easy,medium and hard difficulty?
In scenarios it can be turned on/off in the options, 2nd pic here:  >>/43866/
> Financial model
> basic, advanced, expert
If you hover the mouse over the options you should get a description at the bottom of the pic.
thumbnail of cuphead.jpeg
thumbnail of cuphead.jpeg
cuphead jpeg
(225.82 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of beppi the clown.png
thumbnail of beppi the clown.png
beppi the clown png
(51.9 KB, 421x421)
thumbnail of Wally Warbles.png
thumbnail of Wally Warbles.png
Wally Warbles png
(104.49 KB, 655x430)
Wow. Cuphead is quite the game. I was told it was supposed to be difficult but the first couple of bosses were actually easy. But it gets harder and harder every boss you defeat. Beppi the clown took me like 40 attempts. And wally warbles made me uninstall the game and then reinstall it. I finally beat him yesterday.
thumbnail of abdul.jpeg
thumbnail of abdul.jpeg
abdul jpeg
(130.84 KB, 1344x1036)
thumbnail of tacticsogre.jpeg
thumbnail of tacticsogre.jpeg
tacticsogre jpeg
(17.49 KB, 220x216)
thumbnail of doomgba.jpeg
thumbnail of doomgba.jpeg
doomgba jpeg
(90.91 KB, 500x500)
thumbnail of vicecitystories.jpeg
thumbnail of vicecitystories.jpeg
vicecityst... jpeg
(79.31 KB, 481x840)
Finished playing Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis, made by Atlus. Really high polished game with lots of Medieval and mythological references inside of it. Lots of details inside of it and enormous game length for a GBA game. I'll write a longer review about the game later because it's that good. 10/10 GBA game IMHO. The other Tactics Ogre game for PSP is also good. Really which every Ogre game was released for PC tbh. Along with all Kingdom Hearts games

Also started playing the original DOOM for GBA. Another masterpiece that handles really well. It's more or less a direct port of the PC one

And also playing GTA: Vice City Stories. Music's superb, characters are great, atmosphere is perfect. Just started playing it and liked it so far. Main protagonist is one of the few likable protagonists that the GTA series has tbh
> GTA: Vice City Stories.
Since I heard about the *Stories I wanted to play them, but well, no PC version.
I'm fine with the protags. But frankly, the player have to commit so much dirty acts... he can't be really likeable fellow.
> Since I heard about the *Stories I wanted to play them, but well, no PC version.

...just emulate them instead. Get the PS2 edition. It's better

> I'm fine with the protags. But frankly, the player have to commit so much dirty acts... he can't be really likeable fellow.

Only good protags are CJ, Vince and Nico Bellic tbh
thumbnail of watch.jpeg
thumbnail of watch.jpeg
watch jpeg
(47.96 KB, 1014x849)
thumbnail of dr2.jpeg
thumbnail of dr2.jpeg
dr2 jpeg
(47.34 KB, 616x353)
thumbnail of ds1.jpeg
thumbnail of ds1.jpeg
ds1 jpeg
(52.64 KB, 256x330)
Now starting a play-through of Dead Rising 2 and Dark Souls 1. Both games are bretty gud and really fun. Oldies but goodies.
Dark souls is good but I really hated dead rising, I could not even finish it. It's just so boring, I really don't understand the appeal of zombies as an enemy, they are pretty much the worst enemy you can put in a game for every reason.
Was flash games Rebuild and Rebuild 2 I enjoyed. They were turn based strategy games a city had to be reclaimed, square by square. The player had no interaction directly with the zombies, he had to designate tasks for his "settlers" and they could fight with the zombies.
> for every reason
What are those reasons?
From a gameplay perspective they are boring and simple and there is very little that you can actually do with them. They just run at you like an idiot. From a character design perspective they are quite bland as well, they are all the same and they are also the same as any other zombie really, there is also not much room for variation or characters within them whereas if you picked say bandits or looters instead you could have leaders, uniforms and such that would make them not just stand out form each other but form the bandits of other games as well which zombies do not. And finally from a writing perspective they are also bad, they are ludicrous to begin with but the zombies of course also don't have characters, dialogue, plots, motivations, hierarchies etc.
It can be spiced up. Other takes on zombies are the Resident Evil and Dead Space for example. They add a variety, they order them a kind of hierarchy, and origin. Ok, they aren't in the classic Romero style environment.
thumbnail of apu1.png
thumbnail of apu1.png
apu1 png
(13.38 KB, 657x527)
> How long? 

Raly long bernd. I just made it into Undead Burg. Dark Souls is a mega immersive and gud game. It's also really long. 

Mix godhand, Oblivion, Morrowind and Metro 2033 into a blender and you get more or less Dark Souls from it. It's hard to describe unless you play it yourself.

> I really don't understand the appeal of zombies as an enemy,
Major focus on the cathartic gameplay, not so much on the story. Like left 4 dead 2 for examples
thumbnail of dead_nations007.gif
thumbnail of dead_nations007.gif
dead_nations007 gif
(141.72 KB, 640x480)
I was playing Planescape Torment rpg recently and the devs did something completely different in the game: they made zombies into NPCs, and they did a good job. They're still zombies so you won't have extensive conversations with them, but there's a lot of interactions you can have with them. In the first area, the Mortuary, they act as a menial workers for the Dustmen faction. They're all branded with a number and you can find some notes saying who that person was while he was alive etc. All of them got a rather extensive description of how he looks and smells and whatnot, what wounds he have that probably led to his current state etc. Really gives them a lot of character. You can retrieve some items from them, for example you can learn that one item is sewn inside a mouth of certain zombie so you have to find the guy and do a small operation on him. Or in other case you can do a little trolling and push one zombie who has a bit of a problem maintaining a balance but also a really bad case of rot and after he splashes to the ground and turns into a puddle you discover that his arm actually became as hard as stone and can be used as a weapon. Then after leaving the initial area you can quickly learn how do these zombies come to be: the dustmen faction offers a contract to any living person, offering money in exchange for a permission to raise the body as a zombie when the person dies. 
Somewhere in the middle game you can meet another group of zombies that actualyl have some conciousness still in them and their leader is the most kind hearted zombie I met in any game. Once I was done with the quests in the area and gained their trust, I complained to the said leader that my companion got kidnapped by an evil warlock and I can only get him back if I give him a skull of an unique creature, and the zombie lady was ready to pluck out her own head and give it to me to save my friend. 
Really unique approach to those creatures, I dont think I saw anything like that in any other game. Also I dont think there's a single moment in the game that you have to fight a zombie unless you specifically choose to do so.
The hero himself is kind of a "zombie" - from what I remember. I couldn't play the game through due to some game breaking glitch. Maybe some day.
I guess you could say that. Death doesn't want him and whenever your main character hit points drop to zero you just wake up somewhere (usually back in the mortuary). IIRC sometimes it can even help progress the plot. Another interesting twist the devs did. 
You should definitely try to play it as it's a really interesting game. There was enhanced edition released some time ago so perhaps the problem you had no longer persists.
thumbnail of ZZC 1546 Mod Operator.jpg
thumbnail of ZZC 1546 Mod Operator.jpg
ZZC 1546... jpg
(2.27 MB, 1650x2550)
I played Escape From Tarkov(I found a pirate version with a single player mod/Server thing). 

I don't know, for how long it has been in development there isn't much in it, I had been wanting to play it for years now. Basically you just load out a character with the equipment you have and then you pick an area to go to(and loading into it takes a while too) and then explore that area for loot and enemies to shoot and loot. It's not really that interesting, I think the setting is not that great and even the weapons and equipment are lacking, there is a myriad of AK variants but outside of that not much, not even common weapons like a SCAR, G3 or FAL. AND YOU CAN'T PLAY A S A GIRL!!! 

I guess the idea was to create a battle royal type thing but where you can keep the equipment you get and use it in the next game(you also lose the equipment you have on you if you die) but it doesn't work that great for that and it does not take long to find the best weapons and equipment and then what? You don't have much of a reason to play anymore at all.

You can do a lot of weapon customization but that is about it. Modern weapons are annoying like that, they all look the same know, they are covered in picatiny rails, often use the same kind of systems and they mount the same third party optics and accessories. They lack soul and individuality.
I know very little about Tarkov but judging a game that focuses on multiplayer experience by playing only modded single player version doesnt sound very fair tbh.

> you pick an area to go to [...] and then explore that area for loot and enemies to shoot and loot
Sound like Diablo, or that Whatever London (which is diablo with guns, except it plays in post-apocalyptic london).
> no FAL
Uhh... The only game where pick the chick is VtMB, and only when Malk.
> They lack soul and individuality.
Ain't that the truth.
thumbnail of cultist-sim.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim.png
cultist-sim png
(1.01 MB, 2000x1125)
thumbnail of cultist-sim001.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim001.png
cultist-sim001 png
(1.22 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim002.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim002.png
cultist-sim002 png
(1.34 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim003.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim003.png
cultist-sim003 png
(1.26 MB, 1420x939)
I find this calm game by accident. Cultist Simulator. It is a time-management card game, and a life simulator of some kind.
You play the role of a cultist. But first you aren't cultist, just some bloke who gradually gets into the occult business, since those are the only activities in this game.
Beside work.
thumbnail of cultist-sim004.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim004.png
cultist-sim004 png
(1.27 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim005.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim005.png
cultist-sim005 png
(1.24 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim006.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim006.png
cultist-sim006 png
(1.26 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim007.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim007.png
cultist-sim007 png
(1.28 MB, 1420x939)
On some pictures my bg shows on top. Luckily nothing important there.
So beside work, you can sleep and dream. That's a way of earning other stuff, process life events, and whatever.
thumbnail of cultist-sim009.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim009.png
cultist-sim009 png
(1.29 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim010.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim010.png
cultist-sim010 png
(1.33 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim011.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim011.png
cultist-sim011 png
(1.43 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim012.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim012.png
cultist-sim012 png
(1.31 MB, 1420x939)
No pic 008, wasn't deleted, just mislabeled it as 009. And won't correct it.
Soon, after Work, Dream, and Study, a new node appears: Time. This eats your money, represents well, time passing and gives a constraint.
Btw this is how the game works: you pull cards into the nodes (except those which just take cards bye themselves, like Time), the node processes the card for a certain amount of time, and gives the card back, or some other card instead, or more cards. Depends.
There's a variety of combinations that can be done.
thumbnail of cultist-sim013.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim013.png
cultist-sim013 png
(1.43 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim014.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim014.png
cultist-sim014 png
(1.28 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim015.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim015.png
cultist-sim015 png
(1.34 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim016.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim016.png
cultist-sim016 png
(1.43 MB, 1420x939)
The player has four attributes, which also resources, and can use them in all kinds of nodes since they are also represented as cards (not just that four shit at the bottom of the screen).
Health - can be used for working, can gain Vitality, then strength which gives more Health, to use them simultaneously and such. Also you can get ill, or harmed, that reserves one of your Health, until you seek a doctor (for Funds) or cancel it with Vitality, via the Dream node (sleep = rest).
Passion - emotional aspect of the player, this also can be multiplied, can be used to do work, or dream, whatever.
Reason - the mental capacity or something, usually for studying, can be gained skills and used them to I dunno what, not sure yet, I'm just experimenting, haven't read any manual or help.
Funds - money, used to pay for all kinds of things, like keep the Time going, get help from doctor when ill, or purchase items, or hire people to do stuff.

Items are source of other cards, after Study or Explore, and probably can do other stuff with them, eg for rituals.
thumbnail of cultist-sim018.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim018.png
cultist-sim018 png
(1.42 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim019.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim019.png
cultist-sim019 png
(1.3 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim020.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim020.png
cultist-sim020 png
(1.3 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim021.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim021.png
cultist-sim021 png
(1.29 MB, 1420x939)
#017 is just a duplicate of #016
After discovering Morland's shop, the player can buy books there for research. Some needs language skill, like Latin or Sanskrit, not sure how to gain that. The books then give other stuff, like reason, or skill, or some occult knowledge or ritual or something.
thumbnail of cultist-sim022.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim022.png
cultist-sim022 png
(1.31 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim023.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim023.png
cultist-sim023 png
(1.31 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim024.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim024.png
cultist-sim024 png
(1.29 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim025.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim025.png
cultist-sim025 png
(1.32 MB, 1420x939)
Sometimes I just throw the cards into nodes, to see the results. But that can be varying.
thumbnail of cultist-sim026.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim026.png
cultist-sim026 png
(1.33 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim027-starting-a-cult.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim027-starting-a-cult.png
cultist-sim027-starti... png
(1.31 MB, 1420x939)
thumbnail of cultist-sim028-new-life.png
thumbnail of cultist-sim028-new-life.png
cultist-sim028-new-li... png
(1.42 MB, 1420x939)
I managed to found a new cult. Then recruited two cultists, one was just a pawn. Oh well. Those guys can do stuff instead of the player, like recruit people in the city (Explore node), or discover new places.
Also the avatar of the player can die (not only in one way), and it seems he can reincarnate(?), a profession can be chosen (the very first life starts unskilled). I could choose from Medium, Detective, and Dancer background. Each came with different setups.

Basically that's it. I played about an hour. The speed of the game can be set to normal and fast paced, and ofc can be paused. Which is frequently needed for now.
Some reading, but texts are short. The game is kinda cryptic and not straightforward all the time, but this gives some joy of discovery. I dunno when it becomes too repetitive.
Also the theme is 1920's like.
thumbnail of forever.jpeg
thumbnail of forever.jpeg
forever jpeg
(454.63 KB, 640x898)
thumbnail of 3D.png
thumbnail of 3D.png
3D png
(123.53 KB, 220x307)
Gave these two games a try. Duke Nukem Forever(the demo) bored me in less than 10 minutes. Shittiest game I've ever played. It should have stayed dead and never been released tbh

Then I gave Duke Nukem 3D a try, and raly liked it. It may be a Doom clone, but it does a lot to diferenciate itself. It feels like I'm playing in an actual human environment and there are lots of interactive objects around. It feels more well paced and better structured that Doom and most Doom clones IMHO. Overall, it's good. But at its time, it must have been groundbreaking stuff. 

Duke 3D was also the game that popularized FPS games from what I read
thumbnail of 1633373419100m.jpg
thumbnail of 1633373419100m.jpg
1633373419100m jpg
(233.68 KB, 791x1024)

> This is a really recent game right?
I assume so. The artwork suggests that.
I'm not sure about the ratings. I've little idea in general what to do. Yesterday played the detective, a fugitive (or how it was called), and a medium. They died relatively quickly all achieving little. I know how to generate certain cards surely, but not others, and some bad shit accumulates that kills the characters in the end (Dread or something, it needs to be countered with Contentment). The fugitive is also special I should have made screenshot of that.
I'm sure when I figure it out it will lose mystique and will turn too repetitive.

I wasted many many hours on Duke Nukem 3D. It's really fun. Don't forget to search out the secret places.
Also you can use both legs for kicking simultaneously. 0 is left kick which can always be used, and one weapon is kick which can be triggered with the fire button, when the leg is selected.
Also. Tip the strippers.
> This is not Doom, Spacemareeen

It good game tbh. Really ahead of it's time. Shame 3D realms and gearbox fugged the franchise up

> Also. Tip the strippers.
Did that and then shot and kicked them. More aliens spawned out. And they always do that after you hit a female in the game
GG Duke. GG

I'm trying to play some expansion packs. Currently in the Critical Mass level. Want to try "Life's a beach" later on
> expansion packs
Those I played less. There was some nuke themed and a santa themed maybe?
> "Life's a beach" I don't remember that one.
thumbnail of cover.jpeg
thumbnail of cover.jpeg
cover jpeg
(266.34 KB, 1280x720)
> Those I played less. There was some nuke themed and a santa themed maybe?

There's a ton of them + a lot of community maps. But I don't liek most of them

> "Life's a beach" I don't remember that one.

It's part of Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach

> Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach was generally met with praise from players. It is often hailed for its fun and thoughtful level design, and many consider it the best of the authorized expansion packs released for Duke Nukem 3D.
A lil link to the map and levels


And here's a link to Eduke bernds are interested in playing Duke Nukem. It's a free version that runs on practically any PC 


> EDuke32 is an awesome, free homebrew game engine and source port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D— Duke3D for short—to Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, several handhelds, your family toaster, and to your girlfriend's vibrator. We've added thousands of cool and useful features and upgrades for regular players and additional editing capabilities and scripting extensions for homebrew developers and mod creators. EDuke32 is open source software that is completely free to use for all non-commercial purposes.
thumbnail of remaster.png
thumbnail of remaster.png
remaster png
(428.53 KB, 900x496)
thumbnail of ugh.png
thumbnail of ugh.png
ugh png
(447.62 KB, 727x482)
GTA 3, vice city and san andreas are getting a remaster soon. 




> To prepare for launch, we will begin removing existing versions of the classic titles from digital retailers next week. For more information, please visit Rockstar Games Support. In addition, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be coming to iOS and Android in the first half of 2022.

Bernds onions on this?

Mine? Looks kinda ugly. Getting rid of the old GTA games is a big no no

> eduke
That I might try.

Btw have you played Duke Nukem, the original sidescroller?
Furthermore I recommend Blood and Blood 2.

> removing existing versions 
> Bernds onions on this?
Time to stuff a copy of each old versions, which works on wine, and which are run on my machine. The new ones probably will have unreasonable sys reqs.
I wonder what they'll add and change beyond the the looks.
thumbnail of glom.png
thumbnail of glom.png
glom png
(30.71 KB, 640x405)
> Nice.
this tbh

> That I might try.
You probably gon like it

> Btw have you played Duke Nukem, the original sidescroller?
> Furthermore I recommend Blood and Blood 2.
No. Haven't tried them yet

> Time to stuff a copy of each old versions, which works on wine, and which are run on my machine.
That's what everyone else is doing right now tbh

> Why?

thumbnail of FDT5BBmXoAEu3Ww.jpeg
thumbnail of FDT5BBmXoAEu3Ww.jpeg
FDT5BBmXoAEu3Ww jpeg
(143.44 KB, 720x875)
Still playing Dark Souls  >>/44970/

tbh late in the game it feels like a mix of Lord of the rings with the best elements of Morrowwind and Oblivion.  

I just got the magical McGuffin(Lordvessel) that advances the story. So now I have to go to 4 different caves to make the McGuffin more special, or sumthing.

Crystal Cave is a bitch though. That part is complete baloney
thumbnail of feces.png
thumbnail of feces.png
feces png
(177.26 KB, 1054x526)
> I do not believe you.

Ok I'm actuallies Igor Gutman. Finally found this board so I have to make the absolute worsts posts posibble Nod really though, it me tbh
thumbnail of chew ass.png
thumbnail of chew ass.png
chew ass png
(149.66 KB, 959x617)
(45.32 KB, 616x353)
Just finished playing Duke Nukem 3D and took a shittenings on the final boss srs. Now I'm playing Blood. Literally the most craziest FPS game I've ever played. Even more insane and fun than Duke Nukem.

After this, I only have to play Shadow Warrior and Serious Sam to really call myself a true boomercore shooter appreciator and maybe Ion Fury if I have the time
> Ok I'm actuallies Igor Gutman.

> shittenings on the final boss
Isn't that just the first level, LA Meltdown?
> Fresh Supply
Is that a remastered version?
> Literally the most craziest FPS game I've ever played
> I hate mimes

There is also Redneck Rampage. I think it was released after Duke Nukem 3D.
> to really call myself a true boomercore shooter appreciator

You also may play Rise of the Triad or Hexen/Heretic if you like that. Dark Forces (original one) is also pretty good classic 3d shooter. Or go slightly deeper in past and try Blake Stone or other wolf3d games. Strife is worth to try because it is somewhat unique rpg-like game for doom engine, although it is very long. There were also some now-forgotten games like Cybermage or Cyclones. And much more.

And this for being true oldschool 3d connoisseur: https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/dungeons-of-kremlin (joke, don't even try, this game doesn't worth it)
> I think both has sequels.

Yes, Hexen II and Heretic II. It is funny, because Hexen is actually Heretic II, and there must be single next game.

It is also worth to try both System Shocks too, and maybe look at Terminator FPS games of that era.
thumbnail of the-terminator-future-shock-07.png
thumbnail of the-terminator-future-shock-07.png
the-terminator-future... png
(355.53 KB, 800x500)
thumbnail of rampage.jpg
thumbnail of rampage.jpg
rampage jpg
(30.04 KB, 640x480)
thumbnail of terminator-2029.jpg
thumbnail of terminator-2029.jpg
terminator-2029 jpg
(42.16 KB, 480x360)
> Oh dog. I did not hear good things about them. Did you have the luck to play 'em?

I've played those ones:

Terminator 2029 - not that FPS that everyone expect because interface is more like classic hack-n-slash rpg (Eye of Beholder etc). Cell-based movement (i.e. only four direction and fixed steps), mouse aim. Much less "quick action" than wolfenstein, for example. Can't say that it was good game, and it is also pretty hard.

Terminator: Rampage - this is first "real" FPS in modern terms in that series, something between Wolfenstein 3d and Doom. It has some sluggish feel, but playable. Also can't say that it is something very interesting compared to similar games.

Terminator: Future Shock - maybe best of these three (and most modern). Typical Doom-like with some engine differences. There were sequel (Skynet) that I didn't play, but internet says that it was ok.

Didn't finish any of these games though, just played few levels of each. I can't recommend them as something unique and classic like Doom or Duke. Games like Dark Forces also more interesting than them.
I've been paying Myth of Empires. It looked like a Chinese Mount and Blade Open world kind of game but really it's just a survival game with some Mount and blade like features that don't work well. Like combat, it's fairly strange with blocking hardly working, you can only command one soldier at the start and I think 3 or 5 maximum later on.

You start on a PvE world but then you can go to a PvP one so I did. I don't know... I thought to join a guild, they give you their discord and everybody communicates through that, I talked to some guy on it who had me do an interview, he said I was supposed to do a mic chat interview but I said I did not have one, I got in but the next day he was gone. I messaged his discord and asked him why he was gone and he said he just could not deal with the drama anymore, okay, I didn't know what to make of it. Very few people use the in game chat, occasionally they contact other clans but that is it, they rarely use or respond to guild chat. I think Discord kind of ruined that, people have their own networks they use instead of the central game network. But even then, they don't actually use the Discord text much, I thought that the whole guild was dead because almost nobody said anything in guild chat but one guy and people did not message in discord much. But then I had to use the voice chat function of Discord to get permission to delete my own structures and that is where I found them all, they were there and talking they just don't message in game and rarely on Discord. I kind of ignored the guild and did my own thing building my own house and not using the base but they were fine with that, though I still ended up helping them a lot by clearing iron mines of mobs and helping mine for them too, even if I would take a quarter or so for myself. We got raided a few times, they smashed outlying buildings and attacked farmers and players that were leaving bases and stuff, so I went to raid myself in turn.  I'm not that high a level compared to this guild, I killed one of their NPCs but then got ganged up on by high level players and killed, I joked about it being unfair, they replied about it being war, I said I didn't care if I died I would be back muwhaha they said it was content, it was all fairly jovial. Then a few hours later they raid again using my raid as an excuse even though I had done next to nothing and they do much worse all the time and the whole guild(and server) goes spastic and says I didn't have permission to do that , I didn't ask to do that, they tell the other guild they are going to make it right and they kick me.

I don't know. It probably isn't really for me. It seems that 99% of the time you are in a PvP world you are not allowed to PvP, you may as well be in a PvE world at least you would not have to be a part of a guild that way. I'm not even sure about PvP in these kinds of game anyway, because it's all equipment and level dependent, not skill dependent plus they don't fight fair anyway. These higher level players would one shot me but even though they could do that they never fought one on one anyway. I mean I could do what they do and just find a lower level player and kill him but where is the fun in that? It's like killing slimes, they can't actually fight back, even if they did hit me they don't do anything, what's the point? It's not skill at all and all I am doing is being a tyrant. I think that sums up these kinds of games in general, it's just higher level players and bigger guilds being tyrants and stomping on lower level players and smaller guilds. There is no sportsmanship in this.

So I gave up on that and I am playing Hearts of Iron IV, there is a new DLC out focusing on the Balkans and it added railways and tanks designing too.
thumbnail of bloodrayne.jpg
thumbnail of bloodrayne.jpg
bloodrayne jpg
(64.42 KB, 800x600)
thumbnail of mythofempire.jpg
thumbnail of mythofempire.jpg
mythofempire jpg
(433.67 KB, 1920x1080)
thumbnail of myth-of-empires-original.jpg
thumbnail of myth-of-empires-original.jpg
myth-of-empires-origi... jpg
(621.55 KB, 1920x1080)
Their main selling point is the franchise. Who wouldn't want to be the hero of the resistance.
How many film franchises expanded into the territory of video games?
Reverse example: Bloodrayne. Video games turned into movies. Shitty movies, I've seen them (they are hilarious on their own way.) Mario

I concur it does remind me of M&B.
Well, that's MMOs I guess. I'd expect them to be underage b& and normies by large.
I can't say much else about the topic. You tried and was disappointed.
What would your ideal MMO would look like?
thumbnail of Enter mit Fingers.png
thumbnail of Enter mit Fingers.png
Enter mit Fingers png
(1.56 MB, 1080x1021)
> There is also Redneck Rampage. I think it was released after Duke Nukem 3D.

Didn't like that one so much 

> You also may play Rise of the Triad or Hexen/Heretic if you like that. Dark Forces (original one) is also pretty good classic 3d shooter

Those are the next ones on my list tbh
thumbnail of dd23_1.png
thumbnail of dd23_1.png
dd23_1 png
(2.56 MB, 1534x786)
thumbnail of DD21 2v1.png
thumbnail of DD21 2v1.png
DD21 2v1 png
(852.8 KB, 732x1325)
thumbnail of potential-engineers.PNG
thumbnail of potential-engineers.PNG
potential-engineers PNG
(219.43 KB, 519x303)
thumbnail of dd5_4.png
thumbnail of dd5_4.png
dd5_4 png
(581.91 KB, 563x957)
Following Victoria 3 dev diaries. The social, economic and even diplomatic simulation seems reasonable, maybe the implementation will be underwhelming but the design direction hasn't been to dumb them down and there are several promising changes, such as:
- The political struggle is between Interest Groups such as industrialists, trade unions, the clergy, the Armed Forces, etc.
- The diplomatic crisis system has been remade into the centerpiece of diplomacy
- Wages according to a labor market
- Flexible building and production system allowing industries to change their ownership, workforce composition and inputs; this isn't exclusively for production but also for services, bureaucracy and anything modders will think of
- Rigid and nongranular National Focus system replaced by bureaucracy and authority resources
- Bilateral trade with supply routes instead of an unified global market without any transport involved
- A country with an illiterate population can have a significant number of scholars and catch up with the rest of the world in technology, but won't be a technological innovator
Some bad decisions, too, such as the cookie-cutter UI.

The big draw, however, is the military system. They've gutted on-map armies and tactical movement and replaced it with what looks like the dullest AI controlled frontlines I've ever seen, with very little player input. And despite stating their goal is to make war more strategic, their mobilization system brings only modest improvement compared to Victoria 2's and still isn't a realistic simulation of conscription. The naval system is better than Victoria 2's but that's no achievement, the predecessor was barebones. The new war system doesn't even feel like dumbing down the game to a broader audience, it's too dry to appeal to anyone; it's a certainty that they'll introduce some deeper combat with a DLC. The least they could've done was to implement some version of HoI 4's frontlines.
So essentially those battles are just reports about how it is going.
I think in their other games, it's the same, only the player could maneuver the units from province to province (which was sometimes frustrating).
It's completely different, now all you can do is assign battalions to a very large front and tell he general to attack or defend.
It looks like they are trying to make warfare less important and maybe they are trying to stop people map painting(but that's the whole point of these games). Also maybe they are making it so that everything is more passive, making it more about watching your country progress while you change laws or change production to try and sway it to do what you want.

I don't like it. But the game is not out and with enough backlash maybe they will change it. Or they might rework it a year after release like they did with a few things in Imperator.
In CK2 the player could assign "battalions" to flanks. And then watch how the battle plays out along the skills and abilities of the generals and dice rolls.
The only control was the amount of battalions assigned, and the "maneuver" to the province where the battle played out.
thumbnail of 1oladsg2ks7g.jpg
thumbnail of 1oladsg2ks7g.jpg
1oladsg2ks7g jpg
(506.37 KB, 1920x1080)
thumbnail of Darkest Hour corps.png
thumbnail of Darkest Hour corps.png
Darkest Hour corps png
(628.03 KB, 1600x900)
> Also maybe they are making it so that everything is more passive, making it more about watching your country progress while you change laws or change production to try and sway it to do what you want.
That's what Victoria 2 did for almost anything and it's a splendid design choice for simulation. But it had exceptions, allowing (but not demandeding) micromanagement of factories and demanding a traditional military micromanagement. Victoria isn't a war-focused franchise in the Europa Universalis or Hearts of Iron sense, but it still is one of the main mechanics and late-game world wars cripple empires. It isn't about map-painting, at least within Europe, as direct annexation there is too costly, though European powers certainly have to map paint in Africa. 
Victoria 2's war system is basically the same as EU's but with mechanics for rising personnel counts and military spending and the transition from Napoleonic to trench warfare. Its problem is that it works fine early on but by World War I there's too much micromanagement because you're still moving around corps like you're a Renaissance-era monarch. Most importantly, the EU system of armies doing battle within provinces is maintained, rather than the HoI system of battles taking place across province boundaries (move = attack). 
So a proper overhaul of the combat system would have to implement a transition from inside-province to across-province-border combat within the game's timeframe, it'd be challenging but I don't think it's impossible. Or they'd figure out how to use the HoI system for 1830s warfare. In addition, the micromanagement issue would have to be solved. Maybe with players defining standardized divisions for their armies instead of having to piece together dozens of regiments and/or with a HoI 4-style frontline system, though I'd rather have the end result look like Darkest Hour.

In CK2 and in any other Paradox game there are on-map armies and you decide which provinces they invade and where they get to fight. Victoria 3 gutted this, the player has no input on the geography of war.
> In CK2 and in any other Paradox game there are on-map armies and you decide which provinces they invade and where they get to fight. 
This is what I wrote. They have this system with figurines on the map and the player has to awkwardly maneuver them around. It's an awful system (e.g. Army1 needs 30 days to march from one province to another, enemy Army2 enters the province on day 29, they'll engage in battle as if Army1 has marched 29 days just around the battlefield and isn't just one day away from the arrival to the other province's battlefield, this doesn't make any sense).
In CK2 the player can manage armies by sorting battalions between the flank: the two wings and the center; all flanks can have their own general influencing the events on the front of that particular flank, and one general has an overall influence on the performance of the army. From the picture here  >>/45876/ I can deduce something similar. When they engage the enemy the player only gets updates on what's going on, but no way of intervening, this is how it went in CK2 too.
Just because now the deployment of the battalions/units is done via some different interface, and not via that token figurines on the map, it doesn't mean things changed much. From the sound of it, scrapping that system seems to be an improvement.

I remember spending much time on checking an enemy unit by baiting it to attack an empty province, then initiating an attack on them with nearby army in next province so they have to stop the invasion, but baiting them again attacking that same province, so the AI won't march them somewhere else instead where they could cause problems. While I was waiting for another army to arrive so I could actually conduct warfare against them.
Such a shitty strategy game.
> When they engage the enemy the player only gets updates on what's going on, but no way of intervening, this is how it went in CK2 too.
The difference is in "when they engage", that used to be determined by player input.
> Just because now the deployment of the battalions/units is done via some different interface, and not via that token figurines on the map, it doesn't mean things changed much.
It changed from a wargame to a resource management game. There's seemingly such thing as concentrating forces on a stretch of the frontline, forming a defense behind a river or conducting an encirclement operation. Now you just give Lee 100 battalions and tell him to go fight off the Union. It's not much more advanced than simply having a progress bar you throw casualties and military spending at until you enforce your war goals.
> I remember spending much time on checking an enemy unit by baiting it to attack an empty province, then initiating an attack on them with nearby army in next province so they have to stop the invasion, but baiting them again attacking that same province, so the AI won't march them somewhere else instead where they could cause problems. While I was waiting for another army to arrive so I could actually conduct warfare against them.
Same, but they should've improved the wargame, not removed it.
Any idea what's the purpose behind changing the army mechanics in Vic3? I've been speculating that perhaps, they decided that instead of having to fix a shitty AI, they will force the player to also have to shout at that same AI to move armies, thus levelling the field by forcing you to dumb down to AI's level.
Reducing development effort and increasing DLC sales, maybe. But they might be hoping to deal with AI stupidity by making the system more abstract, which will be easier to handle but also dull and predictable.
> should've improved the wargame, not removed 
I don't think it could work out in that system and map level.
Two games that are kinda similar, the Total War, and Knights of Honor - and now I'm talking only about the strategic level.
TW is turn based, and works well. KoH however is similarly real time, but one can zoom in, the actual position of a unit is its actual position and two armies can only engage in battle if they really met. Same in TW.
But Tardadox implemented a Risk type of map in real time environment, where the actual position of a unit only matters if it's on a separate tile/province, and units don't really move inside a province like in TW or KoH. This is a very inconvenient choice. How could this be improved?
> but they should've improved the wargame, not removed it.

It is pretty hard to make proper good wargame, from rules to balance, and considering that Paradox games already relatively complex for common gamer, it may be meaningless task.
I actually don't have a problem with the EUIV system and I think it's meant to be that way, they certainly could have done things to modify it like making it so that an army halfway out of a province cannot be attacked by one entering the province but instead not only do they not do that but the only amplify it by making it so that an army halfway into a province is locked and has to keep going no matter what. In a way it adds a kind of pseudo turn based nature to it and if you removed it you would end up micro managing armies much more as it would be much harder to get into combat with another army, they would just run to the next province then come back and then run off again when you get close and they would keep doing that forever You would never be able to fight a weaker army.
Well, that depends on army speed and not army size. But ofc a larger army has more clunky shit, less cohesion, which slows them down. Maybe certain general skills could counter this.
But there are unit types which are faster, light infantry, various cavalry types, which can chase, or cut off escape routes, which ofc also demands terrain to be implemented better, valleys, river crossings, choke points, or wide fields that suitable for battle. Which in return would allow more tactics, and more strategical options, like smaller corps could delay larger ones. Etc etc.
Very exciting possibilities.
But I've no idea how to implement this in a Risk-liek strategic map.
It's army size because the smaller army will always try to run away from a larger one and changing the system away from what it is now will allow them to always succeed in running away, you would have to be much faster than another army to have any hope of catching them.

There is cavalry so you could break it off and send it to hold the fleeing army but it would just get wiped out before you could arrive with the rest. And even if it did work that would still be needless micro managing for something the current system manages fine. I think you are thinking in operational terms when it is not an operational game but a strategic one.

Terrain would not help but also Imperator has better terrain in it.
The player in Paradox games still have to play on "operational" level when his armies arrive to the front his country has with the enemy. From there it's all operational. Every maneuver and every decision about engagements. It's shitty and not detailed at all, but still.
What makes the game strategic is that the player has to bother with production, groupings, troop distribution, etc. Just because the wars would allow better control on the events of the fronts it wouldn't make it an operational game overall.
thumbnail of 99c44efd4e3847d19421f93a7aa528b86eaac0c3196290d0219bfe35355daab5.jpg
thumbnail of 99c44efd4e3847d19421f93a7aa528b86eaac0c3196290d0219bfe35355daab5.jpg
99c44efd4e3847d19421f... jpg
(225.3 KB, 1417x1260)
thumbnail of Civvie11.jpeg
thumbnail of Civvie11.jpeg
Civvie11 jpeg
(101.21 KB, 900x900)
Oh dog. I just finished playing Blood. The last chapter of the game has got to be the most insane FPS gameplay I've ever experienced. I cannot think of another FPS that will ever top what I just experienced. Pls gives the game a try at least one bernds.
The protagonist Caleb is especially good. Liek, he's even more of a badass than Duke even. srs. A yter called Civvie11 gives a really good breakdown of the game. He also reviews a ton of other boomer FPS games if lors is interested in it. Also, Blood 2 is very bad. Don't try that game out



whoops forgot to answer that

> Isn't that just the first level, LA Meltdown?

No, I think it's the Lunar Apocalypse level. I beat the OverLord instead of the BattleLord while on a spaceship hovering planet earth.
thumbnail of Day_and_Night_(Belobog_and_Chernobog)_--_Maxim_Sukharev.jpg
thumbnail of Day_and_Night_(Belobog_and_Chernobog)_--_Maxim_Sukharev.jpg
Day_and_Night_(Belobo... jpg
(215.76 KB, 887x627)
Another thing I wanted to mentioned.

The final boss of the game, Tchernobog, is actually based of an actual Slav Pagan myth. 

> Chernobog[a] (Latin: Zcerneboch, lit. "Black God", reconstructed as Proto-Slavic *Čьrnobogъ, from *čьrnъ ("black") + *bogъ ("god")[1]) is the god of bad fate worshipped by the Polabian Slavs.
> He is first mentioned by Helmold in the Chronica Slavorum. The authenticity of the cult of the Chernobog, as well as of the Belebog reproduced by analogy to him, is controversial among scholars. 
> Nevertheless, Chernobog is one of the most popular Slavic gods in the world


Pretty ebin minor but very important detail inside the game. Do people on this board even know of him though?
thumbnail of 72c1c1_4c573048dffa412e9935a56d95dddc48~mv2.jpg
thumbnail of 72c1c1_4c573048dffa412e9935a56d95dddc48~mv2.jpg
72c1c1_4c573048dffa41... jpg
(290.74 KB, 853x635)
> Chernobog
> Do people on this board even know of him though?

It is relatively known in slavic neopaganism and things related to it (local fantasy books, some computer games). But authenticity is surely very debatable (as with Belobog too).
> I really have to play em (again) then.

Literally a 10/10 boomercore gaem tbh. A remake that plays like the original would be ebin

Civvie good. There's a surprising amount of good yt around, but most are unknown.
thumbnail of ADV to go.jpeg
thumbnail of ADV to go.jpeg
ADV to go jpeg
(125.36 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of pspbox.jpeg
thumbnail of pspbox.jpeg
pspbox jpeg
(203.52 KB, 997x801)
Playing a Natsume game called "Adventures to go". It's surprisingly addictive and witty. All of the dialogue is funny and sounds more like a parody of regular JRPGs tropes. 

tbh PSP had a lot of good and obscure games in it. Like the DS. 

I don't like the way the protagonists looks though. A lil too effeminate
thumbnail of 1.jpg
thumbnail of 1.jpg
1 jpg
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thumbnail of 2.jpg
thumbnail of 2.jpg
2 jpg
(289.56 KB, 1920x1440)
Youtube thread reminded me about Dendy (NES) that I didn't use for decades. I've lost all cartridges (gave them to some relatives long ago), but at this New Year I've got multi cartridge with 200 games as joke gift. Decided to try it today.

Surprisingly, device worked after years of storage. Although I need to buy RCA cable now because using TV-in isn't fun (need to retune TV after). Photos show widened image, I swapped it to 4:3 ratio after and image became better. Some noticeable games that I remember also missing, but at least there is something.
> Double Dragon
Classic how I heard. How does the control feels? At many console games they fucked up the controls (like lag, or nonsense button configs), is the Dendy suffers more on this field, or as good as any or even better?

Got some pack, Megaton Edition, has the Hawaii thingy too.
It's weird to see that enemies and bunch of objects are just a flat piece of "cardboards" when looking at them from an angle. In original duke back then with no mouse (perhaps we were idiots to figure out how to activate/configure the mouse), you could only see them in level, or not at all if they were below/above you. No way of looking up (unless you fiddled with the keyboard), so auto-aim helping thingy was on so one could shoot up if the target was above the crosshair. Also nice curve in rpg projectile flight when one left a shot go while jumping. I'm not sure I'm making sense now, but doesn't matter.
thumbnail of who-would-win.jpg
thumbnail of who-would-win.jpg
who-would-win jpg
(41.01 KB, 640x537)
> Classic how I heard. How does the control feels? At many console games they fucked up the controls (like lag, or nonsense button configs), is the Dendy suffers more on this field, or as good as any or even better?

There is no noticeable lag, and controls are ok, although they are unusual for me (I've used gamepad last time in middle of 2000s), so it requires adaptation. I've tried Super Mario and beat first level only after four tries. Some games feel sluggish though, but maybe it is me who don't know how to play properly.
thumbnail of hqdefault.jpg
thumbnail of hqdefault.jpg
hqdefault jpg
(22.17 KB, 480x360)
thumbnail of NES_02.gif
thumbnail of NES_02.gif
NES_02 gif
(3.22 KB, 256x224)
thumbnail of screen-0.jpg
thumbnail of screen-0.jpg
screen-0 jpg
(33.43 KB, 512x480)
thumbnail of ice-climber-04.png
thumbnail of ice-climber-04.png
ice-climber-04 png
(25.38 KB, 512x480)
> What other great titles are among the mix?

Depending on what you think is "great". I mostly driven by nostalgia so interesting game for me is what I've played as kid, because otherwise all games are mostly same. Actually most games there are mario-like side-scrollers that differ only in graphics and small controls difference. Other games also are very similar and may be boring for new player. Maybe it is because I'm not a big arcade enthusiast.

So noticeable games for me are Mario (there are 10 or such variations on that cartridge, including Super Mario), Contra, tanks (it is called Tank 90 here but it is just modded Battle City), Ice Climber, Lode Runner, Pacman, Macross, Top Gun, Sky Destroyer, Donkey Kong and Excite Bike. There is also Street Fighter that is famous and one version of Mortal Combat, although not that one that I remember.
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg
(98.82 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of 20141122095156.jpg
thumbnail of 20141122095156.jpg
20141122095156 jpg
(745.91 KB, 1920x1080)
I'm getting into the Metal Gear franchise. Picked up Revengeance some time ago, pretty cool slasher game and Im loving the character cast. Then yesterday I got MGS 5. I know fans were upset about the game for a reason Im not entirely aware of, but as a action/stealth game it feels breddy good. I actualy finished MGS5 Ground Zero which is more liek a demo and am downloading Phantom Pain rn which is the game proper. 
Never really got myself into those games before even though they were very popular in internet, probably because most of the titles are console only. I know they have the first MGS as a PC version, I'm planning on getting that later. Not sure what I'll do about all the other games in the series.
thumbnail of Touhou Hong Meiling and Cirno 006.jpg
thumbnail of Touhou Hong Meiling and Cirno 006.jpg
Touhou Hong Meiling... jpg
(1.34 MB, 1500x1200)
I never played any MGS games either, until I got a PS4. I never got the point of Ground Zero and I think it was pretty bad of them to release a game like that when it's really just a demo. Phantom Pain is good though.
thumbnail of Touhou Cirno 097.png
thumbnail of Touhou Cirno 097.png
Touhou Cirno 097 png
(2.37 MB, 1931x956)
Metal Gear Solid shenanigans, she is using the box as cover.
thumbnail of capsule_616x353.jpg
thumbnail of capsule_616x353.jpg
capsule_616x353 jpg
(97.26 KB, 616x353)
thumbnail of es2_galaxy.jpg
thumbnail of es2_galaxy.jpg
es2_galaxy jpg
(918.95 KB, 1920x1080)
I just checked the steam page on Ground Zero, the price is unreasonably high. I bought it when it was on sale, it was dirty cheap together with the main game. 

I've been also playing Endless Space 2 a lot recently. I think its the best space 4x game hands down. Stellaris can't hold a candle to this game. I played ES1 as well as Endless Legend by the same studio and it seems they are constantly learning their lessons with every released game and perfecting their creation. There's only couple of playable factions, but every time I pick a new one it's almost like I'm playing a new game since there's something unique to their gameplay. If Bernd wanted to play a cool turn based strategy I hearthily recommend this one.
> Contra
Now that is legendary.
> tanks
I think I played that as Tank Trax. Two tanks shooting at each other on some terrain, wind direction and strength changes, gun angle and velocity can be adjusted. Good one.
> Top Gun
The one where impossible to land on an aircraft carrier?
> action/stealth
Hmmmm, reminded me of a game I can't name right now. I did not play it but looked interesting. The protag is some bloke in black diving suit and night vision goggles, and he has to use stealth to achieve the goals. Kinda like Hitman mixed with Thief. Eh.
thumbnail of 2926257-1755985194-mgstp.jpg
thumbnail of 2926257-1755985194-mgstp.jpg
2926257-1755985194-mg... jpg
(1.65 MB, 1920x1080)
Okay I gotta comment on few things about MGS V. 

For those who doesn't know it's kind of like GTA Afghanistan. Take's place during the soviet invasion in the 80s. You have this big area you can travel around freely and you start missions by accessing certain points. All soviets assume you're enemy and will shoot on sight. And apart from occasional prisoners you won't meet anyone else here. However, you're not with mujahideens fighters or CIA or anything, you're there for your own goals. You can complete missions by doing it stealth way or just blasting everyone with supreme firepower. The game provides lots of tools for both playstyles, although in most cases it seems to reward stealth approach more. On rare occasions making a quick strike with big gun and escaping as soon as your objective is complete is the best sulution. In my case it's mostly attempted stealth and then somewhere in the middle I screw up and have to resort to violence. 

The enemy's AI is rather good. It managed to surprise me on couple occasions. I was redoing one of the missions to complete some challenges that it included. I was to assasinate spetsnaz commander stationed at one of the outpost. I picked up sniper rifle, waited until night and deployed on a cliff from which I had excellent view of enemy base. I quickly found the commander and dispatched him while he was going for a walk, ofc alerting every other soldier in the camp. I called a helicopter strike on enemy base and I immidiately heard enemy on the radio calling to focus on the chopper instead of me. Didn't really need to do that, just wanted to see how does it do in action. They manned the anti air gun I forgot about and heli didn't last long, but at least it distracted enemies from me for a moment. After couple dead soviet soldiers later one of them shouted through the radio "It's a sniper, everyone dig in" and they all hid in places I couldn't reach them. Since I was low on sniper ammo anyway I decided to finish rest of them up close and so I began running towards the base, and good thing I did that cause in that very moment they started firing mortars at me, first a flare and then normal explosive rounds. I saw a lot of those stationary equipment in their bases but never saw them use it, this was the first time. 

I looked it up and apparently it has been a meme since the very first game. And useful equipment for infiltration as well. Ofc the enemy soldiers will immidiately find it suspicious if they notice you walking in it or even just standing in the open. You can slide through the side while they come investigate and use it as a distraction, or even just stay inside until they come close to make a surprise attack. Although I saw them fire at the box when they were on highened alert level. You can even put posters of half naked women on the cardbox to distract enemy combatants for a little longer. 

Just in case someone got interested but don't really know about the game, it doesn't take itself 100% serious (see the cardboard box). Also there's some kind of supernatural elements to the story since basically mission 1. Not much of that so far in my gameplay but be aware of that if it's not your thing.
> GTA Afghanistan
Is there a radio station to listen nasheeds all day?
But what you wrote sounds very good. I would try it with all honesty.
thumbnail of mgr.jpg
thumbnail of mgr.jpg
mgr jpg
(140.42 KB, 1280x720)
I finished Metal Gear Rising recently. Easily in top 10 best games I ever played. Had a great deal of fun with this title, definitely recommending it to everyone. 
Since I was literally memed into playing it through youtube videos (probably wouldnt have played it otherwise) I was afraid a lot of the stuff has been spoiled for me, but the game still managed to surprise me with content. 
Wasn't too hard, once I learned how to parry I haven't had real problems until the final boss really, although the game will shame you by giving you a low rank if you do a level poorly. 
It's quite short. The story mode took me like 6 or 8 hours in total I think. But it's non stop action (or cool cutscenes). And I don't feel like im finished with it either. Definitely going to play it again on higher difficulty later. Also finishing it unlocked some extra content where I can play as other characters from the game.
> memed into playing it through youtube videos
I don't think I could watch gameplay videos unless it is to make a specific point or make fun of faults and bugs and nonsense.
Beck then when pals gathered it was fun to watch each other blunder around in games, trying to beat the computer in Need For Speed for example, or going rampage in GTA, taking turns.
(11.16 KB, 480x360)
> Since I was literally memed into playing it through youtube videos 

You mean this one?

thumbnail of apu_witcher.png
thumbnail of apu_witcher.png
apu_witcher png
(37.17 KB, 783x705)
thumbnail of myscreen.png
thumbnail of myscreen.png
myscreen png
(598.81 KB, 1639x862)
> Idk it won't play for me. Also there's tons of those on the net, made in the few last months.

Really? it works for me. Picrel. Maybe try it again since invidious doesn't work sometimes. Just search "Raiden Vs. Armstrong" and you'll see what I posted
thumbnail of no ears.jpg
thumbnail of no ears.jpg
no ears jpg
(11.37 KB, 443x449)
thumbnail of GTA SA.jpeg
thumbnail of GTA SA.jpeg
GTA SA jpeg
(233.79 KB, 853x1200)
Tried to go back and play GTA San Andreas again, but my saves are gone. I was too far into the game and I really don't want to put in the effort and hassle into that game again.

I was stuck in the early missions for Catalina. I always hated those missions along with the airplane and that stupid mini helicopter mission. And I just don't like Catalina in general. Too bossy

But I like the Truth, because WEED LMAO XDDD
thumbnail of drive_apu.jpg
thumbnail of drive_apu.jpg
drive_apu jpg
(171.52 KB, 1000x800)
thumbnail of GTA6.png
thumbnail of GTA6.png
GTA6 png
(480.63 KB, 851x683)
Also saw the new trailer for GTA 6.


I liekd it. It looks like Rockstar is putting a lot of effort into that game. Really like that they're putting in 7 cities inside one game and over 500 cars. The in game graphics look like real life at this point.

**pls don't read this until you watch the full trailer 

What I don't like is what one of the main GTA characters is going to be killed off.. And that character is It's a fake video. It's a fan tribute and not real at all
> Tried to go back and play GTA San Andreas again
Sounds good.
> but my saves are gone
Sounds bad.
It's a long game but really short when one finishes it.
The trucking missions frustrate me, police can dislodge the trailer so easily. In the end I always succeed, but still.
I like flying both with planes and helicopters. I even like that infamous VC mission with the RC helicopter.

> one hundred animal species
I did not know what's missing.
I can tell, too many different graphics.
A new ARMA is coming out(already in early access). They are saying it's a step towards ARMA 4.

I have mixed feelings on ARMA, the premise is good but the execution is lacking in many ways. The gameplay itself just seems lacking, the gunplay for example is fairly average and I'm not sure why because I am pretty sure Operation Flashpoint Red River is made using the same engine and it has far better gunplay. Other games on the market are better in this way as well, such as Insurgency and particularly Squad. Squad has amazing gunplay but it's multiplayer only and dealing with multiplayer is a pain and it only gets worse as people are only getting worse(they are just walking meme spewers now).

The gunplay in this trailer does not look great, but with luck the rest of the game will make up for it. I'll try it when it actually releases properly.
Never played ARMA. I'm not a fan of these for some reason. I liked CoD and CoD2. Also the first Medal of Honors I think.
I even played CoD multiplayer (or maybe CoD2???), only rifles enabled, no camping allowed (those players who camped appeared on the minimap). Was fun.
What I played and kinda sorta was similar, is a SWAT game, where as part of such police unit buildings had to be cleared fro criminals basically. I can't recall the title. I can look it up probably.
I think it had multiplayer, but I played it with pals at one pc taking turns at single player. The coppers in the game had special equipment like the scope which can be put under the door through the crack and look around what's in the room. And I remember a pal of mine used that scope, then opened the door without switching back to a weapon, then raised the scope at the criminal... to take a good look at him I guess. That mission was a failure. Laffed a lot.
They are more like that, Squad actually was made from people that made a mod for Battlefield 2 or 3(I don't know which) called Project Reality and Squad itself is basically Project Reality but made on it's own engine. It's like battlefield but the maps are much bigger and you don't respawn at captured points, instead you have to build spawn points and to do that you need supply and to get that you need logi trucks. You also have to join a squad in that game, it's heavily team work based. ARMA shares a lot of those features but it has a single player campaign and the multiplayer isn't as rigid or Battlefieldesque.

Insurgency is more like a swat game though. I did not play it much because I don't like Swat games, but the shooting was good.
I don't really like it. I don't like dealing with people, you can get a good quad sometimes but even then I still don't like having to talk to them and use headsets and be constricted in all of those ways.
thumbnail of b48ca6278ec97e40bca96ce1e27ab12fd2ffb95236bd6ca690d6af11821019ac.png
thumbnail of b48ca6278ec97e40bca96ce1e27ab12fd2ffb95236bd6ca690d6af11821019ac.png
b48ca6278ec97e40bca96... png
(27.94 KB, 150x150)
Currently playing these 2 endless racing games

Vecter - a futuristic racing game with cool visuals

And Retrowave. A racing game with Synthwave music, cool visuals and lots of cars. Also comes with a Lada car I got the game when it was free though
thumbnail of King sonbasket of Ukraine.jpg
thumbnail of King sonbasket of Ukraine.jpg
King sonbasket of... jpg
(286.04 KB, 807x605)
Also found this weird game called Fuck putin


Good if you don't like the guy. But no you can't actually fuck putin in the game
> Vecter
Reminds me of old Star Wars game, where the last "map" was that valley on the Death Star and had to fly through it avoiding and shooting obstacles (and in the end shoot the proton torpedo into the Achilles-heel/hole of the DS).

I can't decide if that's the "tasteless" or "I want more abuse your politician vidya" category. Probably getting too old for this shit. I understand the appeal but it feels kinda childish. If I really wanted I could come up with the list of "what politicians should be hanged" but even in their case this kind of petty humiliation (which the real person doesn't suffer from either way, so it's just mental jerkoff category) is too low. I'm also more of a pragmatist and don't make the thing personal. The hypothetical would be hangers, I don't hate them, I just think we would be better off of them.
I don't even understand my compatriots when they see some politician's face on telly or somewhere and start to fume and sputter. As if it would make things better if he is angry at the telly. If it bother them so much, why not just to something about it. Protip: they won't. They just like feeling miserable.
> I can't decide if that's the "tasteless" or "I want more abuse your politician vidya" category.

It kinda shitty. Only reposted it because it was free

> Reminds me of old Star Wars game,
I know right? But now there's like a dozen copies after that game got released
thumbnail of CEO of Based.jpg
thumbnail of CEO of Based.jpg
CEO of Based jpg
(168.11 KB, 1024x958)
New Duke nukem game leak is out. It's the source code to the 2001 E3 Demo for the original Duke Nukem Forever before it got ruined. Some of the sections are playable, and some modders are already doing some work on it to make it better. There may be a new Duke nukem game based on this in the future I hope so. Cuz I need more Duke gaems


Civvie 11 made a video about it. It's p good
thumbnail of Spede Pasanen [unedited version].jpg
thumbnail of Spede Pasanen [unedited version].jpg
Spede... jpg
(20.11 KB, 231x330)
Also trying out Postal 2 now. First reaction is kinda meh for me. But I'll keep playing before saying anything else
Some gameplay was released of the Space Skyrim game.

It doesn't look that great, it might be all right but not that good. One issue I have with it and an issue I have with most sci-fi are the ascetics of it. They don't look realistic at all, the guns look silly and are painted white for some reason and the animals look ridiculous as well. It would be nice if sci-fi was made with the idea of what things would actually look like in the future and what would alien fauna might actually look like. But then I should expect that from this studio, Fallout suffers from similar issues.

thumbnail of deathclaw.png
thumbnail of deathclaw.png
deathclaw png
(1.52 MB, 1604x901)
thumbnail of fiend.png
thumbnail of fiend.png
fiend png
(2.19 MB, 1601x897)
thumbnail of white-leg.png
thumbnail of white-leg.png
white-leg png
(1.37 MB, 1564x897)
It looks like a game which has the potential to be a huge disappointment for many fans.
- They wisely kept the conversation structure a secret (4 choices: positive, neutral, negative, good bye - all cosmetic ofc).
- That huge world will be empty as fuck - mods will fix it.
- Stucking in objects.
- Move one item on a surface everything will slide all over (shitty collision boxes).
- Picrel.
Etc. etc.
It looks like all their other games with the gamebryo/creation engine. Maybe it'll be playable via OpenMW one day.
I find Postal 2 the most enjoyable when trying to do a pacifist run. The juxtaposicion of a world going mad, the MC being a snarky bernd, and the player doing nothing to make him sound cocky is something I find very endearing.
It looks like No Man's Sky. I never played No Man's Sky, it had a bad launch and while people say it got better I still don't know bout it. It still doesn't look quite good enough to me.

But anyway, I did actually like the idea behind No Man's Sky to a degree, I like the idea of travelling to huge empty worlds and exploring them, 1000 seems like it will be a bit much though. It seems like it will have hundreds of ice worlds and then hundreds of desert worlds when it could easily get away with three or even one Ice world and Desert world. 1000 is just far too overwhelming.

It's the lore and Ascetics that bother me. I mentioned my problems with the Ascetics but the plot seems silly as well and the factions look bland from that trailer, it's just the government and pirates.
Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my 3DS.
Very fun stuff, but it took time for me to get the game.
I played with a hammer first, but it took way too long to hit anything with it, and monsters would interrupt my attack animations constantly. So I decided to use a ranged weapon instead.
I sucked at it for the first 20 hours and played with a Bowgun. Thought it was fairly boring.
Some dudes rec'd me to try out Dual Blades or Long Sword. The game clicked instantly. It was fun to shred enemies with the dual blades, but eventually I decided to try out the Long Sword.
It has an odd system where if you attack enemies you fill a power gauge, and making a full combo using that gauge your sword starts glowing in different colours. I don't know what it really does, but I decided to think that it just raises ATK and makes more damage.
Fun times, although I wish I could play coop, I have no idea how it would work on a 3ds since idk if online is still working and even then I know close to no one to work with.
thumbnail of turok_final.jpg
thumbnail of turok_final.jpg
turok_final jpg
(6.08 MB, 3318x3738)
thumbnail of 137831443942.jpg
thumbnail of 137831443942.jpg
137831443942 jpg
(7.75 KB, 251x206)
> Supposedly few ways of playing it. Peaceful and full out going postal.
> I find Postal 2 the most enjoyable when trying to do a pacifist run. 
Tried that, but then there's a level where you get abducted after peeing in your father's grave and then have to pass over a dozen armed crazies. It's practically impossible if you're playing on normal. Maybe easy **easiest* mode.

No I didn't like it. It wasn't for me. The gun play was boring and slow. I played that game after playing old school classics like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, so I was disappointing to say the least. Environment wise, everything looks boring and bland. Mayb that's how America looks like. Idk but I couldn't get into it. 

But voice actor for the protagonist was good though. He was actually enjoyable to listen to.
thumbnail of F-E-A-R.jpeg
thumbnail of F-E-A-R.jpeg
F-E-A-R jpeg
(62.48 KB, 1280x720)
Another game I played I raly liked was F.E.A.R. Now this game is actually good. The enemy A.I is great they move around you, coordinate assaults, act like actual people etc, environments have really good effects after gun battlesbut are kinda samey. The story is pretty dark and engaging. I liked it better than postal 2 tbh

Also since it's summer, some online game stores are having massive sales for gaems. Has bernd gotten anything? Mayb used GOG? It's a Polish company btw
I got few games recently. Normally I only write about games here if I liked them and either finished them or played for a longer while and I have this rather bad habit of getting a game and then shortly after switching to a different title. Ofc I get back to the previous titles eventually but then it takes time to have the titles finished. 
That said I have some games I can talk about today. 
First one is Selaco. Its not actually done yet but a demo version is avaiable on steam. It's a FPS made in gzdoom engine. In fact some people compared it to FEAR, you know during the fight the glass shards go flying, fire extinguishers exploding and covering the area with fog, lots of destructible objects, this kind of thing. It's not a horror game though, its some kind of sci fi boomer shooter. In the demo your opponents are some kind of cyborgs on a space station. Really fun game, can reccomend. 
Finishing the demo takes about 30 minutes and the game filesize is around 200MB so just go check it out.https://youtube.com/watch?v=ozxnmQyzll4 [Embed] 

Next one I have is Cultic. Thats another boomer shooter but this one is directly inspired by the old Blood game. Again this one is not finished yet, but demo is avaiable. And again I can recommend this as a fun way to spend your 30 minutes of free time. Im defeinitely buying both of them once they come out. https://youtube.com/watch?v=jRq8iGVixiA [Embed]

To include more variety I will finish this post with yet another boomer shooter, but this one is actually finished: Ion Fury. Developed on Build Engine (Duke Nukem, Shadow warrior etc.). You play as a policeman lady who was getting wasted in a local club but was interupted by an attack of some kind of cyber cultist mafia, so now you're on a quest to violently remove them from the city. The level design in this game differs from other shooters, instead of having those corridors you go through and shoot enemies, here you have one big area you go around unlocking access to new rooms etc. and sometimes loop around, while enemies pour almost constantly but from different directions. Once you are done with the area you proceed to another. Also has very fun weapons, everyone with their own quirk. The submachine gun fires incendiary bullets so its sets things on fire, shotgun doubles as a grenade launcher, the revolver has an alternate fire mode where you can lock on three different targets and it will perform an auto head shot, this sort of things. And your melee weapon is a stun baton, as the name suggest you use it to kill enemies but also its used to kick start some electrical devices around the map. It's currently on sale on steam, I grabbed it on GOG some time ago though.https://youtube.com/watch?v=ncC9jrCqgG8 
> boomer shooter
Boomer as the opposite of zoomer? Old style FPS?
> Selaco
Besides the destructible environment it doesn't look too special, although looks original.
> Cultic [...] directly inspire by the old Blood game
Very much noticable.
> Ion Fury
The name rings familiar. From 3d Realms I see.
> Hail to the Queen, Baby
thumbnail of 333b5413e211fdd23fec94456dfb20ca-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 333b5413e211fdd23fec94456dfb20ca-imagejpeg.jpg
333b5413e211fdd23fec9... jpg
(39.97 KB, 455x368)
> The name rings familiar. From 3d Realms I see.

I believe it was one of their last games. It was really high tech at the time 

> Finishing the demo takes about 30 minutes and the game filesize is around 200MB so just go check it out.

> Next one I have is Cultic. Thats another boomer shooter but this one is directly inspired by the old Blood game. Again this one is not finished yet, but demo is avaiable. 
Gonna try it out later

> To include more variety I will finish this post with yet another boomer shooter
take your time fam

> To include more variety I will finish this post with yet another boomer shooter

GOG also gives out some free games sometimes too in exchange for your data. I got Witcher 1 from there for free.
thumbnail of GT.png
thumbnail of GT.png
GT png
(41.18 KB, 1200x809)
Has bernd ever played any Gran Turismo games? It's pretty different from NFS, Burnout or Flatout games or Twisted metal.
thumbnail of GuP Darjeeling 160.jpg
thumbnail of GuP Darjeeling 160.jpg
GuP Darjeeling 160 jpg
(1.22 MB, 5539x3221)
No, I had an X Box 360 as a teen so I played Forza and Need for Speed.

I heard that GT is meant to be realistic like Forza is. Forza is pretty good actually, but I kind of feel that unless you actually like racing and like cars, then once you played one Forza you have played them all so their is not much point going back to it, to that or any other racing game really.
thumbnail of terep2.jpg
thumbnail of terep2.jpg
terep2 jpg
(349.01 KB, 2048x1280)
I think I played a demo long time ago. What is your experience? Or you asking if you should try it?
Has anyone Terep 2?
> I think I played a demo long time ago. What is your experience? Or you asking if you should try it?

Never played it so I wanna try it out

> Has anyone Terep 2?
No. I can imagine it was pretty big in Hungary right?

> I heard that GT is meant to be realistic like Forza is. Forza is pretty good actually, but I kind of feel that unless you actually like racing and like cars, then once you played one Forza you have played them all so their is not much point going back to it, to that or any other racing game really.

I played Forza 1 once. I liked it, but prefered playing it with friends than alone.
thumbnail of 000001.jpeg
thumbnail of 000001.jpeg
000001 jpeg
(1.3 MB, 1920x2400)
thumbnail of 00002.jpeg
thumbnail of 00002.jpeg
00002 jpeg
(503.22 KB, 2048x1152)
thumbnail of 0000003.jpeg
thumbnail of 0000003.jpeg
0000003 jpeg
(309.51 KB, 1280x1625)
Decided to replay Vice City for nostalgia. Still a good game to play to this date. Will give my comparison from this game to the other GTA games
thumbnail of ZZC 0490.png
thumbnail of ZZC 0490.png
ZZC 0490 png
(2.46 MB, 2480x3507)
I'm playing Escape from Tarkov again but this time I actually brought the game so I am playing it online.

It's much more different online as expected, each engagement seems more meaningful and that is good.
But, conversely part of the reason for that is it's much harder and that means that you die all the time and lose your stuff.
If one was just looking at things by K/D then sure I am doing fine, but you have to extract as well, I have not played that many games but I would say 2 kills is my average but the gun fight or fights will draw more players who will kill you and this is not made easier by the more realistic damage system in this game, you can win a fight but then be severely wounded and easy prey to whoever comes after the sounds of gun shots.

Now, I don't mind it being hard, but the issue with hat is that it detracts from the games other aspect which are the guns, you lose them if you die so actually getting the gun you want and customize it how you want like the game wants you do seems like it's next to impossible, no matter how good you are you are going to die and lose it. The game has a insurance system but it takes a while and also if your gun is taken form your body you cannot get it back, and of course the cooler your gun the more likely that is to happen.

Oh, the game has a FAL now as well, or at least a US made version of it. But I did not buy it because if I do I will just die and lose it, sigh....
Good equipment will help a lot, like armour, I have to shoot people a lot before they die and also optics would be very good.
Knowledge of the maps would help, there are no maps that tell you where the extraction is, just names like lighthouse, broken fence by the house, old road gate etc. I don't have a clue where these are, I just wonder around mindlessly.

You can work with other people, but I don't like people so I don't. The first match I played, I got killed by one guy who shot me in the head when I walked through a door, but the second time I walked into two players at dawn, I saw one, shot him a few times until he died then walked towards him but saw that he had a friend with him and we started shooting at each other at the same time, I won but was badly damaged and could barely walk but that did not matter because another player found me and shot me out of nowhere, then the third game I had an SMG and thought to use it full auto recoil is a pig in this game but it's an SMG it should be fine I thought and so I saw a guy running and shot at him but recoil was still bad and I sprayed shots everywhere and he had a shot gun, I did get him but he maimed me so again I could barely move. Then I turned the gun back to semi, limped off and saw two guys walking towards where the fight was, they looked like they had good armour on. I shot the first one a few times in the head and killed him, then the second one got me. So if I was working with others it would probably help.

You can hide but there is a time limit so that would not help forever.

You can shoot them and run, but then you can't loot them which is a big part of the game, plus you can get hit at the same time like I did so are left unable to run. If I had a sniper and a scope, I would snipe people and wait for people to run to the fight and then shoot them.

Ohh, also a suppressor would be useful.
Bleh... I think that's just probably actually an important part of the game, there are people that like the kind of risk involved in it.

Anyway, more on this game. Bullets seem to do next to nothing so I have to shoot people many times to kill them, one time I shot somebody 10 times with an AK-103 and it did not kill him and so I died.
I mentioned before that I fired a SMG in full auto and sprayed shots everywhere and so only maimed the person I shot at until I shot him more in semi auto mode. Most of the shots I fired in full auto probably actually hit, in the after battle report it tells you how many shots you fired and how many of those hit. I had assumed that the reason it took so long to kill people was because I was missing all the time, that's wrong, after checking these reports I noticed that I actually hit most of the time.

What this also means is that even though recoil is bad(probably too overdone than it is in real life really) people still use auto all the time because it's the only way to actually kill people in a reasonable time frame, people just spray and pray all the time.

The shops sell most of the equipment you need to run what you want but it unlocks by level, I am at tier I of IV and next tier unlocks at level 14-15 depending on the trader, so right now the best gun I can buy is a AK-74U and I can get a few attachments for it but not very good ones.
Anyway, the way to get money to buy these guns seems to revolve around the Scav gameplay, basically you can play as your PMC or you can play as a Scav with random equipment and whatever equipment that Scav brings back can be put into your stockpile so you can use it yourself or sell it. There are player Scavs and AI Scavs, Scavs spawn in a match while the match is going, usually about halfway through it seems(for most player Scavs anyway). If you shoot another Scav as a Scav you lose opinion with one of the vendors which also effects how good the equipment is that you get as a Scav is apparently. So then what often seems to happen is that you spawn into a match where most PMCs are dead or have left alread so it's just a bunch of player Scavs running around looting stuff. But from a distance it can be hard to tell who is a Scav or not and you are not going to risk shooting a another Scav because of the penalty so it seems if any PMC is still alive it would be easy for them to get the drop on player Scavs. That has happened to me, but he did not kill me so I managed to get him, but there is also another aspect to this Scav system where if you kill a Scav that killed a Scav you get more opinion so another player must have thought I had killed a Scav not a PMC so he killed me just after I killed the PMC. Another time I was shot by another Scav out of nowhere and another time I walked through a door and got shot by one, you are dealing with other players so it can be frustrating, you have no way of knowing if they are going to team kill you or not.

The maps are smaller than I thought and there are fewer of them(there were maps listed there with padlocks so I assumed I would unlock them at some point but apparently that's because they have not been made yet), PMCs and Scavs have set spawn locations as well. So learning the map is basically key to being good at this game.

Overall, it's not that good and I am not sure how much more I will play of it.
thumbnail of ZZC 1379.jpg
thumbnail of ZZC 1379.jpg
ZZC 1379 jpg
(264.29 KB, 1295x1053)
Immortal empires and the blood pack came out for Total War Warhammer III so I got the game to try it out.

... I did not expect much and I did not get much. It's just Warhammer II which itself is just Warhammer I. They added a Liyue faction and a Snezhnaya faction, plus some stupid blob factions.

The Liyue faction is very average and not that interesting, it's very cliche but then all of Warhammer is. If somebody that does not know anything about Liyue thinks of Liyue what do they think of? Yin and Yang, harmony balance, terracotta soldiers and dragons. So that is all they put in. It's very boring. Visually, it's okay, it's one of the better factions in this regard but it's not up against much and it could still be a lot better. 

The Snezhnaya faction is even worse, it's also full of cliches but many of them are not even from Sneznaya, like winged hussars. It's not that good looking either.

I'm not going to play the blob factions. I'll just wait for DLC.

The music is not very good either, it has not been for a while though, Genshin impact has FAR FAR FAR better Liyue and Sneznaya music and Sneznaya is barely in the game yet. The Liyue music here barely even sounds like it's from Liyue.
thumbnail of 16_123.jpg
thumbnail of 16_123.jpg
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It is adjective. Technically it is valid word and even can be toponym, but it looks unrealistic that someone would use it as serious region name. You can name river, village or mountain like this, but not region or state. Phrase "snezhnaya oblast" (snowy region) feels like description (from weather forecast or geographical book), not place name. You can even use it as "снежная страна" (snowy country), but it also feels like place description, poetic phrase or fairy tale naming for small kids. Additional problem is declension: Snezhnaya is feminine adjective, and must be used in different form for masculine or neutral words. So when it used without changes it looks somewhat funny. 

So, while it is valid word (much better than average foreigner attempt to name something in Russian), it still feels too unrealistic. I don't know anything about that Genshin thing though, maybe they made all names in that way.
The first nation in the game is called Mondstadt which is moon city in German. 
In Japanese place names and even personal and family names have literal meanings, though I guess that used to be true for all languages but our language evolved over time until the name was distinct and had no literal meaning any more.

So for example, Sakura is a common girls name and it's also Japanese for Cherry tree, Hana is flower and is also a common girls name. Tokyo means eastern capital, Shikoku means 4th province and the Japanese name for the planet Neptune is Kaiousei, meaning Sea King Planet.
This carries on to fiction as well, Konohagakure the main village in Naruto means Village hidden by tree leaves. Often they apply this same logic to foreign names by using foreign words as well.
Anyway, Genshin Impact is actually Chinese but China does this too only in China it seems to be even worse, Genshin impact is actually unusual because usually in an English release they just translate the name of any area to English, so they would just translate Mondstadt as Moon City. But they did not this time. Though they do name areas in the game like that as well like Starfell Valley and Bright Crown Mountains but that is not so rare and English games could do that as well.
I assume you done with this  >>/48471/
I read what you wrote earlier, just not had anything to say.
I tried Metro 2033 at a pal for a bit uh, some years ago, for me the whole thing felt scripted and wasn't clear that my weapons how much damage do to the monsters/mutants. I did not know how much the weapon upgrades helped either. Was weird.

> Total War Warhammer
Oh it's the fantasy one, not the sci-fi/fantasy 40K
I got a single player mod for it and played it offline. It's still not great and lacks content so it gets dull. The weapon handling and gun play is good, even if the recoil is overdone, but everything else is lacking. I never played Metro 2033.

Yes, they don't have a 40k Total War yet but they probably will make one eventually once they milk this one dry, that or a LOTR or Game of Thrones one.
I tried to return to Warthunder. The thing that made me think of that is that they introduced post WW2/cold era vehicles. I was just tired of WW2. 
BUt no, they're on the highest tiers ofc, and it requires so much grinding or paying for premium I gave up on day 2 or something. Played just enough to own some dudes and remind myself that Im still good.
I come back to it every now and then to see what is new, play for a day or two, get bored and then don't play it for a another several months or a year.

Grinding Modern vehicles is a pain, they cost too much, the highest level vehicles I have are the Leopard 1 and the Marder. Not much even changes with the game either, just some cosmetic effects.
I see. Well Im more of a plane guy myself. I think the highest I unlocked is F6F Hellcat, Kingcobra, P38, which is tier 2 or 3, dont remember. If I wanted to go back to this kind of MMO I'd rather go back to Mechwarrior Online. It has its own problems, but at least no need to grind for new stuff. Playing for a week or something was generally enough to buy whatever mech you wanted, and they were giving some for free every month or so in an event. No bs research trees.
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I feel like I should get into fighting games. 

Im very good at pretty much every game genre there is with the exception of this one. I dont really have experience in it and I dont think experience from other games translates much to being good at it. I want to master it so I'll be able to say Im good at everything. 

If memes on internet are to be trusted the current hot thing is Guilty Gear Strive. I checked it out, despite it being anime looking thing I kind of like the looks of it. And the music has some really good bangers. I heard anime fighting games have some crazy command inputs and it scares me a little but im not feeling discouraged. It's bit pricy so I'll wait for discount or look for a different title for entry. 

I think my first challenge is going to be learning to play on a gamepad. All my life I've been mouse and keyboard guy, and from my limited experience playing those games on keyboard is a no, and I have problem with some moves on a gamepad. I heard pros play on arcade sticks but that means extra money investments so I'll pass for now.

Arc System Works which is the creators of this gaem has announced a free cross platform beta test, from 13 to 17 of October. Full game with all the dlcs and whatnot from what I read, but a separate application and your progress wont be saved to the main one. 
I guess it will be a good moment to test the game properly. If Bernd will be interested we could set up some matches. 
Still wont buy the game unless it'll come on sale for less than 100 zł or something because rn this is not for my budget.